Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beck under siege

by Smitty

Knowledge is Power reports on the sudden assault on Glen Beck's character, in the form of a site:

That's "Glen Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990".

If the allegation is true, let us support justice.

In the case that this allegation proves nothing more than a tasteless attack, then we know what we need to do:
the starboard side of the blogosphere must team up and support Glen Beck for a Senate seat.

Teach pulls the plug. A sophomoric prank. Nevertheless, seeing Beck in the Senate would be a fine reward for the service he's rendered his country. Watching Harry Reid's head 'splode would also be good justice.


  1. Oh man, I saw this the other day and ignored it.
    The web is covered in phony sites and wierdo slander sites like this. It's all the bugs are capable of. Once you get thim outside among people, they just start biting fingers off and stuff.

    Anyway, now that you just gave these droolers more traffic than they ever dreamed of, it's time to do something.

    BTW, your Pete Stark vid corrupted my outfit. They to go around and challenge tough guy congressmen.

    Senate seat... I would rather just re-harass his advertisers back by telling them a Marxist 9/11 Truther was behind Color of Change.

  2. Why doesn't this person who is obviously clearly motivated only by a quest for justice start this site

  3. @TRD,
    No, I didn't make the site a URL, specifically so that it doesn't get any additional traffic. People can cut and paste if they want to navigate there.

  4. Harry Reid's head ready to explode? Quick! HIDE the duck tape!

    ... and pass the popcorn.

  5. This might where they're getting their inspiration:

  6. There has not been a denial by Glenn Beck of the news reports that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.