Monday, August 31, 2009

The Pole-Dancer Doll for Girls

God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology:
It rotates. It has blinking lights, a disco ball, and a pole. And it's probably one of the wrongest toys you can give to any girl.
"Probably"? One hesitates to ask what could possibly be worse. I'm sure the manufacturers will soon be offering a stripper accessory kit -- tramp-stamp tattoo stickers, clip-on belly-button ring, garter with play-money, mint-flavored candy Newports -- but then again, there's always the nipple-tassle T-shirt for girls.

Last year, we had the reality-TV video of Kim Kardashian's pre-teen sisters -- age 9 and 11 -- getting pole-dancing lessons. Earlier this month, there was video of Miley Cyrus's 9-year-old sister Noah pole-dancing -- in black boots and red skirt -- at a pre-party for the Teen Choice Awards.

Today's cultural forecast: Raging epidemics of abuse, perversion, disease and addiction, with a 40% chance of widely scattered fire and brimstone.

UPDATE: Jay at Stop the ACLU:
It is so sad society is going down the toilet and dragging the innocence of our youth along with it.
This story's getting a "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" reaction on Twitter. Last night I blogged about evidence for the existence of God. And that's about the only hope left.

UPDATE II: Fisherville Mike says, "Glad I have boys." Yeah, Mike, but what if your son brings one of these tramps home? Meanwhile, Cranky Cons says:
Reason #287585783 we’re thinking of raising our children Amish
Oh, and guess what the big question is when Kendra Wilkinson, 24, (Hef's ex-girlfriend, who got married at the Playboy Mansion in June) and Kourtney Kardashian, 30 (celebrity party girl, still unmarried) both discover they're expecting?
Despite having breast implants, both Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian still want to breastfeed, the moms-to-be tell the new issue of Us Weekly . . .
Fake boobs. Real trash.

UPDATE III: Oh, look! Kendra's got a blog:
Hi everyone! Check out my Us Weekly cover and feature with Kourtney Kardashian. Find out all the details about our pregnancies . . . from cravings, to body changes to feelings about our deliveries!!!!!
It was such a fun shoot to do, especially since Kourtney is going through all the same changes as I am. We’re due only two days apart!
What do we call this genre? "Trashosphere"? "Bimbosphere"? At any rate, in addition to the grammatical evidence of mental deficiency -- five, count 'em, five exclamation marks -- Kendra also ends her blog post with a smiley face :D

Oh, Kendra is the one who's actually married, so you can insult her all you want. But not Courtney -- no, she's a single mom and, as Ann Coulter has explained, we are not allowed to criticize the mothers of bastards. And here's a touching story for baby's scrapbook:
"I definitely thought about it long and hard, about if I wanted to keep the baby or not . . . I do think every woman should have the right to do what they want, but I don't think it's talked through enough. I can't even tell you how many people just say, 'Oh, get an abortion.' Like it's not a big deal." Scott Disick, the baby's 26-year-old father, was supportive either way. . . . "He said, 'I really want you to keep it, but I will support you whatever you decide to do.'"
Some advice for Courtney:
  1. If you're hanging out with people who casually recommend abortion, you're hanging around bad people.
  2. Speaking of bad people, the kind of guy who considers it a coin toss whether you abort his child (a) is a scumbag and (b) doesn't actually love you anyway.
Please see the Koestler quote at the top of the page.

UPDATE IV: Welcome readers of Michelle Malkin, who says:
Thought I’d seen it all.
That's just it. you see. I'm always afraid to say, "It can't get worse than that," because it always does. Because, as you see, "Girls Gone Wild" grow up to be trashy "Moms Gone Wild," and their daughters aspire to follow mom's 4-inch-heeled footsteps down the strip-club runway. (Q. What does a trailer-trash girl get for her 18th birthday? A: Chlamydia!)

In 1998, when Kendra Wilkinson was in eighth grade, parents were being forced to explain the Monica Lewinsky news to their children. And now . . .

Once the Hugh Hefner lifestyle becomes a reality-TV series, and once every no-talent bimbo in the world is trying to get her own reality-TV series . . . well, we're probably just a few years away from Nickelodeon spinning off its own "adult" cable channel featuring the hit series, "The Girls of North Las Vegas Middle School."

