Thursday, September 3, 2009

So wrong in so many ways

KIRO-TV has a videofeature on "Go Girl," the convenient feminist Satanic device that enables women to do what God never meant women to do. WMAR-TV explains this helpful liberating perverse product:
"Go Girl" was initially designed by a doctor a few years ago but was perfected recently by a mom in Minnesota.She says the device allows females to go to the bathroom standing up and significantly reduces "accidents" on your clothes.One woman who tried "Go Girl" said, "I'm excited, I live in the woods, I like to pee and I'm going to New York for 2 weeks. Now, I can pee in the alley with the best of 'em."
As General Bullmoose said, "Progress Is The Root of All Evil."


  1. One of the comments.. "The world is your urinal."

  2. After I watched the video, I knew it reminded me of something, and now I've finally figured it out: REVELATION 6:5...

    And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a pink horse with little frilly lace around the edges; and she that sat on him had a device in her hand that alloweth the women to peeth standing up.

    First Horse [white]: Michelle Obama
    Second Horse [red]: Van Jones
    Third Horse [pink]: The Go Girl Inventor
    Fourth Horse [black]: ???


  3. oh well no more bitching about the toilet seat being up

  4. Really?? Shoot, I can pee standing up without a device, been able to all my life. However, I just choose not to.

    WTH? Thanks anyway.


  5. Quoted from and linked to at:

    Waiting for The Rapture...
    I Remain...

  6. You "peeple" never heard of the paper cup?