Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adrienne is so Catholic . . .

How Catholic is she? She's wondering what Bob McDonnell is apologizing for!

Adrienne gives me credit for being the straw on her camel's back, telling her she needed to shrink the art at the top of her blog.

Meanwhile, I would argue McDonnell is blowing the election in Virginia by letting the Washington Post scare him away from a 1989 master's thesis in which he wrote "that working women and feminists had been ‘detrimental’ to the traditional family and criticized federal tax credits for child care because they made it easier for women to be employed outside the home."

And the problem with that is . . .? Man up, Bob. Own it. If you're going to run away from a perfectly defensible thesis like that, you don't have enough testosterone. I got your new slogan:


But no Republican ever listens to me, so expect McDonnell to keep apologizing like a weakling sissy, undermining his own credibility until he becomes such a complete embarrassment to Republicans that his own wife votes against him.

UPDATE: Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority agrees:
McDonnell says that his views have changed. Maybe they have and maybe they haven't, but running from your previous views on this topic makes you a sissy. This is not a debate about the capabilities of women, but rather a debate about whether, as a whole, the society is better off for having encouraged women to enter the workforce. That, I think is a legitimate question that in no way denigrates the capabilities of women . . .
I think think that it is quite clear that as [a] whole society has been severely damaged by encouraging and ultimately forcing the large majority of women out of the home and into the workforce.
Exactly. And it is a perverse mind that would imagine that a debate about whether women should be compelled into the workforce (by economic incentives created by public policy) is a debate about whether women are capable of working.

The Bob McDonnell of 1989 was right and courageous. Of course, he doesn't want to debate this topic amid a gubernatorial campaign, but at least he ought not to appear to be apologizing for a perfectly defensible argument. Don't be a sissy, Bob.


  1. Ummm, Stace - you forgot the "devout" part. But never mind.

    I can't believe McDonnell is apologizing and tap dancing around what he said in his thesis. He spoke the truth and sometimes the truth hurts, doncha know!

    And "he has evolved" since he wrote the thesis? Into what? A salamander?

    This is what creates losers out of Republicans. They insist on waffling around (can you say John McCain) and the voters run the other way.

    I'll say this for Obama - he stood up and told the world he was a Marxist. All anyone had to do was listen. At least he was honest about that much.

  2. You can never be too Catholic.

  3. it is quite clear that as [a] whole society has been severely damaged by encouraging and ultimately forcing the large majority of women out of the home and into the workforce

    Just for fun: if that revolution had not occurred, would there be such a foodadderie about immigration from Mexico?

    I doubt it. We'd be grateful to get willing and capable labor from there, and we'd afford them a standard of living NOT including 4 families jammed into a 1-family flat.

  4. Someone get Bob some Coulter.