UPDATE V: Thanks to commenter Tate for reading far enough into that People magazine interview with Courtney Kardashian to find that the mother-to-be would have been another woman victimized by abortion if she hadn't found some pro-life Web sites:
"I was just sitting there crying, thinking, 'I can’t do that,'" she says. "And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life." (Emphasis added.)
OK, that's enough to soften the heart of McCain The Merciless. And Ms. Kardashian is entirely correct. There are no accidents. And, despite the odds, it's possible that God may even be able to do something with that scumbag boyfriend. (After all, I used to be a Democrat.)

Remember what Jesus said to the women caught in adultery, after he'd saved her life from the accusers who would have stoned her: "Go, and sin no more." Some people, eager to lecture us about not being "judgmental," always seem to forget that last part.


  1. I picked some up for my daughters.. What's wrong with them?

  2. Young hussies in training. Hate to say it but the Bratz dolls beat 'em all to the punch. You forgot a couple of accessories though: The run-down trailer and the baby(ies) perpetually in diapers and nothing else 'cause everyone knows all strippers are just hard-working single moms.

  3. The fire and brimstone are for legalized abortion.

    These 'Pole Dancer Bratz,' et al, result in rising sea levels from all the millstones (with attachments) being thrown in.

  4. Kendra Wilkenson was one of the three blonds to have "dated" Hef all at the same time.. (by date I mean they signed a contract with Hef, make public appearances, counldn't talk to other men while on said appearance and .. well, you'll need the brain bleach because the mind will take you to the inevitable)

    Talk about sloppy seconds..

  5. I for one am shocked. That doll is way overdressed. Think of the terrible environmental consequences of producing all that unnecessary polyester.

    On the other hand, any parent who buys that doll for their daughter should wind up on a Child Protective Services watchlist.

  6. Cranky Cons never saw "The Night They Raided Minsky's"...

    Red, wait a minute. What about all those hot poly-sci majors who are just stripping to pay their tuition? I get them all the time. You just HAVE to tip them higher...

    Hold it...

  7. Please, those are sex worker dolls, which are just as good as doctor and CEO dolls.


  8. Hmmm. Interesting. I was one of those who would say if a woman wants to basically wear nothing or wants to strip no one should call her names because it's her choice. If she's an adult, it's her decision.

    Now I realize that we should have been calling it exactly what it is, because now people have no shame. Now it's "empowering" to be a whore. And the fact that someone actually had the forethought to make a product of such godawful taste for little girls is disturbing. Though I have a feeling it started out as a joke, and then became a business when someone actualy wanted to buy one.

  9. This is really disgusting. I thank GOD that my little girl will be 21 years old in a few days. I did not have to deal with this when my kids were little. Our country is a moral mess.

  10. McCain, you're too hard on Courtney's beau, who she goes on to say would have continued to lobby for her having the baby. That he recognizes she's the one who's pregnant, not himself doesn't mean he doesn't love her or want his child. You took her remarks about her boyfriends opinion out of the context of her follow-up. It seems clear "coin toss" is probably not an accurate representation of his feelings on the matter, and I would extend him the benefit of the doubt based on his delight at her choice matching his own.

  11. If we can’t teach kids the value of a hard earned buck, then what is our society coming to?

    but seriously folks ..
    Vintage (2006) news via the UK - Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy

  12. Sarah W writes: "McCain, you're too hard on Courtney's beau . . . You took her remarks about her boyfriends opinion out of the context of her follow-up."

    Sarah, please note that Courtney's scumbag boyfriend (you abuse the endearing term "beau") hasn't married her. I'd give 5-to-1 odds he never will. And if he did marry her, I'd give 5-to-1 odds against it lasting more than two years.

    When you're as thoroughly familiar with scumbags as I am -- hey, I used to be a Democrat -- they're really pretty predictable. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to bet that Scott the Scumbag has already got a chick on the side.

  13. This filth makes Madonna, Britney and Angelina look classy by comparison.

    It takes a fair amount to make me sick, but this did it (even before you started adding the updates).

    This is true sleaze.

  14. I'll admit I've watched the Kardashian show from time to time and can confirm that the boyfriend in question is indeed a scumbag and any other similar adjective.

    That being said I was a bit impressed to read this quote from Kardashian, "I looked online, and I was sitting on bed hysterically crying, reading these stories of people who felt so guilty from having an abortion,” she recalls. “I was reading these things of how many people are traumatized by it afterwards.”
    “I was just sitting there crying, thinking, ‘I can’t do that,’” she says. “And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life.”

    So at least there's that for a sliver of hope in humanity or am I being naive?

