Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pass the Vodka and Marlboro Reds!
Keep Your Kids Home on Sept. 8

After I woke up about 2 a.m. this morning, I saw that Smitty had linked a Hot Air post in which Allahpundit declared, "I'm with CJ" and ridiculed VodkaPundit's advice to parents to keep their kids home from school next Tuesday rather than subject them to the Obama Mass Indoctrination.

Hey, Allah hates me and, considering I've been keeping my kids out of public schools for nearly 15 years . . . well, what's the Green Room for, anyway?
I still love to hang out with hoodlums, like VodkaPundit: "The President of the United States --whether an Obama a Bush or a Lincoln -- is not my son's daddy." You tell 'em, Steve! I'm with VodkaPundit!
Read the whole thing. Composing a 3,800-word essay in less than seven hours? Not bad for a hoodlum. Ah, if only Tonya could see me now . . .

UPDATE: School's out for kids in Mrs. Malkin's class:

Thanks to the National Tea Party Coalition, which is one of the sponsors of the Sept. 12 Taxpayer March on D.C. Hey, how's that for a field trip, kids? Just get one of your hoodlum buddies to hot-wire a car . . .

UPDATE II: What Would Ferris Bueller Do?


  1. I think we should send our kids in uber patriot gear and give them talking points to counter all the leftist shatner the teachers are going to spew at our kiddos.

  2. An AP "news" article, about the upcoming prime time address by Obama to Congress about the Healthcare bill is headlined, "Obama aims to take control of health care debate". So shouldn't it be fair to headline an article about his speech to every child in school as "Obama aims to take control of your children"? It would seem to be just as apt.

  3. Stacy -

    I won't get a Wordpress account for various reasons, so I can't post at Hotair, but there's a minor quibble with your post on the public education sham. Nov. 1 is All Saint's Day, the following day is All Soul's, and the hispanic "Dia de los Muertos" is spooky and bizaare, even to an ardent Catholic like me.

    All Soul's is less of a feast day in the Church of late, but All Saint's is still a significant date in the Church year.

    I'm with you on homeschooling, the Prussian-model public education system is a jobs program for people who never should have gotten college degrees in the first place.

  4. Larry, excuse me for being less than exact about the Catholic calendar. "All Saints," "All Souls" -- it's all the same to a hidebound Orangeman like me, see?

    Thanks for mentioning the Prussian roots of the (un-)American government schools. At about 7 a.m., I considered briefly whether to mention the historical origins of this system -- the Prussian model and Horace Mann, explained here by Sheldon Richman -- but figured that an historical lecture on the subject might be too boring. Besides, I was already past the 2,000-word mark, and there is only so much one can (or should) say in an essay, even a long essay.

    My object was to show that there are multiple reasons -- practical, moral and philosophical -- to oppose the existing system. If all I accomplish is to undermine the certainty with which most people support the government schools, I will consider myself to have accomplished a good day's work for a (slightly reformed) hoodlum. ;)

  5. And just when I thought Allahpundit couldn't become more irrelevant....he does.
    Pepole are just full of surprises!
    Can anyone explain to me why MM puts up with her employee,AP, basically being a sillier impression of that idiot Chuckie Johnson?
    It makes her sites appear bi-polar...