Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Andrew Jackson's mother advises this response to Charles Johnson's lies

"Meanwhile, white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain (new darling of the right wing blogs) is attacking again. No linkies for him."
-- Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs, Sept. 15, 2009

"Never tell a lie, nor take what is not your own, nor sue anybody for slander, assault and battery. Always settle them cases yourself."
-- Andrew Jackson, recalling his mother's advice
Charles Johnson's gutless passive-aggressive act -- outrageously libeling me, trying to prevent me from reporting on the 9/12 March on DC, and then falsely claiming that I am attacking him -- has been permitted to continue too long. Honest people are now compelled by simple decency to denounce him as the craven, sadistic liar he is.

Contrary to anything Mad King Charles may tell his dwindling pool of yet-to-be-banned readers in their "private" discussions, this engagement began when Johnson attacked my friend Pamela Geller for her attendance at the October 2007 Brussels conference. Though I was not involved in that dispute, as I told Pamela in a brief phone conversation this morning, I now regret that I did not immediately leap to her defense.

Pamela Geller is a brave woman who can fight her own battles without my aid, but by the time I finally spoke up -- in November 2008 -- Charles had already irrevocably committed himself to the disgraceful campaign by which he has since destroyed his own reputation and influence:
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has apparently decided that the problem with the conservative movement is that it needs more purges, and Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs seems to be his designated scapegoat. . . .
Pam is a good person and I would suggest that this guilt-by-association "urge to purge" is antithetical to the best interests of conservatism. You can't build a movement by the process of subtraction.
Now that Mad King Charles is so obviously lost beyond any hope of redemption, I blame only myself. If I had been paying attention in 2007, rather than selfishly absorbed with minding my own business, perhaps I could have intervened at the outset. Had I been vigilant and dutiful, I would have warned Charles against poisoning his mind by giving heed to duplicitous and/or ignorant creatures like LGF commenter "Dave of Sweden," who were maligning the friends of liberty in Europe.

Word to the wise: Beware the advice of Internet trolls. A cautious attitude toward anonymous sources is something every journalist must learn sooner or later. If someone is peddling materials attacking someone else, and asks you not to tell anyone where it came from, you must consider the motives of the attacker.

Consider why such attackers are always intent on conducting their business secretly -- protecting their own anonymity -- and ask whether you wish to lend your name and reputation to pursuing someone else's private vendetta. (Hint: Before Trig-Truther "Audrey" and her friends blame me, they need to ask themselves who she pissed off before she became "Audrey." It wasn't the Palins, who had nothing at all to do with the investigative reporting Dan Riehl and I did.)

Only Fighters Need Apply
Say what you will about Pamela Geller, she is not afraid of a fight. And what the conservative movement needs now -- far more than we need ideological unity among intellectuals or would-be intellectuals -- is people who are not afraid of a fight.

The Chicago Way has come to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and if anybody in the conservative movement doesn't know what that means, they need to stop hitting the snooze button and wake the hell up. A few months ago, I read an account of how Rahm Emanuel -- now President Obama's chief of staff -- masterminded the Democrats' 2006 mid-term congressional victory. From my May 26 American Spectator column:
Emanuel's tenure as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2006 election cycle is the model Republicans must attempt to reverse-engineer if they hope to regain power in Washington anytime soon. And Republicans are never going to succeed if they listen to those who tell them the reason they've been losing elections is that the GOP is too "mean-spirited." . . .
Rahm Emanuel . . . unloads f-bomb barrages as remorselessly as the RAF pounded Dresden . . .
Emanuel is a hard-driving Chicagoan ("intense+Rahm+Emanuel" = 46,800 Google results) who takes pride in the brutal effectiveness of his political tactics. . . .
In summer 2006, accusations of shady dealings by Democratic Rep. Al Mollohan of West Virginia threatened to wreck Emanuel's message that Republicans had a monopoly on corruption. And if an incumbent Democrat were defeated, that would change the math on Emanuel's strategy to recapture a House majority.
How did Emanuel rescue Mollohan? By calling the incumbent's Republican rival a liar. The GOP challenger had been in the military during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and called himself a "Gulf War veteran," although he hadn't deployed overseas. Emanuel seized on this and had DCCC staffers push it to reporters. "We need that story," Emanuel said. "It's all about Al Mollohan unless we come up with something." The result? "Mollohan Foe Battles Résumé Charges," said the headline on a news story by Roll Call's John Bresnahan. Other publications followed suit, effectively changing the subject -- exactly the outcome Emanuel sought. Was this unfair? Ask Emanuel that question, and you'll get a two-word response. (Hint: The second word will be "you.")
Charles Johnson deserves nothing but the same two-word response from any conservative. His conduct for the past two years has been, in a word, dishonorable.

