Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

It's our first Sunday after Kopechne Day, where we will celebrate the loveliness that wasn't cut off in tragic fashion.
  • We'll start off with Stephen Green, the VodkaPundit. The VP links a quote about Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman helping each other learn the alphabet, or something. This blog re-affirms its commitment to education. Especially the classics. And the parodies of the classics. Say, OediPOTUS Wrecks. Which didn't even make #10 on The Week in Blogs. It's not you, Stephen. It's me. I'll try harder next time. *mope*
  • The Naval Institute Blog has some WWII-era cheesecake on a Liberty Ship.
  • Troglopundit must be going into spawning season. Here is a Miss Universe post. Then there is Jessica Biel. Jessica was forsaken, however, for Elle McPherson. It was a tough call for him, but nothing says 'amphibian' like a surfboard. He free associated from a Space Shuttle launch to Liv Tyler. Spawning season.
  • PowerLine offers a Miss Universe retrospective with the kind of thoroughness and attention to detail you respect and admire from the better sort of barrister.
  • Rightofcourse slides some Marylin into a general spleen dump.
  • Morgan Freeberg has several items of interest. Hot For Words is first. Continuing his pair-wise walk of the alphabet, he features Carly Zucker and Daniella Sarahyba. He had a 5:00 clip of a Spider Man episode, mostly for reasons spelled "Joanna Cameron". Then, disaster struck. There was an error in the pairwise comparison algorithm, and Freeberg was forced into debug mode. He revisited Carly and Daniella. I won't spoil the analysis of the log file.
  • Bob Belvedere takes us back with Yvonne Craig to a time when a lady painted green was some kind of exotic turn-on. At the time, I was too young to even understand what turned-on was. This added to the exotic factor. He also suggests Anita Ekberg.
  • Manolo the Shoe Blogger (what's in *your* RSS reader?) has Mary Louise Parker with a leg having curves of beyond mathematical perfection.
  • Fishersville Mike features Ravens Cheerleaders.
  • Three Beers Later submits a 1980s workout video. My dad used to be a huge fan of these. He'd sit there with a cup of coffee in his La-Z-Boy and take in several. "Dad, I think you're defeating the purpose of the video", I'd say, coming back from having slung the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, back when newspapers didn't suck. "Cardio, son: cardio," he said, touching his heart. TBL also features Nancy Sinatra. Then he links a clear and present danger to Western Civilization: a convergence of country western and gansta rap. We'll have to let the market be the judge. And I think it an argument in favor of capital punishment. YMMV.
  • Jeffords is trying to disclaim all prior knowledge of Padma Lakshmi. Like he doesn't have that burger commercial fave'd on YouTube. You're fooling no one, buddy.
  • PDBWatch is new to the scene. We typically don't go much for photoshopping, but this is so well sold:
    This picture of Megan Fox is a perfect metaphor for Hollywood. It looks pretty until it opens its mouth, and then all the shark teeth come out and threaten to bite your head off.
  • Eric S. Raymond is also unknown in these parts, but I totally admire the guy on so many levels that we'll link Lydia Guevara.
  • WyBlog introduces tropical storm Dannii (Minogue).
  • The Classic Liberal treats us to Christina Aguilera in one of his usual, thorough studies.
  • Nation of Cowards keeps the patriotic theme alive.
  • Marilyn Maxwell is on Paco's mind this week.
  • Dustbury contributes a Haynes girl. I may have an update on this person. Check back.
Well, the ladies had no contributions this week. From a heterosexual standpoint, that's no big deal, but from a maximizing participation and light fun angle, it's not what it could be. So send updates to Smitty. Pray for peace.


  1. "Then he links a clear and present danger to Western Civilization: a convergence of country western and gansta rap. We'll have to let the market be the judge. And I think it an argument in favor of capital punishment. YMMV."

    Hmm. So I guess Big and Rich are right out, then...

  2. Thanks for the wonderful link to PDB Watch. One correction though. The pic of a befanged Megan Fox is a publicity still from her new movie, Jennifer's Body, in which she is a high school cheerleader possessed by a ghoulish spirit who develops an irresistable hunger for her male classmates.

  3. My bad. Next Sunday I'll be sure to post.