Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Ask not what your president can do for you. Ask what you can do . . .'

". . . for your president," says Ace of Spades, translating the teacher's guide to President Obama's Sept. 8 speech to students. Ace is demanding to see an advance text of the speech:
I'm not saying I don't trust you. I'm just saying -- no, I am saying I don't trust you, now that I think about it.
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UPDATE: Michelle Malkin follows up with a column:
Obama's White House Teaching Fellows include Chicago high school educator Xian Barrett, a fierce opponent of charter schools who founded a "Social Justice Club" and bussed students to protests and Michelle Bissonette, a Los Altos, Calif., teacher who is "focused on developing my leadership as a more culturally and racially conscious educator."
The activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists cannot be ignored. . . .
Read the whole thing and, please, parents, ask yourself: "Why am I entrusting my child's education to unionized government bureaucrats?"

UPDATE II: An excellent suggestion from that role model for America's youth, VodkaPundit:
In impossible times, the only way to be a responsible parent is to do the irresponsible thing. If my son were in a public school…
I’d call him in sick next Tuesday. I’d keep him home. I suggest you do so. I urge you to do so. If pressed, be honest about your reasons -- but be reasonable about presenting them. Otherwise, don’t offer an explanation. Make it a silent protest.
VodkaPundit's a dad now, and I'm sure this will be a teachable moment at his house: "OK, son, today we're going to learn how to make Daddy a martini . . ."


  1. Talking directly to the kids?

    Seems a little Michael Jackson-ish to me...

    Also smells of defeat. Who won't see this as his attempt to find an easy audience, now that the adult population has demonstrated a capacity for critical thinking?

  2. Steven Givler wrote: "Who won't see this as his attempt to find an easy audience, now that the adult population has demonstrated a capacity for critical thinking?"

    Be kind of funny if some of the Tea Party people organized their kids to protest this. You can see the little grassroots tykes picketing the classrooms with their signs: "Hey, Obama! Leave Those Kids Alone!"

  3. With Obama as the headmaster:

    "If you don't eat you meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!?"

  4. The problem is that the most activist teachers will be sure to cover the material on Wednesday for any students that were out on Tuesday.

    I asked my kids if they were learning anything this week about Presidents or Obama. They said no. We might be "safe" from this at my school but I don't trust all of the teachers. Some of them might decide to become a bit "activist" on Tuesday.

    The California Teachers Association is a very powerful body in politics and they are way to the left.

  5. The two most vital things to notice about this are that

    1). The word "president" is captialized here when according to the rules of grammar it shouldn't be: why is that?


    2). Children are being asked to do things for the president not the country. Why is that?

  6. Declare the Fuhrer Oath, kinder!

  7. 2). Children are being asked to do things for the president not the country. Why is that?
    It's rather reminiscent of the monarchy, wherein the country, the office, and the person were one and the same.


    Disagree re: keeping the kids out of school. Parents simply cannot shield their children from most of the indoctrination that goes on; far better to teach one's child early that it is there, when the indoctrination is obvious.

    Far better to spend the evening of 07 September telling our children why this type of thing is unacceptable. Start with the Civilian National Force to get their attention, move along through the obvious double standards (Bush = evil, but we should all listen to Obama), and wrap it up with a few questions about what they think the government should and should not be able to do. Little kids can understand things like government control over the internet and forcing them to volunteer; even middle schoolers understand that we fought a war so that we did not have to be the subjects of our government.

    Our kids should go in there, ready to challenge the premise of many of the questions, rather than being kept out of school. If next Tuesday goes smoothly, the indoctrination will be ramped up in force. Far better to turn it into a day of utter, by Obama's definition, chaos: informed citizens who refuse to be doormats for this administration.

    If teachers give them any trouble, sue the school district for violating the students' First Amendment rights.

  8. Obama " What can you do for me". Schoolchild "Excuse me sir, my daddy hired you."

  9. I'm so sick of these people attempting to do an end run around parents through indoctriation in the schools. My son is out of school on Sept. 8 but I bet the speech is recorded and replayed for them the next day. He asked if he really had to sit and listen if they play that speech, I told him no, he does not. He still has rights, correct? This IS still America, isn't it?

    I would bet money he'll be penalized in some way, either academically or socially, for not being enthralled by Dear Leader. I don't give a damn. My kid will NOT have his school day co-opted for the left's agenda. And I fully intend to let his school know. It's the first time in my son's school history I've let HIM decide whether he should go or not. Wow.

  10. In our flashback section:

    Remember what he did during the campaign!