Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheney is not a 2012 hopeful

by Smitty

Allahpundit's trademark exit question:
You guys wouldn’t seriously consider him in a three-way race with Romney and Huckabee. Would you?
Not just no, but ObamaCare no. Guy's got a lousy ticker. The George Washington University has been in his heart so many times, they put a zipper on his sternum. Not really. But he's medically removed from consideration.


  1. Hey, I would. Lousy heart aside, I actually like the guy - unlike the others...

  2. If any Cheney runs for office in the foreseeable future, it will be Liz Cheney.

  3. If not Chaney, who? Huck? Yuck! Romney? McCain light.

    Hey Ronald Reagan, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo.

  4. He's medically removed from the conversation, eh?
    Oh...not his track record or anything, but his robot heart is what's keeping you from considering him for POTUS...
    Put aside his cocksure yet uncanny ability to get it wrong so often, or his politicization of the war on terror, or his off the cuff assertions that always seem to blow up in his face.
    It's his ticker that puts you off.
    Personally , I hope his phony heart fails. The country will be the better off. Well, maybe not Chris Wallace, but everyone else would do just fine....

  5. @Y4E,
    No, if not for his health, his vast experience in the legislative and executive branches might make him a compelling candidate.
    This wishing ill on people is completely tasteless, BTW. Won't someone defend nuance?

  6. Cheney would be excellent for steering a 2010 Contract for America.

  7. Put aside his cocksure but uncanny ability to get it wrong so often, or his politicization of the war on terror, or his off the cuff assertions that always seem to blow up in his face...

    But why bring Barack Obama into this?

  8. Forget his health, I bet the man just wants to enjoy retirement. I foresee politics as a hobby and he'll probably be an adviser to some Republican hopeful/nominee.

  9. What about LIZ Cheney?

  10. Nice try Rich Fader.
    But it is that sorry excuse for a human being that you call Cheney( I prefer to call him douche) that just loves to strut around despite his sad track record: I remind you of such classic quotables like " The insurgency is in its death throes", or " we will be greeted as liberators" and so on. Which is why one can't help but laugh when he accuses this administration of weakening US security. OK Dick, if you say so...haw haw!
    I mean, he was so incompetent that even your man Bush dismissed him towards the end. Of course, Douche Cheney is now looking to throw Bush under the bus by trying to assert that " Bush went soft on him" ...OK Dick, if you say so HAW HAW!
    Compelling candidate?
    Man, your party is in worst shape than previously thought.By all means, please put him on the ticket in 2012.Hopefully the thrashing he would be subjected to would finish the job that medical science was able to prevent....

  11. Moot point. He's not going.

    I really think you guys should worry less about who we're going to run in 2012, and more about who you're going to run in 2012.

  12. Let me third the motion: Liz Cheney.

  13. Ha! Who WE are going to run?
    Oh Rich, you are too rich...now why would I worry about who we are going to run when you know the answer to that as well as I do. Unless, Rich, you are banking on a wishful thinking of yours that perhaps G-d might strike BO dead( like some of your pastors are praying for) or that some lovable right-wing terrorist might " take care" of the Obama problem.
    Am I onto something here Rich? Hmmm??
    Otherwise, I know who's opening a can of whoop-ass on the GOP in 2012.
    PS- Liz Cheney should come out of the closet already...