  15. Tate, you're being naive. She's doing for the "noble mom" press coverage she'll get.

    The moment that kid is whelped, her agent will have a nanny all lined up and it'll be off to the nightclubs (with poles, no doubt) for young Ms. Kardashian, and bebe will see mama for a few minutes each day at best. Oh, and I believe she spells it "Kourtney" with a K, isn't that special?

    Or am I just being cynical?

    I blame Andy Warhol.

  16. It's official - Idiocracy by Mike Judge was not a work of fiction, but a prophecy.

  17. So at least there's that for a sliver of hope in humanity or am I being naive?

    There's a sliver of hope, but I read that story about Kardashian considering abortion and was moved.

    The sick, sad thing is pro-aborts attacked her because all those post-abortion regret stories she read are, according to them, fiction (

    Among other things, they call post-abortion traumatic stress a "fictitious illness" - but remember, THEY care about women!

  18. If someone gave my granddaughter one of those dolls I would kick their ass though I strongly suspect I would have to stand in line to do it. Disgusting.

  19. BTW.. Kendra's on twitter with over 300,000 followers..

    Meghan McCain.. a little over 55,000 followers.

    And like Meg said, "And trust me, Twitter is more of an indication of where young people are..."

  20. How come nobody noticed this in 1980, when Madonna inspired the Whore Look for Little Girls? Every department store had slut costumes for preteenagers within months, remember?

    Ignore vermin, and they multiply. Duh.

  21. OK Update V gave me goosebumps.

  22. Carol wrote: "If someone gave my granddaughter one of those dolls I would kick their ass though I strongly suspect I would have to stand in line to do it."

    Ms. Tackett, I just wanted to compliment you on the authority with which you threatened that ass-kicking. We need more grandmas who can kick ass, and aren't afraid to say it.

  23. Oh, please. South Park covered this in Season 8, Episode 12 (Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset). A bit of dialog:

    Bebe: Wow, look at all this great stuff. Stupid Spoiled Whore clothes, Stupid Spoiled Whore dolls,
    Red: Hey, check it out: the new Paris Hilton perfume, Skanque.
    Annie: Oh yeah, let's get lots of that!
    Wendy: You guys, don't buy this stuff. Why do you want to be like Paris Hilton?
    Red: It's not just Paris: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid, they're all stupid spoiled whores!
    Wendy: But the idea that we'll be whorish for money is belittling to our gender!
    Bebe: Wendy, get a clue. The only thing more important than being rich is being famous!
    Annie: Wow, you really sound like a dumb slut, Bebe.
    Bebe: Thanks, Annie!

  24. In case anyone needed more evidence that Allah hates me:

    First, the headline link to Gateway Pundit -- who, of course, I'd linked here on the CWCID Principle, since Gateway Pundit was where I saw the Pole Dance Doll. (Via the sidebar RSS feed at NTCNews, where I saw it this morning while updating the A.M. Market Update.)

    Now, the front-page post devoted to the topic, again linking Gateway Pundit, but evidently going out of his way to link neither me nor Michelle (because Michelle violated Allah's Law by linking me).

    It's beyond explanation. Thou Shalt Not Link McCain apparently being the operating principle, the origin of which I don't know, but the existence of which cannot be denied.

    The fact that Allah won't even link Michelle if she links me suggests the utter stringency with which the principle is enforced. Like I was Sully or something.

  25. I think the doll is fake.

    They pulled a similar one off of the shelves in the U.K.

    They said it was marketed toward adults. This one however has no real background info. Someone is putting one over on everybody.

  26. If it isn't fake, I want to confront it's designer in the name of all fathers.

    I'm pretty sure nobody is this stupid... yet.

  27. I don't understand the fury over this doll.

    She has on her clothes and she's dancing around a pole with a disco ball.

    What child is going to think anything else than, "Oh, cool. A cute doll that swirls around a pole!"

    Last time I checked, roller rinks had disco balls, should we be offended about that?

    And what about subway trains? Shall we declare war on people holding on to poles because of the wrong impression it might give to children?

  28. Remember what Jesus said to the women caught in adultery, after he'd saved her life from the accusers who would have stoned her: "Go, and sin no more." Some people, eager to lecture us about not being "judgmental," always seem to forget that last part.

    John chapter 8, verses 1 through 11, is a later addition to the Bible.
    These verses do not appear in the earliest manuscripts.
    Jesus, according to his over-all message, would never tell someone to “Go, and sin no more.” It is an impossible request to make. Christians are told to do the best they can to not sin, but daily they do. The Lord’s Prayer directs that they ask for forgiveness daily. Jesus just expected his followers to struggle to do right, for example, see Matthew 5: 17-20.