Monday, August 31, 2009

We Get the World's Best Commenters

"This guy just hasn't jumped the shark, he's jumped it, pried open its cloaca, and climbed inside."
-- "Anonymous," commenting on David Brooks
And you see where the brilliance lies: cloaca.

If anyone can cite an occasion when that word has been used with more brutal effect, I'd like to see it. What amazes me is that a writer capable of such first-class invective should be willing to post it as an anonymous blog commenter. A tip of the hat, sir!

Wait a minute . . . that style seems familiar. Did I just get an anonymous comment from Dennis Miller?


  1. C'était à moi, and I'm not Dennis Miller. I'm too lazy to register.

  2. Bonus points for 'cloaca'. So awesome.

  3. David Brooks wants Obama to jump his cloaca.

  4. Naw. Dennis Miller would have said "pried open its cloaca and spelunked therein."

    Still choice verbiage, though.