Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Define 'lewd and deviant'

Kind of hard not to smile at this Project on Government Oversight report complaining about misconduct by civilian guards at ths U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan:
The report highlighted occasions when guards brought women believed to be prostitutes into Camp Sullivan and videotaped themselves drinking and partially undressed. It also outlined communications problems among the guards, many of whom don't speak English and have trouble understanding orders from their U.S. supervisors.
"The lewd and deviant behavior of approximately 30 supervisors and guards has resulted in complete distrust of leadership and a breakdown of the chain of command, compromising security," POGO said in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton . . .
Yeah, because we know that Hillary Clinton would never tolerate "lewd and deviant behavior." If the guards lose their State Department jobs, maybe they can get jobs in Hyannis Port.

Hey, did any of those guards drive an Oldsmobile off a bridge?


  1. Almost sounds like some parties I've been to (before I became devout)...

  2. Most guards are young men. Young men with a normal, or perhaps a somewhat high level of testosterone. So, young men get horny. Why is anyone surprised?

  3. There's apparently a couple hundred Gurkhas in that guard force, and nobody had brains enough to hire some supervisors who spoke (or could learn) Gurkhali? Great job there, State.

  4. Why do I think Bills big Vegas B-day bash last month resulted in worse offenses than this?