Friday, September 4, 2009

Levi Johnston will pose in his underwear for a magazine purchased mainly by closeted small-town gay guys

Playgirl wants "Ricky Hollywood":
Funny thing is that Playgirl's biggest get in years doesn't have a clue about who reads the male flesh mag. . . .
Oh Levi, don't be ashamed to go down the gay icon route.
Via Hillbuzz. NTTAWWT.


  1. Andrew Sullivan must be happy, and since he'll be wearing tighty whities, it wont matter if Levi is circumcised or not!

  2. JohnsTon. Levi JohnsTon.

  3. Levi Johnston will pose in his underwear

    That's the definiton of cowardice. He must literally be lacking balls. Show him how it's down, McCain! Post the speedo!

    Johnston has no Johnson.

  4. @Toki,
    My interest in the topic refuses to exit the hypothetical.

    And I'd add that, unless the child's not his, the equipment can be safely presumed to be intact and functional.

  5. @smitty1e

    I'm thinking that his painfully obvious abuse of creatine has left him with a lot of water weight and a pathetically limp needle dick.

    If you're really going to pose for a gay wank mag, you go balls out.


  6. @smitty1e
    They really haven't come near my porch fishing for photos.

    Whether the concern is more their camera equipment or their circulation I cannot say.