Saturday, September 5, 2009

Frontin' Muh'man Jones: Royally Aggravatin'

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around promises to be a doozy. One may have thought a vacationing POTUS would bring a respite from the shenanigans. But no, the forecast looks like weirdness to the last FMJRA-ing minute.

Van Jones
I have invested years of my life supporting your Constitutional right to mis-characterize and malign our country, Mr. Jones. You're welcome.
  • Chance, at Rightofcourse: "Van Jones is not the problem. Van Jones is merely a symptom of the disease."
  • The Daley Gator doesn't mean to make a fuss.
  • Carolyn Tackett linked the HR3226 post with the truther announcement.
  • Ruby Slippers embeds the 17 Month Old Van Jones clip where he says he wants a revolutions. Weh-ell yah know, we'll be having none of his.
Caribou Sperm Donor
After the left is done using you like a chamber pot, Levi, you can commiserate with Cindy Sheehan.
  • Lance Burri is concerned about Stacy McCain's speedo dominance from all this. Not too concerned, mind you. Just concerned.
  • Credit Beck and Malkin if Jones is driven off in a van, says All American Blogger.
  • Jazz Shaw strives mightily to make Levi Johnston matter. Bronze medal for jazz, ass-hat stays on Levi. I'm not budging.
  • Caffeinated Thoughts considers some of Stacy's words for Levi to be 'strong'. Not Stacy. It's so out of character.
  • Dan Riehl, as can be expected, jumps to Levi's defense. Oh, wait, Dan jumped behind the firing line. Pardon me.
ChicagoUS Annenberg Challenge
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner quotes Gibbs: Furor over Obama's speech 'silly season'. And they're bringing out the race card again, too. It's a testament to Hoyle that the card has stood up to such repeated usage.
  • Obi's Sister rounded up coverage.
  • A Conservative Shemale takes the speech at face value, and doesn't quite understand the fuss.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner:
    I don't know which is worse, having Obama in Washington wreaking financial havoc on our country and imposing his Marxist agenda, or having him on one of his multitude of vacations dreaming up new mayhem.

