Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of course, the will of the people is not the goal

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

Rasumussen says that between half and two thirds of whoever they surveyed would scuttle the sitting Congress, as a whole, outright if they could.

We institutionalize the concept by configuring things such that, as a whole, Congress is always on the outs:
Every Congress must win approval from two thirds of the state legislatures in the 18th month of the Congress, or none of the members of the Congress are permitted to run for re-election for their current seat. Obviate the prisoners dilemma of voters, who, under the current rules, are inclined to build seniority by re-electing nitwits.
Of course, that was written before I had seen the Jacksonian handwriting on the wall. You can expect to see your Political Class, Democrat and GOP alike (where you can differentiate) sound like John Batchelor in their condescending dismissal of anything threatening their gravy train. The threat of having to work for a living, being accountable, and having their prestige besmirched is abhorrent to these people who are, as a whole, neither truly civil nor servants.

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Update II:
Cassy Fiano on board.


  1. The good news: those polled did not suggest a forcible removal.

    The bad news: those polled did not suggest a forcible removal.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Look back to last September, I remember that 57% wanted to oust the entire congress then. Pffft they couldn't hold that thought for two stinkin weeks and we've got thirteen months to go.

    Mark Reardon (never anonymous)