Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's missing from the biography of Fox 'Sexpert' Yvonne K. Fulbright?

Yeah, all the publications, the degrees from hither and yon, blah, blah, blah.

Is she married? If so, how long has she been married? Does she have any children?

I point this out because I was just looking at the sidebar feeds at -- a good source of fresh blog-fodder -- and happened to notice the headline of her latest column, clicked over, and thought . . . hmmmm.
Adultery has payoffs for a woman. For example, having someone else interested in her means more resources.
So I'm thinking that this sort of morally-neutral anthropological attitude toward adultery doesn't make her a Girl Just Like The Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad, y'know? If the "sexpert" happens to be single, my hunch is she's likely to stay that way.

Maybe some of you bachelors out here can spot me on this. Maybe attitudes have changed, but I'd suspect guys would be more interested in marrying a woman who expressed horror and repugnance at even the slightest suggestion that she would ever cheat on her mate. "Oh, no -- I'm strictly a one-man woman!"

On the other hand, if Fulbright is married, why does my cynical mind leap to the conclusion that her professional insights into the anthropological incentives of adultery for women aren't merely professional insights?

As to my curiosity about whether Fulbright has any children, that was prompted by reading her bio and seeing the title of her most recent book:
Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know
Really? Here's where I need some of the lady readers to spot me, because I'm thinking that this isn't really one of the mother-to-be's top priorities.

In general, I have an especial scorn for the How-To-Have-Better-Orgasms genre of women's literature, seeing as how endless variations on this theme appear on the cover of Cosmo every freaking month.

By comparison, no man has ever read a magazine article to find out how to have a better orgasm, because no such article has ever been published in a magazine for men. There may be, somewhere among the 3 billion males on this planet, one who didn't figured out the orgasm thing before his 14th birthday. But they certainly don't seem to be seeking magazine advice on the subject, eh?

What's up with this? Women I've spoken to say that they read women's magazines mainly for fashion, hair and make-up ideas. I've never heard a woman admit to seeking out the How-To-Have-Better-Orgasms articles in these magazines. But maybe they're just embarrassed to admit it.


  1. The mens' magazines that I am aware of (those without a special wrapper over the cover) devote themselves to huntin', fishin', and lawn equipment.

  2. Given that she's listed as being "originally from Iceland," that tends to make me think she's married and taken her husband's name. The entire name could be a nom de plume, but if not, more than likely, she's married.

    Unfortunately, what she says is not incorrect. Surveys on this subject vary widely (indicating a rate of infidelity in men of anywhere from 25-70%, and of women of 15-50%), but in any case, alot of married women are cheating.

    And, strangely, they are all named Yvonne.

  3. Women can have better orgasms than we can.

    If you could have multiple orgasms, you'd be all over the literature on that, too.

  4. I'm a big fan of Fulbright's and follow her column on Foxnews pretty regularly. She tends to come out pretty hard hitting against cheating, and if I recall correctly, has never done it. Don't know anything about her private life, tho' whoever is with her is really lucky... and probably orgasmic.