Saturday, September 5, 2009

There are five A's in 'raaaaacism'

The Van Jones controversy is addressed with blunt brutality by Angry Bear:
[T]here’s a subsection of the left who have made their bones and fortunes using interest group grievances and get caught flat-footed when they’re suddenly thrust into a position where results actually matter. Actually strike that. He’s the “green jobs czar.” His results don’t matter but they will be measured which is roughly the same level of kryptonite. What’s happening to Jones is probably what would happen if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were forced to get a real job.
Ouch. Welcome to the Obama Nation, where all criticism is subject to the accusation of raaaaacism. If Obama throws Jones under the bus, the Leader's minions will depict it as a sop to right-wing hatemongers, and Jones will walk away with a platinum Victimhood Card, immediately redeemable for a six-figure book contract.

Hesitant myself to call attention to the "interest group" aspect of the Van Jones situation, journalistic curiosity gets the better of me. How many UT-Martin graduates have been admitted to Ivy League law schools in the past 20 years?

Remember: Five A's in raaaaacism . . .

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Just because the Professor went to Yale Law, doesn't mean his spelling never needs correction. Nevertheless, Insty remains our up-to-the-minute source, informing us that the esteemed T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII has at last weighed in.

UPDATE II: "Prescient." Aw, shucks. T'weren't nothin' . . .

UPDATE III: Linked by Dyspepsia Generation and, coincidentally, Pundette just discovered she's a raaaaacist.


  1. 90% probability prediction: the WH's current occupant keeps this Jones in place because he is doing and having the effect wanted. The occupant wants the nation in turmoil and crumbling, as punishment and prelude.

    BTW, Megan McCardle wants Republicans to police their lunatic fringe? Who would that be? And who is the force to police them? This Jones would be happy to serve in that capacity, surely.

  2. Residual racism still exists, although it's getting rarer.

    What we see lots oftener now is merely Ray-Sizzum.

    So it goes.

  3. Jones' life is a history of affirmative action pushing him into areas where he is just "over his head". But it never mattered until he actually has to perform and be in the national "spotlight". Pretty funny!~

  4. It's obvious that the press is so totally in the tank that they would prefer to be scooped by ANYONE rather than address something that might be of interest so even a small, but significant, portion of the citizenry. Good for them. Obama can keep appointing and the Senate and press can keep ignoring and it will activate Americans....finally!

  5. Its obvious that Obama knew all along Van Jones was an admitted Communist so we cannot be accused of fear mongering by calling Obama a Communist.

  6. President Obama is not a COMMUNIST> Republicans are loosing their strenght, just because they are proving US every day, how little they care about most of US. They are racing to make another lie-story, they start all ugly rumors, hate in schools and ind first place, they are responsible with sliding OUR education!!!They are lying about what truly "socjalism " is, and just dont understand why Americans are listem to them and so scare of changes in OUR Health Care. Telling US, that French health care is bad, Canadian Health Care is so bad, European Health Care is so bad, that We should not copy them is just a ONE BIG LIE!!!! All of US who suported Mr.Obama in election, must stand UP and support Him again. Where are those new and young voter??? Ellection was a start to a new and great America for all those who were cheeted by Our Government in last at list 8 years. Where are all those millions of supporter????We must continue the movement witch started in PRIMARIES. WE MUST or we all will loose a big time!!!!!

  7. Mandy2009....EDUCATION? Where did you learn spelling and grammar?

  8. If you're trying to make a point about racism, my advice would be to do some actual observation, some actual research. I don't know, maybe interact with a few people who aren't white-- black folks who are educated and accomplished, and, dare I say dignified. Though this may indeed be your greatest fear, I assure you, such people do exist. And I'd be willing to bet they would sit down with you to engage in civil discourse of any topic vaguely related to "raaaaacism," or the like.

