Monday, August 31, 2009

George Soros vs. The Best. Book. Evah!

The Boss:
"At HuffPo, a Soros-tied co-author has launched a bid to dislodge conservative authors — and he's asking for help from every last nutroots activist out there. . . .
"Co-author Michael Huttner urges his fellow Obama cultists to buy the book [50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America] . . .
"[W]e also hope it contributes to changing the dialogue in this country, at a time when it's beginning to look a little too much like the Bush era with books by right-wingers Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and [some douchebag who isn't actually conservative] topping this week's national bestsellers list."
You must fight back! You must buy the No. 1 New York Times bestseller: Culture of Corruption: Obama And His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies -- actually, you should buy two copies and give one to a liberal friend, just to annoy him.

It's the Best. Book. Evah!


  1. I dunno. Is there something that would really make the Malkin book for me, somewhere around page 291 or something?

  2. This pathetic attempt is a collective admission by the entire Left that they ain't packin' the gear.

  3. OK -- wasn't planning to but bought the book. So stop hounding me already!

  4. Richard McEnroe wrote: "Is there something that would really make the Malkin book for me, somewhere around page 291 or something?"

    Not only do we have The World's Best Commenters, we also have The World's Biggest Weisenheimers.

    Yes, of course, when an author makes an extra effort to praise me, I'm going to do everything I can to sell that book. Why? Because the success of the Best. Book. Evah! will then encourage other authors to make an extra effort to praise me.

    You get the general idea here. By relentless application of this method, I suspect we may be just a few years away from the point at which Hey, Did I Ever Mention What a Cool Guy Stacy McCain Is? becomes a No. 1 bestseller.

    And the cool thing? I won't have to write it. All I'll have to do is edit it, since it will merely be a collection of extravagant praise heaped on me by other authors trying to get me to plug their books.

    This will be followed by the runaway success of Yeah, Well, Allan Never Links Me, Either, edited by Dan Riehl, for which I will write the introduction.

    See? It's all part of a plan. I got the idea from South Park.

  5. Obviously "Allan" should be "Allah." Look for this be included in that future No. 1 bestseller, Eye Haet Typoz: Stupid Mistakes I've Published On the Internet.

  6. "Look for this to be included . . ."

  7. I'm tempted to buy the new book. After browsing her two "make a quick buck pandering to Know-Nothingism" offerings, I passed on what I'm assuming was an autobiography or memoir (with a title like Unhinged, what else could it be?). So, like a recovering alcoholic, is she on her way back up from the bottom?