"No linkies for him," indeed! As if any honest man need fear such a miserable coward as Charles Johnson.

In April of this year, Charles Johnson smeared Pamela Geller as a "Poster Girl for Eurofascists." Calling a proudly Jewish woman an advocate of fascism? Madness. This was a continuation of his months of attacks on Pamela and Robert Spencer for having attended the October 2007 Brussels Conference, and for her subsequent defense of those courageous Europeans waging a desperate struggle against the alliance of the Left and Islamofascists. (David Horowitz has described that "Unholy Alliance.")

The Sissy King of LGF
Two days after the "Poster Girl for Eurofascists" smear, Charles Johnson threatened Michelle Malkin (!) for having linked in her "Buzzworthy" sidebar feed to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch. Trying to end a potentially damaging conflict among conservatives, I wrote:
Is there someone -- anyone -- who can stop this madness? As previously noted, I ignored the dustup between LGF, Geller and Robert Spencer for months, hoping it would fade into insignificance. It was only because of Johnson's continued ax-grinding against them that I mentioned it in November, and it was only because he went after Ann Coulter in February that I began paying more attention.

All I wanted was for Charles to end his malevolent campaign of character assassination against conservatives.

It is important to note that, from the very outset of this affair in October 2007, Charles has always been the aggressor, attacking others, doing everything in his power to destroy the reputations of decent people who never wished him ill, and then -- when they objected to his repeated libels -- dishonestly claiming that they were attacking him.

Clearly, the man has succumbed to a narcissistic personality trait that is all too common among weaklings. As his habit of successively banishing nearly all of his commenters clearly shows, Johnson is a control freak, incapable of tolerating disagreement. He will heed no counsel of caution and reacts with fury to the slightest hint of criticism. Trustful only of those who flatter him, he is suspicious of strangers and envious of the merits of others.

The character of a deceitful backstabber -- weakling, bully, coward, liar --is a species of sociopathic evil which, in real life, wise men know and avoid. But remembering Steiner's Law ("On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog") we see how long Charles Johnson succeeded in pretending to be what he never was, nor could ever be. He lacks not only sound judgment, but also honesty, courtesy and courage.

Every conservative blog must defend itself against trolls -- i.e., you don't have the right to use my bandwidth against me -- and Professor Glenn Reynolds doesn't even allow comments at Instapundit. However, Mad King Charles has let his authority over commenters tempt him into megalomania.

It has been years since Charles has done anything that could rightly be called "reporting." He himself does almost nothing, and never anything constructive, original or genuinely helpful. This has turned LGF into the Kommenter Kidz Klub, over which Mad King Charles reigns as the despotic overlord. Without any warning, he will banish commenters merely for linking the "wrong" source or referencing some story he wishes to ignore.

This dictatorial attitude is a surefire formula for blogospheric oblivion. I despise the New York Times as an institution of Evil (with a capital "E") and yet, if they report something I want to quote, I have no trouble giving them the linky-love -- or linky-hate, as is more often the case. And occasionally, they give a little back.