    I implore you, conduct an interview, sir. You might walk away enlightened. You might find that some black folks really are, dare I say, better than their white counterparts. Should you discover this, you might very well be sickened, indeed. But your "journalistic curiosity" and the integrity which surely accompanies it, would lead to more interviews with more accomplished black folks. And if you took these findings and constructed, I don't actual stories from them, you would, at the very least, enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that know your space is more than the empty musings of yet another rank and file noncreative douche who lacks the self- awareness to know that he is indeed, just another raaaaacist.
    Just a thought.
    Alan Grant ( not anonymous afterall)

  9. Mandi2009 are you European? Your capitalization for all nouns is typical. Why would you refer to President Obama (Barry) as Him. Is he a God or other deity? I think not! Socalism is the sharing of goods or services to the many, provided by the few. What gives the Government (caps because of the U.S. government specially) or any one other than my parents, the right to worry about providing me healtcare, retirement, housing, education, food, morals, safety from myself, or any thing else that is the individuals' responsiblity? We need to get back to basics and forge a Nation without it being a nanny for all.

  10. For the record ,my name is jane walker , i am from the deep south . I have known racism from a very early age . my parent were share croppers. several of my sisters and brothers are mulatto .The desendent of slave owners was mericeless. aside from fathering most of my brothers and sisters . He was very mean and hateful to all blacks in the area.Ihave spent many years of pain and suffering as a result of this blatent out pouring of racisim toward my family. I have told my story to many people that would look at me with such disbelief. But to my amazement some of these people who have witnessed the mean spirited .out of control yelling , distruption , of speakers . the parents accusing the president ,of misleading four and five year old children , of accusing the president of allowing the elderly to die in regards to health insurance.Of disrecpting the first lady and their children by calling them hateful names. Some of these people have called me and literally cried , due to some of the inhumane treatment ehibited toward the first black president and his family as well as other blacks . Thanks for opening the eyes of many blacks , whites and other ethnic groups. Continue to spew your venom , show your true feeligs toward other races . Soon others will see you for what you relly are all about. You never could fathomed that a black man would become president of the United State of America. I hear your fear in your false accusation , I see the hate AND the rage . I must admit i am very saddended by the mere fact that your desire to control every thing and every one in america .We are not and have never been subservent to you. we are equal to you . Try as you may your children will not belive that blacks and other races are different . Only by the color of the skin tone. Take a moment to ponder the rage ,the yelling, the false accusation. The hate that has cosumed you. What is it's root cause...FEAR of losing control...THINNK about it.

  11. Actually, "Anonymous", you're not.

    You are scum. And unfortunately for you, it's not because of your skin color; it's because of your behavior and the content of your character.

    Of course, you don't like that, because you WANT to be judged by your skin color -- or, more precisely, you want your skin color to be a ticket that keeps you from having to follow or adhere to any standards or rules other than your own self-indulgence.

    In the real world, skin color does not equal paying the bills, getting the job done, or doing well. Your problem, as well as that of Barack Obama, Van Jones, and the rest of his motley crew, is that you don't live in the real world -- and you are scared to death of the people like us who WILL judge you by the content of your character and not by your skin color.

    The funny part is how much you project onto us your obsession with skin color, your racist beliefs, and your hatred of people who aren't the same as you are. You truly are a mess, my dear, and I am not certain whether I should blame it on bad parenting, liberal indoctrination, or Barack Obama.

    Perhaps I'll go with all three.

  12. Dear anounymous,
    Please understand there are people who are still racists, both black and white.These people are not in the majority and therefore policys are not determined by them. I can see by your history that you were a victim of racists and are still trammatised by this experience.
    You are now relating to your past history and making judgements about all protests as being racist. We live in a country where we are allowed to criticise our gov't, however racuous, if we feel it's actions are wrong for America.While I personally don't condone the name calling I consider it not relevant. Don't make the mistake that most of these protesters are a racist mob who blindly oppose Obama because of the color of his skin.
    Most of us are afraid that the spending programs Obama has instituted will serverly and adversly effect the economy of our country. When experts like Warren Buffet complain that the continuation of these policies will create a crisis much greater than we are presently experiencing all of us should take heed. Don't let the color of your skin blind you.

  13. North Dallas Thirty mentions content of character. What do mean be "character"?

    I don't find much of the way character in what I read on this site. I find hate and small mindedness. I find attacks against one of the most decent, moral public servants I have met in a long time, Mr. Van Jones. I wonder what the long-term consequences are of attacking others so unjustly. In any case, they cannot be good.

    So, I ask, what is "character" to you? What motivates you. What is your system of morals, if you have one? Are you deeply unhappy and angry, or is it something else that drives your bellicose and destructive behavior?