Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One of these days ...

... I intend to clear up some mistaken impressions that have been fostered online.

But this is not that day. I just finished writing a 1,200-word feature (note the time), spent an hour-and-a-half driving home, and now have to get some sleep. And I'm one day closer to a monster of a deadline on May 1. Plus, I've still got to get vaccinated some more before I go to Sudan in mid-February.

Just in case anyone was wondering, finishing up around the office is taking a bit longer than I'd previously thought. My last day is Monday, May 28.

Yet this business of mischaracterizing the meaning of someone's remarks, and thereafter citing one's own mischaracterization as evidence of opinions that the person has never avowed -- it's dishonest and spiteful, Heidi.

Oh, almost forgot: Found out late Tuesday that my Aunt Barbara is in ICU and is not expected to recover.