Thursday, September 3, 2009

OFA to Obamabots: 'Our strategy is working'!

In my inbox today, this e-mail message from Mitch Stewart of the Obama "grassroots" group Organizing For American, to the spam-listers:
Robert --
At the beginning of August, President Obama wrote to the OFA community to challenge us to work hard, break through the noise and give the American people a voice in the fight for health insurance reform.
It wasn't easy: With Congress back home, special interests and partisan attack groups went into overdrive spreading lies, and the media seemed to broadcast any story of conflict or division they could find.
But you accepted the President's challenge -- and delivered.
See it for yourself: Check out the latest photos and stories from around the country.
Our strategy for the month was simple: engage the millions of individuals who know we need change to fight the lies and tell the truth, build support for reform, and ensure that support is highly visible while members of Congress are home gauging public opinion. We continued our methodical, battle-tested approach of volunteers reaching out online and offline in every part of the country. We offered the facts, answered questions and engaged those who were ready to get involved.
And the results were extraordinary. OFA supporters like you came together in an unprecedented way over the past four weeks -- and it couldn't have happened without the individual volunteers who make it all possible:
Folks like Rebecca E. in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who voted for the first time last year -- and collected more than 1,800 health care declarations this summer. Across the country, we've collected more than 1 million signatures in support of the President's core principles for health insurance reform.
Supporters like Nita L. in Longmont, Colorado, who organized hundreds of supporters in her town to come with her to talk with their member of Congress about how much this fight means to them. They were among the more than 70,000 folks who showed up at 350 town halls -- where supporters of reform at times outnumbered opponents by 10-1 -- and volunteers who made 65,000 trips to local congressional offices.
It's the people who made more than 100,000 calls to Congress to thank representatives fighting for change -- like Nancy T. in Hendersonville, North Carolina, who hosted a health care phone booth because, after her heart transplant, she knows that no American should have to choose between financial ruin and getting the care they need.
It's the 1,500 supporters who filled a local recreation center in Kansas City, Missouri, at a town hall meeting with Senator Claire McCaskill, and the 2,500 people who jammed the streets to hear from Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio -- just two of the more than 4,000 events where folks gathered to show their support across all 50 states in August.
All of these signatures, calls, office drop-bys, conversations, gatherings, and town hall meetings, all of the late nights, homemade signs, long hours in the sun, and tireless volunteers who make it happen -- totaling more than 1.5 million people who've taken part in this campaign for real reform -- it all adds up to one incredible movement for change.
Check out the latest photos and stories from the field to see this movement in action:
As Congress returns to D.C. and we roll up our sleeves for the final push toward reform, we know the hardest work may yet lie ahead. The special interests and those in Congress who have pledged to oppose the President no matter what will stoop even lower in the weeks ahead.
But you should never doubt that we face the coming challenges together, as part of something far larger than any of us alone -- and far stronger than the old broken politics that have preserved the status quo for long enough.
Our strategy is working. We are going to win this thing. Americans will finally get the health insurance reform we all need.

Thank you for making it possible,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America
Why did this make me think of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?


  1. Reminds me also of Baghdad Bob (Saddam's information minister) from the early days of the Iraq "Liberation" in 2003...

    "Nobody came here! Those American Losers! I think their repeated frequent lies are taking them down very rapidly! Baghdad is safe!"


  2. Well,I can tell you they didn't have any 10:1 at Diane Feinstein's office. Their site said they had 300 signed up, less than 200 showed by my count including a mess of redshirts, and we hade 80-100 counterprotesters surrounding them on three corners.

    Frankly, I'd believe OFA's numbers as much as I'd believe Barry's jobs predictions.

  3. Don't bother me, Dr. Other McCain, I'm busy stooping even lower.

  4. OFA is the gift that keeps on giving. The first link in that email is to a slide show of Obamacare pics. Notice the scarcity of home-made signs. Notice the plethora of professionally produced Obamacare signs. astroturfing here...move right wing terrorist.

  5. While I understand the appeal of the term 'Obamabots', I think the term 'O-Pod People' is much better and more fitting.

    Dr. David Kibner: Elizabeth, could you please tell me, in your opinion, what is going on?

    Elizabeth Driscoll: People are being duplicated. And once it happens to you, you're part of this... thing.

    Doc Belvedere: I've noticed it too Liz. I mean, look at David Brooks.