Friday, September 4, 2009

WWF Hijacks 9/11?

Ed Driscoll has rescued from the memory hole a video by the World Wildlife Fund, which graphically compares global warming to the 9/11 attacks. WWF tried to pull the video off the Internet after conservatives complained about the heinousness of their twisted analogy.


  1. WWF disclaims all responsibility, saying they rejected the print ad concept.

    DDB went ahead, ran the ad once in a small local paper, and submitted it for an award (it won). "Mistake!" DDB cried. "Heads rolled," DDB claims. "Video? What Video? Not us..." DDB protests.

    Read more here. (Please!)

  2. What's really ludicrous is that the scaremongers strongly implied (in fact practically stated) that "global warming" is responsible for....TSUNAMIS! WTF???