Friday, September 4, 2009

How timely and awesome

by Smitty (h/t Knowledge is Power)

Dr. Richard B. Rafal provides a rhetorically lethal injection of common sense into the health care debate, by proposing that doctors regulate legal services, if lawyers can regulate medicine. 11 excellent points, including:
Legal "death panels." Over 75? You will not be entitled to legal care for any matter. Why waste money on those who are only going to die soon? We can decrease utilization, save money and unclog the courts simultaneously. Grandma, you're on your own.
He concludes:
Enthusiastically embracing the above legal changes can serve as a "teachable moment" and will go a long way toward giving the lawyers who run Congress a taste of their own medicine.
Interestingly enough, at my Town Hall with Jim Moran and Dr. Howard "Arrrghhh" Dean, the only time the Constitution was mentioned was in discussing why none of the proposals include tort reform. Going from memory here, not an official transcript at all: "Everyone is entitled to a trial by jury. That's in the Constitution."

Health careObamaCare is a brick in the wall of the mausoleum of your liberty, people.

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  1. I just spoke to my Dad. He said he's fine with the concept, as long as Byrd and Specter go first.

    Roll up your sleeves Democrat bitches.