Monday, August 31, 2009

Chelsea Marriage on Chappaquiddick?

by Smitty

HillBuzz links a New York Post piece about the possible nuptials between Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton.

This blog would like to be among the first to wish them happiness wherever they enjoy the sacrament of marriage, and also to eschew committing to the cloudy-webs at least a dozen cheap, unsavory and wholly unnecessary japes that come to mind.

But let me pass on a helpful bit of German to Marc:
"Es liegt mir fern meiner Schwiegermutter zu widersprechen."
"Far be it from me to contradict my mother-in-law."

Repetition of this phrase, and shameless obedience to the ramifications of its meaning, have been key to my calm relations in the Old Country. Particularly after I cooked pancakes, and they brought out WeiƟwurst, and I showed them pigs in a blanket. Never do this in Germany. They don't roll like that.


  1. But Chris, doing exactly that (contradicting my mother-in-law) has earned me not only the respect of the siblings-in-law, but the mother-in-law herself.

    OK, she's not old country, just Oklahoma. Maybe that makes all the difference.

    It's similar to my theory of dealing with SWOs - pop them on the nose early, and they'll grant proper deference to the Chief.

    Veal Sausage? Yummmmm.



  2. Chelsea's gonna have a heckuva father-in-law: Link.

  3. @Jeff,
    Your fearlessness is noted, but perhaps not wise.

  4. That marriage would bring one father-in-law who was disbarred and the other was a convicted felon and embezzler.

  5. Remember, I've met Chelsea. She talked to my sons and told me how cute they were. Amazing that, considering her parentage and all, Chelsea seems to be a genuinely nice woman with a good head on her shouders.

    Oh, the horrible "ugly" jokes people used to make about Chelsea! But if you meet her in person, she's actually kind of hot -- and built in a way that my soulmate Sir Mix-a-Lot would appreciate. IYKWIMAITYD.

    But very nice and sweet and kind, and I actually feel ashamed for pointing out that she's got back.

  6. I suspect this story to be true, but all the papers & "people-who-think-they-matter" on "Marxist Vineyard" (I'm no Rush fan, but darn, that is a funny name for the Lib-tard Shangri-La) are refuting it. It just seemed to be the perfect timing, with Barack Abomination & Co. vacationing up there at the time. An old story said that they were suspecting that Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen's house was where the wedding was to be held (& refuted). I sure hope ol' Teddy taking a dirtnap didn't foul up the soiree. I'll ask some of the "year-rounders" that I know if they have heard (or seen) anything to back this up or naysay it.

  7. I had always hope the gene pool would end with Chelsea.


  8. Yes, perhaps it is unwise in general.

    BUUUT, It was the right thing for me to do in the situation - mother-in-law could be a bit domineering and she needed to be reminded her daughter was 29 at the time and could make her own decisions, thankyouverymuch.