Mad King Charles did not attack me until I defended Pamela against his vicious lies, and let us not neglect to observe that chief among his targets have been three women -- Geller, Coulter and Malkin. If Charles Johnson were a Sioux, his tribal name would have to be "Fights With Girls."

Should Mad King Charles wish to begin describing me as a "homophobic white supremacist blogger," let him do so immediately, for certainly I am not alone in the suspicion that he is getting in touch with his inner Andrew Sullivan. NTTAWWT. IYKWIMAITYD.

Pray to Nothing, Charles
Having extensively defended myself since Sunday (see here, here and here, just for starters), I noticed Monday -- see: Charles Johnson 'making even Andrew Sullivan and Markos Moulitsas look sane' -- that Da Tech Guy had commented:
McCain has been countering and putting up a good defense here in Round 2, but has yet to shift to offense, as we’ve seen in the Griffin and Audrey fights. McCain tends to mount his offense in mid to late rounds but they simply overpower their opponents.

Very perceptive, sir. When a man knows that he has been falsely maligned by a worthless fool, he can be confident of the outcome against his overmatched antagonist, and there is no need for haste. Being vilely insulted by Political Cesspool's James Edwards . . . well, I'll worry later about that minor distraction. Surely the SPLC's attacks have rendered my right flank impregnably secure and, as my old music buddy Haywood Tucker told me yesterday, the Lord knows who I am.

Haywood's praying for me, as are others. Charles Johnson hates God, and he hates all those who believe in God. As I once advised the atheist anti-Palin blogger Jesse Griffin:

Speaking of prayer, Griffin, on your blog you say you're an atheist. Maybe you should pray to Nothing and see if that helps.
Well, guess what? When you pray to Nothing, the results are predictable. A God-fearing man may suffer terrible wrongs, yet has the comfort of knowing that God's grace is constant. The God-hater suffers far more painfully, for when his destruction draws nigh and he is predictably abandoned by his phony two-faced "friends," he suffers alone. In such circumstances, the unrepentant atheist inevitably proves a vicious liar and a coward, like Charles Johnson.

Behold, God's Mighty Warrior
I have often urged readers to purchase Sam Childers' remarkable book, Another Man's War. Sam is a mighty warrior for God. As I told him over breakfast one morning, "Sam, you're going to be an action figure." And I meant that quite literally.

That was February 2008. Eighteen months later, the film deal has been signed, and I'll bet every leading man in Hollywood has his agent begging for the part of Pastor Sam Childers. When the movie becomes a box-office sensation, Sam will be like Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker. Little boys and girls will be begging their mothers to buy them the Happy Meal so they can get the Sam Childers action figure.

Sam risked everything -- his fortune, his friendships, his family, his reputation, even his very life -- to build an orphanage in Sudan. And he very nearly lost everything, more than once, yet he remained faithful. He has been through that dark valley of the 23rd Psalm, he has seen times when it was just him and the Lord, and whatever struggles he must now endure, the favor of God is upon him.

Buy Another Man's War, and study Sam's life. When he was a young hoodlum, when he was an outlaw biker, when he was a shotgunner for drug dealers, Sam learned all that any man needs to know about fighting. He never suspected that one day, God would call him to use those skills to save the lives of children in Uganda and Sudan.

Sam is not about politics. He is not a Republican or a Democrat. He has no ideology but the gospel of Christ. After interviewing him, seeing the work he does, and studying his character, I told him, "Sam, you're a natural-born libertarian." But that's just an intellectual label, and Sam is not about words or labels. He is a man of action.

Let the intellectuals sneer at him, the son of a Pennsylvania steelworker, but you must know this one thing: If it ever comes to a fight, bet on Sam Childers. You throw the first punch against Sam, and you'd better be ready to kill him, because he won't stop fighting so long as he has the strength left to fight. And if Sam ever decides to throw the first punch . . . Dude. Don't even ask.

