Friday, September 4, 2009

Some like Thaddeus McCotter for the dry humor

by Smitty

Update: through a triumph of non-planning, this 'Heh' has the honor of being the Five Thousandth Post on this blog. I did point this milestone out to Stacy a couple of days back. It's great to be the Porch Manqué here, but I'm keenly aware of my status as guest. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share my screwball humor with the world, Stacy.

Thaddeus McCotter on Uncommon Knowledge manages that juggling act of staying mostly on topic while still being quite funny. In this clip, he expounds GOP principles in a way that makes the Republicans not sound like Democrat-lite. For example, Peter Robinson goes on the demographic attack, pointing out that the House GOP is substantially a WASP nest*, and McCotter handles the charge deftly. Well worth your time.

Some like TM for the dry humor. I dig having a rock 'star' in Congress. Here he is on Red Eye with his hair down, such as it is. He really is an arguably less attractive, slightly toned down Ann Coulter. Asked 50 days into the current administration if he was ashamed of listening (at the 4:00 mark) to Rush, he allowed that no one should be ashamed of enjoying a Canadian power rock trio. He then mentions his defunct band, The Second Amendments.

Props to Michigan for electing someone of intellect, wit, and talent. Instead of a rock star, I'm left with a garden-variety rock, who compared the POTUS to Pharaoh at the health care town hall.
*Radical paraphrase there.


  1. The losers here are running some nasty ads against him.

    It is a wonder he got elected in this lunatic state run by a butch lesbian and her husband wife, the one that minces like a social studies teacher, and filled with tatooed poser idiots with no future and no motivation.

    Democrat morons as far as the eye can see here in the flat state of Michigan.

  2. If only McCotter's election could make up for our contribution of Levin and Stabenow to the senate...

  3. Only "arguably" less attractive?

    Clearly, the Chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee's evil scheme to appear on television only with the likes of Gutfeld and Breitbart is succeeding beyond even Chairman Thad's wildest expectations.

    If you believe that any expectations the man holds could possibly be considered wild, that is.

  4. Rep. McCotter is sceduled to be on Red Eye tonight along with Andrew Breitbart.

    Who Said It: 'I will choose a path that's clear; I will choose free will'?

    A. Rush
    B. Thaddeus McCotter
    C. Both

  5. @BB: C
    "BBC", get it? Hah! I'm here all week. Try not to confuse the tip jar with the spittoon.

  6. Smitty: Did you mean say 'I'm here all weak'?