Tuesday, September 1, 2009

URGENT: Dateline -- Martha's Vineyard

Our correspondent Mr. Wrestling IV at Big Hollywood:
Let me get this straight, Joyce [Carol Oates]: Mary Jo Kopechne's life was not as important as Sen. Kennedy's subsequent career? And furthermore, Melissa [Lafsky], correct me if I am misunderstanding you here, but Mary Jo might have felt that her life was worth forfeiting so that Teddy could go on to co-author an education bill, or to destroy the career of Robert Bork, or to protect the rights of women to abort unwanted fetuses?
I seem to remember a certain female reporter remarking, after the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal broke, that she would be willing to perform a "Lewinsky" on Pres. Clinton simply because of his stand on abortion rights. But I suspect that, even for her, suffocating in a submerged car for four or five hours might just be a Martha’s Vineyard bridge too far. . . .
Total body slam! Read the whole brutal thing.

By the way, this is probably a good time to express my appreciation to those readers -- including generous folks in Albuquerque, N.M., Jacksonville, Fla., Depauville, N.Y., and Tequesta, Fla. -- who have recently done their share to help me push the frontiers of rhetorical brutality against idiot liberals and RINO sellouts.

Many readers, who see these demented swine and want to do their part to crush them like ants, have asked me, "Gee, Stacy, what can we do?" And I always encourage them give generously to The McCain-Kennedy Kopechne Memorial Health Care Fund.

(ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The McCain-Kennedy Kopechne Memorial Health Care Fund is neither non-profit, charitable nor tax-exempt. So far as anyone can determine, all proceeds go to help pay the bills of Robert Stacy McCain, his wife and six children who, as luck would have it, are among the umpteen kazillion uninsured Americans that liberals keep whining about. However, because Mr. McCain's children are neither illegal immigrants nor Democrats, liberals don't give a damn about them. Any resemblance between The McCain-Kennedy Kopechne Memorial Health Care Fund and a so-called "tip jar" PayPal account is probably coincidental. IYKWIMAITYD. Contributions to The McCain-Kennedy Kopechne Memorial Health Care Fund are not tax deductible, although it's possible you might get a little kickback by way of a free beer if you should ever catch me in a bar with cash in my pocket. And good luck with that. GIVE NOW -- it's for the children!)


  1. The Oates quote: "Yet if one weighs the life of a single young woman against the accomplishments of the man President Obama has called the greatest Democratic senator in history, what is one to think?"

    That quote does not indicate to me that Ms. Oates agrees with P. Obama's opinion of the great Senator Kennedy. Frankly, I believe she asking the question of what to think of Obama.

    Am I totally off base here?


  2. Blerg. I should NEVER comment until I've read the whole frickin' thing. Damn lunch hours, I hurry too much.

    Joyce, Joyce, why, oh why do you fail us so?


  3. There is nobody left who really knows exactly what happened that night 40 years ago.

    One would think that given the inherent ambiguity in that night's events that commentators could cut Kennedy some slack - particularly in death.

    People have automobile accidents all of the time - both with our without alcohol being involved. Even if it were an admitted FACT that Kennedy was drunk that night and driving recklessly it still would have been an accident. For the most part in our country - particularly when we cite those "Judeo-Christian values" we are so fond of, we forgive people for making mistakes - for having accidents.

    Kennedy's constituency in Massachusetts "forgave" him and continued to choose him to be their Senator for 40 more years. That doesn't make either them or Kennedy "evil."

    It makes them human.

  4. Regarding the cheeky "Memorial Health Care Fund..."

    Do you really believe that "liberals" "don't give a damn" about the fact that you and your family are without health insurance?

    Is it that liberals don't really care about *anybody* having health insurance or just because you and your family aren't illegal immigrants or Democrats?

    If so, you've constructed a remarkably strange set of misconceptions surrounding your understanding of health care reform.

    I happen to be a liberal and most of my friends and family members are liberal. I can assure you that we liberals simply want Americans who don't have or cannot afford health care to have inexpensive access to it.

