Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NRSC's John Cornyn Keeps Fumbling Away GOP's Senate Chances for 2010

The halfwit senator from Texas, whose wrong-headed interference in the Florida primary sparked the Not One Red Cent rebellion against the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has continued his campaign to destroy what little hope remains of the Republican Party's hope for gaining Senate seats in the 2010 mid-term election. John Hawkins of Right Wing News reports:
After [the Charlie Crist] endorsement, the NRSC continued meddling in primaries, but they've done it more subtly. In California, I've been told that Cornyn has told private donor gatherings that Carly Fiorina is the NRSC's choice. Why keep it below the radar like that? To try to cut off funds to Chuck Devore without catching the attention of blogs like this one.
The NRSC is also infuriating Republicans in Colorado with these same kind of the behind the scenes moves . . .
"The chairman of the Colorado Republican Party says he plans to inform a national GOP group today that it created a 'backlash' by registering two domain names for potential U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton." . . . .
How dare these arrogant jackasses at the NRSC disrespect Republicans across the country be interfering in these primaries? I know what they're thinking, "2010 is going to be a good year. We'll win some seats no matter what and then everyone will agree that we were smart to interfere." . . .
Please read John Hawkins' entire column and send a message to John Cornyn and those treacherous sellout swine at the NRSC:



  1. You have to understand that the elite/commoner divide is an order of magnitude more important than the Demmican/Republocrat label.

  2. It's OK. I'm making a run against Sen Cornyn next cycle. He has disappointed me on many occasions.

  3. I got a phone call last evening for money and I said, "No, thank you. I give to the candidates directly." I could not believe the fevered sales pitch that ensued! Ending with an alarmist voicing of "you don't want your taxes increased do you?" as I hung up.Heh. I think we are well past that now...

  4. Well, R. S., it makes it easy for me to throw my support to http://www.chuckdevore.com/index.asp. What is amazing is this putz, Sen. Cornyn, is so stupid not to realize that this is the election that solid conservatives can win. This could make '94 look like a picnic for the Dems. I think this could be a 60+ in the House and maybe even the amount to get back the senate. But, not if this dimwith, Cornyn, keeps going this route.

  5. Not to mention that John McCain endorsed pro-abortion, anti-gun rights, anti-surge, pro-cap and trade Mark Kirk (R) for Senator in Illinois.