Friday, September 4, 2009

Senator Warner uses the word 'Constitution'

by Smitty

CNSNEWS has Senator Mark Warner from his ObamaCare town hall.
But one thing, listen, there is,
there is no place in the Constitution that specifically says health care.
There’s no place in the Constitution that specifically says education.
There is no place in the competition, in the Constitution,
there is no place in the Constitution,
there is no place in the Constitution,
there is no place in the Constitution,
there is no place in the Constitution
that talks about you ought to have the right to get a telephone, but we have made those choices as a country over the years.

What my Senator says is certainly true, though one could draw a sharp distinction between the telephone, and health care, which is older than Washington's false teeth:
...the most interesting part of the story about George's teeth is the mechanism of their fabrication. The upper and lower gold plates were connected by springs which pushed the upper and lower plates against the upper and lower ridges of his mouth to hold them in place. Washington actually had to actively close his jaws together to make his teeth bite together. If he relaxed, his mouth would pop open. There is speculation that this is the reason that the Father of Our Country always looks so stern in his portraits. Take a look at a dollar bill. George isn't upset - he's just trying to keep his teeth in!!!
Or, possibly, he's peering into the future at what a mess would come when a free people would allow a permanent political class (read: aristocracy) come along and steal the liberty he literally, not politically, fought so hard to obtain.

How many orbits would 'Astronaut' Jones make in a George Washington administration sworn in today? Might not even make it off the launch pad, much less to the pad, would be my estimate.

Pat in Shreveport does some PuffHo work so you don't have to, in addition to rounding up other "Astronaut" Jones coverage.
She does, sadly, miss the real reason VJ has to go: an IRS review revealed he'd paid his taxes.

Update II:
Oh, and Thomas Friedman was a Van Fan. Nitwit.


  1. I am ashamed we share this idiot as a senator.

  2. I'll pass on my share of the Senator for a price that would shock you.

  3. Sorry, but what Warner says is certainly NOT true.

    This is the classic "Liberal" distortion of the word "right", to mean "entitlement". The Constitution _DOES_ guarantee the _right_ to a telephone, because it PROHIBITS the government from interfering in your _right_ to contract to purchase goods and services of your choice, freely, with any willing provider. THAT is a RIGHT. You do NOT, however, have an ENTITLEMENT to a telephone: that is, neither you nor the government may FORCE someone(s) else to provide you with a goods and services. Obama wants to make healthcare, already a RIGHT, into an ENTITLEMENT, and thus FORCE you to pay the government to FORCE others to provide you a service (healthcare); and they want to TAKE AWAY your RIGHT to contract for healthcare -- or to NOT contract for healthcare -- with whomever you want, and as you see fit.


    Warner should be IMPEACHED for this.

  4. Someone needs to explain to the Senator that the Constitution enumerates the powers of the government, not the rights of the people. And by doing so it "constitutes" the government. Which is why we call it "the Constitution."