    We have become a nation of abused children. When things are quiet, we wait in dread of the next announcement from Washington, just as children of alcoholics wait for mom or dad to start drinking and whipping their butts for no reason other than to soothe their drunken rage.
    She also likes us here. here and here.
  • Rightofcourse links us, complete with handy Orwellian graphic.
  • Obi's Sister has a less pleasant choice of graphic in her roundup.
The Thaddeus McCotter Fan Club
Seeing the Lefty Big Picture
  • Bob Belvedere offers a playful take.
  • The Classic Liberal has a large, expansive roundup mapping some of the strategies. Some.
  • The Rhetorican picked up the Python clip. Rhetorican also gives us a mention on the Domestic Right-Wing Terrorists topic. But we really used nothing heavier than a loud guffaw, honest.
  • Teach at Stop The ACLU had the Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists action. After all, that whole thing worked so well for Janet Napolitano, no?
  • A Conservative Shemale makes an interesting point about the tension level in politics:
    It’s the same mistake that Republicans made in 1996 with the budget showdown only in reverse. In 1996 it kept Clinton’s popularity up and helped keep him in office, now it is driving Obama’s popularity down and may help drive democrats from office.
  • Paco thinks Organizing for America is more easily understood as Antagonizing Americans. With bonus Shakespearean insult generator.
Seeing the Righty, Small, Friendly Fire Incident Picture
Look: shun the birthers and every other peripheral, no-value added argument out there. Tell me my broken record Federalist arguments are stupid if you think so. I think it's the Alinsky Rule #4 suppository the left secretly craves, at a medium pace. The point isn't that we disagree. The point is that, faced with disagreement, we listen to each other! Humbly! And, as adults do, learn how to avoid serving the enemy by dissent when we absolutely, positively cannot reconcile a point.
  • Bob Belvedere offers an overview.
  • Dan Riehl calls for common sense.
  • Lead and Gold and the Urge to Purge.
  • Daily Pundit:
    And Stacy has the right of it here. The blunt truth is that unless the intellectuals are able to mobilize the grassroots, all their plans and hopes are for naught.
  • Political Byline's take:
    Robert Stacey McCain basically agrees with me about WND and the Birthers. Now McCain and Palin are another story. He loves that feckless Woman. I, on the other hand, think that she is an idiot.
    It is, sadly, true. I did detect a flaw in Sarah's derivation of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. No, that didn't happen.
  • Kathy Shaidle directed snark at a certain Mr. Frum.
  • Lead and Gold calls the bluff of Mr. Brooks on Edmund Burke:
    Detailed explanations might be uncomfortable. It is pretty hard to reconcile Burke's principles with Obama’s actions. At the core of Burkean conservatism is a rejection of , even revulsion for, the grand plans of ambitious intellectuals who wield power.
  • In 2010 race news, Right View from the Left Coast endorses Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, and hoists a 74% figure for the number of Republicans that, (my phrasing) think the NRSC couldn't lead two nuns in one minute of silent prayer.
  • Western Experience linked the C-130 call for Mr. Will.
  • Joshuapundit listed us amongst other interesting headlines.
  • Dustbury honed in on the Marlboro Reds angle of the Brooks flogging.
  • Dyspepsia Generation thinks Stacy is having a lot of fun.
  • Axis of Right comes out as a Brooks fan. Except for the part of his thought they hated. Which was pretty much all of it.
  • Bonzai doesn't understand the moderates, but makes a gallant effort.
  • Another Black Conservative juxtaposed Carrie Prejean with David Brooks. Brooks wins the estrogen war.
  • Liberalsmash rounds us up in appreciation for Brooks flogging.
  • Lead and Gold linked us in "The Astonishing Mr. Brooks."
  • Dan Riehl engaged in a casual flogging of Conor Friedersdorf. You know how a bored cat will play with a mouse. Kinda like that.
  • Jimmie Bise took up the fashion angle.
  • Paco: David Brooks is a Conservative in the Same Way that I am a Marxist. Let me guess: you both speak Engels? Ba-dump bump *crash*. Paco will flog me for that, no doubt.
  • Dustbury picks up the Marlboros.
  • Fishersville Mike thinks Frum needs some education.
  • Bob Belvedere: Brain Bleach Stat!, hammering Brooks. Also, a combination linkage of Batchelor and Friedersdorf.
  • Carolyn Tackett didn't hesitate to embed it the Batchelor portrait.
  • The Daley Gator talks about education beyond one's hat size.
Did You Make Your Town Hall?
The Mercurial Peter Stark an Iron Man is Not
  • Roth & Co. clue us in on a key point: "Ever wonder why the House leadership is reluctant to depose the embarrassing Charlie Rangel as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee? Because Fortney "Pete" Stark is next in line for the job."
  • Brigette at Moralia has done the research and confirms that Stark has an MBA. We're still awaiting a report on what sort of car he drives, and the psychological implications thereof. Speculate in the comments.
  • The Lonely Conservative says that the Stark clip is a few years old. Hmm. I thought it recent.
  • The Rude News says Stark is 77. Retire, Representative Stark. What do you have to fear? Your personality?
Beck Under Siege
  • Chris Barna serves up some lefty moral equivalence for Beck. I guess perhaps if you're a lefty, you can see how murder would be a laughing matter. But he didn't pick up my irony of nominating Beck for a Senate seat, based upon the joke. Where is the love, Mr. Barna?
  • Rhetorican seems to think the whole thing actionable.
Silly Conehead
  • There was an exchange of links with the Sundries Shack. Grrr, what a creepy situation, Honduras.
The Digital Age
Norberg: Financial Fiasco
  • Obi's Sister links the Norberg book post, and asks if the election has been worth it. I've got the book, but haven't read it yet.
  • Jimmi links us, too. he says:
    the TARP program quickly mutated from a way of buying and holding trash financial assets until they were not quite so trashy into a cash giveaway to banks, car companies, and anyone else Democrats felt needed a few bucks
Re-framing 9/11 Into Something More in Keeping with the Current Policy of Cretinism
Forget the White House nonsense. Support Project 2,996
Cultural Apocalypse
A Dead Senator Who Keeps Bobbing Up, the Way a Poor Woman Didn't
The Chelsea Clinton Bit
The Kill Switch Amendment Idea
  • A Conservative Shemale likes the idea, but thinks there may be some issues. In response, I wouldn't accuse the original forumalation as being final. Senators, if flagged for no-run, could have that lifted by membership in a subsequent passing Congress. I'd rather see the 17th Amendment scuttled, anyway, and return Senators to representing the 50 States, who've become rather a permanent political class this last century--decidedly not the Framer's intent.
The Shears of All Fears
  • Rolling Doughnut (a blog irresistable to a Surface Warfare Officer) offers a critical review of the circumcision post.
The Watson Thrashing
How is it that you can criticize a female politician without howls of sexism, yet you can't criticize a minority member of the Executive Branch for being a Commie without charges of raaaaacism?
The Most Famous Finger in America
Miscellaneous Shouts
  • Valley of the Shadow links us while comparing two goth clubs in LA. "Bar Sinister in Hollywood and Malediction in Korea Town. How do these clubs define the style of political campaigns? Look deeper." You don't see the obvious connection? Peasant. ;)
  • We're starting to grow on the Bride of Rove, probably the most visually stunning blog I've seen in some time.
  • Public Secrets linked the finish the sentence game.
  • Instapundit picks up the economic gloom.
  • Steynian links us, but if I try to discover where, I'll never finish this. That guy's a nut.
  • Lonely Conservative linked us on the Afghan Embassy kerfluffle:
    ...if all of this frat boy behavior was occurring while on duty, why did the State Department renew their contract? Could it be that this sort of thing happens in Washington, DC and Massachussetts all the time and is considered normal, as RS McCain subtely points out?
  • Anti-Republican culture mentions us in a survey piece about, well, anti-Republican culture. Highly interesting and worthy of attention.
  • The Classic Liberal lifted granny from the garage sale post.
  • A Conservative Shemale has a roundup and links us on economic news. Two concepts: national debt, and deficit. Unless Pete Stark is as smart as his behavior is overbearing, we're in a Grand Canyon of debt. ACS also linked us on Rule 5 Sunday last week, amidst a New York Times meditation.
  • Ruby Slippers did their FMRJA.
  • The Daley Gator liked the pig wresling post amidst a sizeable roundup.
  • Little Miss Attila gives VodkaPudit an 'attilla-boy', slamming me en passant. Yet I'm still slavishly devoted to her blog. *sigh*
  • VodkaPundit says Stacy has the last word on primary education.
  • Troglopundit has the temerity to notice OediPOTUS Wrecks. *weeps* Thank you.
  • And there is a dash of Rule 5 as well as a roundup from The Camp of the Saints
  • Here is a really interesting post on unions in general, and Oregaon's in particular, from Word Around the Net. Take it from an old squid: a union is a mutiny awaiting its moment. These days, they're scaling it up to a mutiny against the Constitution.
Apologies in advance if this was so big it required a browser upgrade to load. There is some time involved in prepping this post, yes. Mostly I do this in lieu of a diary, as I will one day look over these posting "just to try and recall the whole year". Insights, questions go to Smitty. Ponder the tip jar, ye scalawags.


