Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) is arguably the hottest Democrat in Congress . . .

She's clearly no match for Michelle Bachmann (R-Hotness), but still . . . she's cute. However, being a cute liberal atheist baby-killer commie Democrat was not enough to save her from the wrath of the "angry mob":
When "facts" were presented by Giffords or her supporters that everyone knew to be false, she was met with a loud round of boos. When she declared her support for the public option, the boos and jeers could have toppled buildings with their intensity. . . .
From what I could tell by last night, the American people are truly waking up to what their government is doing. They are becoming motivated and involved. The tide is finally changing.
If an election were held today, Rep. Giffords would surely lose.
Alas, the defeat of Giffords would increase the Ugly Quotient of the Democratic caucus to intolerable levels, perhaps even into the deadly Mikulski range. So enjoy her hotness while you can. There's video, too:

Via Instapundit. Remember that it was at one of Giffords' town-halls last month that an Obama thug slammed his elbow into an opponent's face.


  1. She's young, attractive, and has a modicum of brains. Surely there's time to turn her to the Dark Side and recruit her to the legions of our Dread Lord Cheney!

  2. If she is the 'hottest' Dem, they must be quite a fugly bunch. While mildly attractive, she's no Michelle Malkin. Stacy, two words: eye exam.