Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey, has anybody noticed that Levi Johnston is a lying, amoral scumbag?

Because "Ricky Hollywood" just trashed the mother of the teenage girl whom he seduced, impregnated and abandoned.

The scumbag has an agent. The scumbag has a lawyer. The scumbag does a Vanity Fair photo shoot and appears on network news programs. People say they've seen him wheeling around in a brand new $30,000 truck. And other people say the scumbag hasn't bought a single diaper for his own baby son.

Via Dan Riehl and Memeorandum.

UPDATE: Daniel Terrapin at Conservatives for Palin:

It brings me no pleasure to address a habitual liar . . . Pretending for a moment that Levi actually wrote that essay . . .
And then Daniel proceeds to demonstrate the most important fact about Levi Johnston: He's a lying scumbag.

As previously noted here, if that third-rate teenage hockey goon did to my daughter what he did to Sarah Palin's daughter, he wouldn't be available for media interviews, unless Vanity Fair covers seances . . .

UPDATE II: You've got to love Ben Smith's characterization of Levi's lies as "alleged contradictions." Hey, Ben, are you a journalist or a euphemist?

As fans of my blog-memoir All Girls Names Tonya (And Other Lessons of a Misspent Youth) surely understand by now, I have first-hand knowledge of the mating habits of the species scumbaggus adolescens and, having spent years as a small-town sports writer, I also have extensive observation of the habits of that sub-species, scumbaggus adolescens jockus twerpus.

Therefore, at risk of offending the delicate sensitivities of any members of the Victorian wing of the GOP, allow me to list three very important lies that Levi Johnston told:

  1. "Bristol, I love you."
  2. "Trust me. I won't tell anybody."
  3. "Don't worry -- you won't get pregnant."
And next thing you know, Levi's telling everybody in Wasilla, "Hey, I knocked up the governor's daughter!"

Anybody want to argue that I've omitted some exculpatory nuance in Levi's predictable modus operandi? You must first overcome a notable shortage of evidence that Levi loves Bristol, or has ever loved Bristol, or perhaps produce some genuine evidence that Levi is even capable of love.

Good luck with that. I've seen enough selfish narcissitic sociopaths to know one when I see one.

UPDATE III: Dan Riehl knows how to smack a punk:
What else is there to make of a twenty-something punk who buys himself a shiny new truck, while neglecting his baby and not contributing a dime of support? . . . Some dealer in Wasilla might be smart to start thinking repo about that truck about now . . .
Levi has even less of a legitimate career than Kourtney Kardashian's baby-daddy.


  1. Meet the Left's new Cindy Sheehan. And plug the names Rex Butler and Tank Jones into uyour search engines.

    - JP

  2. And, hopefully, the clock is quickly ticking away the last of said scumbag's allotted 15 minutes...

  3. Who wants to bet there will be no denial by Palin on this one.

  4. best thing Palin can do is ignore this horseshit and let it fade away.Whatever Mr Hollywood is getting paid he'll piss it up a wall soon enough and then he'll be moving on down the gutter.Next summer when he's doing gay porn nobody will even want to remember the article.
    By the way Stacy if you and Dan find yourselves bored , i'd love to know who's paying Butler and Jones.The interview money is going to Ricky, so who's paying them?

  5. For Bristol's sake.. I hope she meets and marries a decent, honorable guy who adopts Tripp out from under Levi.

    *gasp* Sarah and Todd made there able bodied teenaged children do chores!
    *shocked*Sarah was concerned with the child that Levi fathered!!
    *unheard of*Sarah was disappointed that her ticket lost the election!!!
    *Outrageously Outraged* Levi would spin story to sell it to Vanity Fair of all magazines.

    Hurricane Andrew had nothing on the spin that is coming off from the story.

  6. A nice collection of his many lies.

    Quite a fisking.

  7. I had been having hot steamy sex with Michelle Obama one week before second pregnancy.

    Who wants to bet there will be no denial by Obama on this one?

  8. What I've noticed is that Levi is sending a not so subtle warning to Palin.

    She is writing her book right now, and Levi knows things that she would rather not be made public.

    This is a warning, make no mistake

  9. He's a dipshit kid being MANipulated by Rex Butler, attorney and Butler's henchman, Tank Jones, P.I.

    IMHO, Doesn't sound like his own family gave him much support, skills and direction growing up and one day he'll probably realize his short days with the Palin family were the best days of his life.


  10. Speaking of scumbaggery:

    - JP

  11. " Hurricane Andrew had nothing on the spin that is coming off from the story.
    Wed Sep 02, 12:55:00 PM "

    You mean that Hurricane Andrew in the Atlantic, whose cat5 browneye sucks in all unmolested foreskins within reach, rendering them damaged for life? That Hurricane Andrew?

  12. Just a heads-up to say I linked this post in mine: "Obama retreating from the public option? Don't you believe it."

    It's too bad Levi didn't realize that becoming part of the Palin family and learning good habits of diligence, education, enterprise and thrift were his real golden ticket and he threw it away.

  13. 15 mins are up my friend...

    Get ready to pay some child support.

  14. Brian.. Yes.

    Anon @ 1:26..

    Yes.. has to be a warning. Because of the failure of the media to vet out the Palin's past.

    Levi's a punk who thought he hit easy street by knocking up Bristol. He was shocked that he had to take some actual responcibility and step into the role of 'Father' to the child he sired.

    Throw in his mom's drug bust and the fact that the Palins especially Sarah obviously have done nothing to help his mom beat the rap (and why should she?) and its pretty easy to see what is driving Johnson's bullshit.

    Basically the Johnson's are trying to cash in before they become irrelevant and will say and or do anything that will get them the next pay check.

  15. Ah, yes, Levi knows things. Those special, wonderful, magical seamy tidbits about Sarah Palin that managed to stay secret through two months of the election campaign and ten months more after. And when he delivers them, he rides down a rainbow on his unicorn and lands on the helicopter deck on the Conde Nast Building. Or whoever's buying a steaming pile from Spencer the Gossip Dispenser this week.

  16. According to "gryphen" this is his "smoking gun", but is levi talking about tripp or trig?


  17. Seems as if you've tied Audrey up as she's not conjugating her usual foul and filth at the Palin Deception pit.

  18. You might be a leftist hypocrite if you believe every word that comes out of Levi Johnston's mouth, but you're convinced that Larry Sinclair is lying.

    - JP

  19. I'm inclined to think that the baby Tripp would be better off if Sarah Palin was his mother. Levi's contribution to the child's gene pool is nothing but scum.