Saturday, September 5, 2009

GOP In Denial clip

by Smitty

The clip is good, in and of itself. If you care to follow the link, the GOP policies are available in a nice list.

This will not do.

The country is staring at the threat of a future tyranny. Not to engage in hyperbole on BHO, but the real issues aren't the genius who won the election. The real issues are the centralization of power. The permanent political class. The deficit. The debt.

So, if you haven't told me how we're decentralizing, GOP, you haven't told me much.


  1. The ad's great.

    The website it directs you to is awful.

    The splash page asks you to sign onto supporting the stupid "Republican Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors". What a misplaced response: "We oppose big-government-run-healthcare ... and we'll do so by pandering to seniors that we'll strongly support their current ... (wait for it, wait for it...) ... BIG-GOVERNMENT-RUN-HEALTHCARE!"


    If readers of this post watch the ad and feel like navigating to a follow up website, allow me to suggest instead.

  2. Dead-Solid-Perfect, Smitty. They still deserve to be call The Stupid Party. Maybe the word 'Clueless' should be added to that.

    [member of the GOP since 1969]