Sunday, August 30, 2009

Like Belshazzar: The Self-Destruction of Rep. Diane Watson (D-Havana)

"Whittaker Chambers . . . wrote that the crisis of the Western world exists to the degree in which the West is indifferent to God, the degree to which it collaborates in communism's attempt to make man stand alone without God. And then he said, for Marxism-Leninism is actually the second-oldest faith, first proclaimed in the Garden of Eden with the words of temptation, 'Ye shall be as gods.' The Western world can answer this challenge, he wrote, 'but only provided that its faith in God and the freedom He enjoins is as great as communism's faith in Man.' "
-- Ronald Reagan, March 8, 1983
What's wrong with Marxism? And what's wrong with a member of the U.S. Congress praising Fidel Castro? To begin with, as I said, it is a repudiation of the American founding. Our nation was not established by theoretical philosophes, and it did not grow strong and flourish by heeding the flattering "words of temptation."

America is not, has never been, and never will be perfect. It is a drastic misreading of the preamble of the Constitution to suppose -- as so many intellectual idiots have done -- that we are charged with pursuing "a more perfect union" like Dorothy and her friends skipping down the yellow-brick road to Oz.

Knowing that perfection cannot be achieved by human effort in this fallen world, yet we survey the globe and scour the pages of history to find that nation which has ever been so privileged, so honored, so generously graced with God's blessings. Though such grace can never receive from mankind its full recompense of gratitude, we may inquire whether any nation has ever done so much to spread those blessings to so many, as has the United States of America. And what blessing could be greater than liberty?

Yet it is this precious blessing which Diane Watson would have us forsake. For what is Marxism, except the abnegation of liberty? Ms. Watson invokes the specter of racism -- a dishonest insinuation that should not intimidate men and women of goodwill -- and thus reminds me of David Horowitz, the ex-Marxist who has aptly described the communist philosophy as universal racism.

Socialism is the antithesis of philanthropy, even though the advocates of socialism repeatedly proclaim their philanthropic motives, so that like the Pharisees, priests and scribes of ancient Jerusalem, they may be praised as virtuous humanitarians because of the good intentions with which they pave the road to Hell.

Do you not see, Ms. Watson, that with your praise of Fidel Castro and his murderous henchman Che Guevara, you have already wrought your own destruction? Do you think that you own that seat in Congress, that it is your personal property, to do with as you wish? Do you suppose that there is no one -- not a single citizen of your district -- who could defeat you in an election?

There have been many like you before in history, Ms. Watson. One such, imagining himself indestructible, was congratulating himself and celebrating his good fortune with his colleagues, when he received a mysterious message.

Just now I have realized that I have been paying you, the representative of the Third Congressional District of California, an unintended measure of disrespect. For in researching your life, I discover that you achieived the highest degree of educational attainment and that it is my honor to address Dr. Diane Watson.

Understanding that I address such an eminent scholar, I therefore assume your mastery of history both ancient and modern, and your knowledge of many languages. Thus, in considering your special field of expertise, I am certain the message which was so mysterious to your predecessor will to you be elementary, Dr. Watson:

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

You do know Aramaic, don't you, Dr. Watson?

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  1. Judging by Malkin's transcript, Watson is pretty confused about history. She actually said that the communists "went out into the population" and "found" Castro after overthrowing Batista. This, from a someone who spent a career in public education.

    Castro is a tyrant who has executed and imprisoned his critics. The sins of Castro and communism don't impugn the idea of government-sponsored health care, nor the concept of public education. Likewise, the desireability of a global coffee market is not called into question by the fact that Cuba participates in it.

    We ought to learn what we can from the objective fact that, on average, Cubans enjoy slightly better health than Americans while spending a fraction of our per capita cost.

  2. Stacy - I had not intended to post today since it is Sunday, but your post is so good I must at least allow my readers to come here and read it by posting a link.