    I would think that getting access to health care for your family would be a top priority for you. Wouldn't it be nice if the Federal Government to which you already pay a great deal in taxes acted on an ongoing basis to make sure you and your kids were comprehensively insured in an inexpensive manner?

    It is rather confusing to see someone like yourself simultaneously struggle against health care reform and lament that you and your family are not covered.

    You and your family are precisely the people who this liberal and the liberals around me would like to see receive quality, inexpensive coverage and I can assure you that no system we can imagine would ever provide or deny care to your children based on their father's political affiliations, regardless of how sad, stupid and contrary to your own economic interests those affiliations may be.

  5. Professor Reynolds commented a few days ago that the Kennedy/Clinton type of males gets a pass for any bad behavior as long as they support abortion. Abortion is the ultimate concern for such females. I think the Professor is right on this. Ultimately, therefore, the core issue for such females is the same as it is for homosexuals: unlimited, unrestricted, non-consequential sex, or what used to be called promiscuity. In existential soteriology it is called concupiscence, which is the taking of the whole world into one's self, obliterating the world, leaving only the self, not just by way of sex but by an orgy of every appetite, sense and orifice, including intellect.

  6. Mr. AStanhope, nobody gives a damn that complacent voters for Kennedy put up with a party so craven that they ran a man who left a girl to die.

    Also, hearing you as a liberal lecture us on Judeo-Christian forgiveness is laughable. The Lord forgives us all, and we should strive for his example. Not "If you sin, the Lord will send annoying liberals to whine at you and use every infraction of your life as weapon against you."
    Of course such scripture may be in the "Passion of Uncle Ted" edition.
    That you invoke forgiveness as a weapon against conservatives for pointing out Ted was a 2nd degree murderer, but actually forgive Ted for abandoning that woman speaks for itself.

    As far as cutting him slack in death I say no way. Any man who uses his grandchildren to hustle talking points at his own funeral is like a man who would leave a young girl to drown in his own vehicle...

    I watched that display and fully expected the kid to whip out a slap chop right on grampy's coffin and start the pitch.

    It's fine to act magnanimous about Kopechne and have your 9th grade theology lectures, but the rest of us are not required to be that gullible.

  7. The point about the Chappaquiddick accident is not that Senator Ted Kennedy had a bad automobile accident. As AStanhope said, people have car accidents all the time.

    The problem is Kennedy's conduct after the accident. The first thing he did was get out of the water and quietly get back to the house party he had left a short while earlier. Then he collected his lawyer friends, being careful not to be spotted by the other party guests, invoked solicitor-client privilege, and in the dark privacy of a parked automobile told them about the accident. They wanted him to report it but he did not. Since he had invoked s/c privilege, they could not. After returning to the scene of the accident again with the lawyers, Kennedy went to the ferry dock (where the boat was tied up for the night), dove into the water, and swam across the 500-foot channel to Edgartown, where he re-entered the hotel, changed his clothes, and then came downstairs at 2:50 a.m. to complain about a noisy party (read: to establish his presence at the hotel.) This was about two-and-a-half hours after the accident. Prior to diving into the water, he assured his friends that he was going to report the accident, and they took it to mean that he was going to do so as soon as he got to his hotel. He did not report it.

    The following morning, Kopechne's body was recovered after the submerged car was spotted by local fisherman, who asked a resident at a nearby house to call the police. Only then did Kennedy report the accident.

    Although no autospy was performed, Mary Jo Kopechne's cause of death was listed as drowning. However, the very small quantity of water in her lungs and the position her body was in when found by the divers (head up in the overturned car, perhaps trying to breath in an air bubble) suggests Mary Jo lived for a couple of hours after the accident. We'll never know for sure, but it is absolutely certain that Ted Kennedy 1) should have sought help from the authorities immediately; 2) did not seek help because he was worried about his political career; 3) initially tried to concoct a scenario whereby he could deny he was driving the car at all.

    That's the problem. It goes way beyond having an auto accident.