Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Fatwah and the Furious: Riyadh Drift

Eternal gratitude to Founding Bloggers for this one: Saudi kids have discovered the joys of "drifting" and getting into hilarious wrecks in the process:

Talk about your triumph of Western imperialism! Once the youth of the Islamic world discover the joys of hot-rodding, it's only a matter of time before they're chilling with some 40s, cranking up the subwoofers and telling the radical clerics, "Jihad? Dude, that's like so 2001."

What next? Mud-bogging in Yemen? Motocross in Damascus? Jet-skis in the Persian Gulf? Right now, there's probably some Iranian teenagers risking the wrath of the mullahs by skating a half-pipe in the suburbs of Tehran and sharing bootleg Tony Hawk videos with their homies.

Again, thanks to our friends at Founding Bloggers.


  1. Where are the getting all those cars???

  2. How many times do you watch this happen before someone, somewhere says, "Dude, this really doesn't work so well."?

  3. en shallah (sp) Perhaps I live, perhaps I die, as Allah wills. . . .seat belts?

    As a person who has actually driven in the Mid East - speed is life (speed to avoid others of course). . .


  4. They're getting the cars from their parents, who allow Saudi boys tremendous latitude, even letting them drive several years underage. As long as they stay away from girls, they can do just about anything they want. This is a huge problem here, where public entertainment is against the law (No movie theaters here in Saudi Arabia.) and boys from families that are well-enough off that they're not required to work are desperate for ways to occupy their time.

    Incidentally, the Arabic title translates to "Allah protect us from the harm of accidents."

    Here's a short, funny video of other Arab drivers. Scroll down to "Arab Motorcycle Gang". http://stevengivler.blogspot.com/2008_09_01_archive.html

  5. Rush hour in Cairo, without the donkeys.