Friday, September 4, 2009

To Chris Lehane: Heh

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

From Politico on student-quiddick, emphasis mine:
Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said the protest against the presidential speech "shows at some level how desperate the right is to find an issue to challenge Obama on...They have gotten some traction on health care, but the mere fact that they have jumped on this reflects that this is a party without a voice. Are they going to run in the mid-terms on a "Presidents shouldn't talk to kids" platform?
No, Chris, it's about finding an issue upon which to agree with the gentleman even slightly.

The article does a fine job focusing on how unreasonable these conservative reactionaries are for opposing the words and lesson plans of the President's speech, while not discussing the whole "Indoctrinate U" context in which the thing will be delivered.

The other point of note is at the end, when comparisons with past presidents who've addressed the nation's children are drawn. It's fair to consider an unwritten rule that all citizens who will be too young to vote in the next election are off-limits as distinct targets of political communication. It's also fair to compare the transparency of the academic records of the people talking to the children. One would still like to see records for the current president made as available as those of the last.

Pundette thinks the POTUS should use the 'undo' feature (CTRL+Z for you CUI keyboard shortcut freaks). This blog thinks that the Zelaya rule will apply: "Drowning in dimwittery? Double down on dumb".

Also on this topic, Scott Ott, the mighty Scrappleface, brings teh funny:
"Obama will urge kids to go to private school"


  1. Great post! It's certainly a crazy (and, might i say, ongoing) ordeal. This health care business. Obama is certainly going to need to step up his A-game if he wants to see his bill passed. And there have already been many changes made.
    I watched an interesting summary video of recent concerns, viewpoints, etc. about the debate and what Obama/his administration is really facing ahead. It's short, well-made as well as unbiased. Certainly worth watching/commenting on if you have a few minutes:

  2. Considering that many schools are not yet in session on Sept 8th it is obviously a political move to stay in the media next week for his Health Care blitz. If it was about talking to the children about education he would have waited until the end of Sept.
    Since nobody has ever seen a academic transcript or paper from Obama's many years in school I'm less than impressed with his credentials to lecture anyone about education.
    As far a father figure, each kid already has one and Obama is the father that took his 2 young daughters to Trinty (G*d D**n America) Church for several years. Not exactly father of the Year material, more like child abuse.

  3. What those who can't understand the resistance to this speech don't understand is simple: A HUGE percentage of the country simply doesn't TRUST this man.

    They look at what he has said (both prior to and after the election). They look at what he has done or attempted to do after being elected. They look at the people he has surrounded himself with. (Now mostly, but always with the knowledge that someone is sniggering "I told you so" in the background.)