Monday, August 31, 2009

Flog me gently with a morning star

by Smitty

Last Saturday I was at an American Legion post in Woodbridge, VA, with Bob McDonnell.

I was favorably disposed. He was speaking to an audience of veterans, and he sounded like a politician talking to veterans. The only real ovation came at the end of the speech where he promised to do his best to get the Federal government to respect the 10th Amendment.

So here is news, via Virginia Virtucon, that the left is trying to make a campaign issue out of McDonnell's 1989 thesis. This, when all of the school records of the good president are mysteriously mysterious mystery (for which inane writing Stacy may shoot me).

Why do any readers care fig #1 about the VA gubernatorial race? This and the NJ race are crucial to keeping the momentum alive going into the 2010 campaign season. Too, McDonnell is himself a veteran and may help build consensus at the State level to push through some of the badly needed reforms to combat:No pressure, McDonnell.

Any one of those three bullet points should be causing Americans to freak out. And yet the media has chosen to focus on a 1988 thesis. Is there an overtly perverse joy in the Alinsky Rule #5 exercise of sticking it to the conservative when they were too incurious to make BHO's academic work an issue, on wonders?

Flog me gently, at a medium pace.

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  1. Good God! I just went over to the Virginia blog you link and skimmed through the notes on the conference call.

    WTF? It's as if the reporters were regurgitating talking points issued by the Deeds campaign.

    OK, fine. But you know darn well they don't do the reverse -- interrogating Deeds with his opponents' talking points -- and therein foreit any claim to being neutral.

    Fine, you can be opinionated and still be a good reporter. But to do such biased "gotcha" reporting -- serving as de facto mouthpieces for the Deeds campaign -- in the middle of an election shoudl be recognized for what it is: Enlisting as propagandists for the Democrat.