  3. Diane is not fit to hold a BA, much less a doctorate if she really thinks that Castro was "chosen" after Batista was overthrown.

    For crying out loud, she was born in 1933--she's old enough to remember it happening!

    This Belshazzarette needs a Daniel to explain to her what's going to happen to her in 2010.

  4. And then spoke one called Stoutcat, saying, "This Belshazzarette needs a Daniel to explain to her what's going to happen to her in 2010."

    As it was said of Saul, "Is Stoutcat also among the prophets?" For surely thou dost perceive things to come.

    Peace be with thee!

  5. Hey, in California this is just a well known sub-group in the University humanities department which I call the Panther Commie Intellectual. Basically followers of Angela Davis et al who moved into the California mainstream and are comrades in travel if not arms with Bill Ayres and his clic.

    It seems that the Obama administration has brought all kinds of interesting things out from under the rocks these days.

  6. I have a question regarding Random's point:

    Have the statistics put out by Cuba ever actually been verified by a trustworthy and independent organization?

    I mean I always hear people spout off about how great their system is but I can't remember hearing how and by whom the numbers are gathered and reported. Quite frankly if it has only been done by the Cuban govt. or only under their strict observation then there's a good chance that the numbers are BS.

  7. Suberb! Recalls an ancient verity: All problems are susceptible to theological analysis and all analyses are theological in nature.

    The balance is @Random:

    Perhaps we should conclude that there is no connection between water and the ocean? What's between your synapses, son? Anything controlled?

    Government-sponsored social engineering of any kind beyond punishment of lying, cheating or stealing (murder is a form of all three of these forms of death) and protection against external attack (the premier, preferred, up-scale form of which is preemption) is by definition putting oneself in the place of God and that, as Stacy points out in concert with a numberless multitude of saints and sages, is bad for health, of which bodily health is a fraction of the beginning of the whole strength of it.

    The Latin word for health, salus, is the root of the English word for reunion with God: salvation. The root meaning of salus is strength. As in power.

    Health, dear boy, is a theological concern and communism is an heretical theology, an offense against God and self by way of self-elevation to the place of God ("We are God's partners in matters of life and death." -- God never authorized that claim; nor does He subcontract).

    And it is an original offense, as Stacy points out. Islam too points this out about communism, that it opposes God by pretending the omniscience, omnipotence and omni-presence of the Unconditioned.

    (If self-proclaimed practitioners of Islam support the cat who claims to be "God's partner," they are not Muslims but idolaters [Mohammedans].)

    Communism and health are incompatible. There is a place for one and a place for the other and they are not the same place. Cannot be, never will be.

    As for coffee markets. Son, listen up, life is a mixture, cannot be otherwise. That poison mixes with food does not mean poison is not poison and is food. Try to understand. I'll bet you love talking about "messiness" and "shades of gray" when it suits you. Well, there's one of them for you to suit up in.

    Nazism, BTW, is an apostate theology, not the same as an heretical one. This is why communists/socialists/progressives berate fascists and vice-versa. I'll bet you hate "fascists," am I right?

    However, both communism and nazism are tyrannical by way of being fascistic, as Jonah Goldberg observes. And both are universally racist, as David Horowitz apparently observes regarding communism.

    (I was unaware that Horowitz observed this and am glad to hear that he did because it is true and needs trumpeting despite its practitioners' plenary self-exposures.)

  8. How about: Mene mene pepel urpisd

    Oh yes, Stacy, the handwriting is definitely on the wall. For the Medes and the Persians read perhaps Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents.

  9. "Have the statistics put out by Cuba ever actually been verified by a trustworthy and independent organization?"

    Well, hundreds of thousands of people have thrown themselves and their families into ninety miles of shark infested water to get away from what we are told is 100% literacy and excellent government healthcare.

    Now either all these people are saying, "Honey, screw the kids' dental and education, I want to open a bodege in South Miami," or there is something a bit off about the claims for the Cuban system.