Sunday, August 30, 2009

Could apply to any political figure...

by Smitty

...but if anyone knows how to get ahold of Page Hamilton, I'd be curious if he had Ted Kennedy in mind when he wrote this:
Affected by what
You had lost
They're not the habits
You'd protect at any cost

Blur the details
Of your hand
Anything your
Barren conscience
Can't defend

The limits of
Attention span
Successive thoughts
You don't have
But you still pretend

Keep on talking
Protected by what you
Know no one will ever say

You can't
Be pure
You're self-assured

Oh, and here they are, growling it out on YouTube.
I know Stacy doesn't do thrash, but Helmet is thinking man's thrash.


  1. "Helmet is thinking man's thrash."

    I try to avoid thinking. Too much like work.

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