  1. Thanks for all the links. I guess you guys have become my main source of blog-worthy material.

  2. @CS,
    You're welcome. We appreciate good thinking from all over. Bad thinking, well, it tends to receive chiding. ;)

  3. Smitty,

    Thanks for the link. Actually, the post was about the Frum vs. the Conservatives/Henke vs. WND and those of us who see the fight as damaging as we got closer to the general elections (2009 and 2010).

    I'm telling you, listening to "Swamp Thing," by Chameleons UK with some Depeche Mode will chill everybody out.

    And how many writers do you know that can cite Goths and Reagan's 11th Commandment in the same breath and still chastise Frum for attacking Limbaugh?

  4. Bride of Rove, huh? This was the first I'd heard of it. I couldn't find an RSS feed link there (or a contact link so I could ask if there was one). I have too little time and too many kids to find interesting blogs again without Bloglines to help me out. Hope you read this, Bride.

  5. Oh, and thanks for your link to me, too, Smitty. One post of mine you might find interesting, btw, is the one from a few days ago called "They're Uncle Sam's kids now -- he paid for them." It links to a column I wrote for the New Mexico Independent, and concerns a local Santa Fe story that hasn't gotten any national press -- but SHOULD, since it concerns a local school aftercare program that has forbidden parents to pick up their own kids early, because they're using Federal simulus pork to pay for it, and as we all know, Mr. Duncan and his boss know better than parents what's good for our kids.

    I'd link here in the comment to the NMI story directly, but for some reason your site isn't letting me paste text into the comment.

  6. Oh yeah and...You've just been totally linkedfor my 1st FMJR Rule 5 Saturday. Woot!

  7. Sorry about that Bridget. Last week I apparently posted something that annoyed a very active group online and I put up some temporary blog defenses. The About page is now back and I added links at the bottom to two types of feeds.

    Thanks for the compliment Smitty. Flattery will get you everywhere.