Sam is an easygoing, friendly guy by nature, happy to serve the Lord and willing to help anyone who needs help. Having seen Sam angry, however, I promise you that you don't ever want to make Sam angry.

Just Keep Digging, Charlie!
All of this I explain not to praise Sam -- who has no need of my praise -- but rather by way of explaining why, when I came under attack from LGF, my response may have struck some readers as an expression arrogance:
Charles Johnson will regret it but once,
and that will be continuously

Because I am a professional journalist, this was not a threat, but a statement of objective fact. Within 48 hours of his infamous assault on my character, Johnson reaped the consequences of his own maniacal hatefulness, bringing upon himself disasters independent of anything I had done. LGF was delinked by Power Line and Charles burnt one of his few remaining bridges to conservatives by de-linking Pajamas Media.

Johnson was unconscionably wrong in attacking Pamela Geller and her friends. However, because he refused to admit or recant his error, he committed himself to a path of unjust vengeance against the innocent. In the process, he revealed himself to be a creature of unscrupulous cruelty, an immoral monster who can never expect anything but contempt from civilized people.

There is a God in heaven, and the man who spitefully chooses to pursue unrighteousness will ultimately destroy himself. Therefore, wise men observe the madness of King Charles and shake their heads sadly, knowing what the final outcome must be.

Charles Johnson is already in a very deep hole and, at the frantic pace he's digging now, can be expected to reach the fiery pit of hell no later than next Thursday.

Bon voyage!

UPDATE (Smitty):
Linked at Jaded Haven. Thanks, Daphne!

UPDATE II (Smitty):
Also picked up at Bonzai. Thanks, mate!

UPDATE III (Smitty):
SI VIS PACEM says CJ has pulled a Sully.

UPDATE IV (Smitty):
The Fabulous Pamela links us and brings the Rifqa Bary angle. Pamela packs more heat in her little toe than everything Charles can muster.

UPDATE V (Smitty):
Fishersvill Mike completes the phrase "Little Green" with "Apples". Why do you hate fruit, Mike?

UPDATE VI (Smitty):
Dennis the Peasant links Pamela's Downfall treatment from mid-April. New to me, quite well done.

UPDATE VII (Smitty):
Linked by one lonely Troglopundit in Wisconsin who seeks abuse. Apparently an erroneous reference to his metrosexuality was insufficient.

UPDATE IX (Smitty):
NOVA Townhall picks it up. This post is going to turn into a mini-FMJRA Real Soon Now.

UPDATE X (Smitty):
Fish Fear Me takes us back to single Roman numerals. But is Charles Johnson a fish?

UPDATE XI (Smitty):
Carol's Closet turns it up to 11. Now, were she given a choice between a free Spinal Tap and Obamacare, would there be an apparent difference? Never mind, I wouldn't wish either on anyone. Even Charles Johnson. A cluebat, now...

UPDATE XII (Smitty):
The Daley Gator makes a dozen in the parade of support.

Saber Point makes it a baker's dozen. Thanks, Stogie!

UPDATE XIV (RSM): At last, Charles Johnson exposes the real neo-Nazi: HIMSELF!


  1. I've been dismayed to watch LGF go so far off course.

    I don't agree with everything Glenn Beck says, but I do believe he tries to get it right. I've never agreed with everything Charles has said, but I had believed he tried to get it right. That is clearly not the case.

    When I saw Color Of Change get prime real estate on the front page touting the drop in ad revenue for Beck, I wanted to try an experiment. Without even trying, I came across Fox's reply. I simply posted if Mediaite's post mentioning Fox's rebuttal would get covered on the blog. Within 5 hours-the post was deleted and my account now blocked, and without explanation.

    I don't know if I am more mad or sad. One less blog to read, though.

  2. The cat toys with the mouse....

  3. ACORN is definitely getting thrown under the bus!

    I could care less if Charles believes in God or not. I am a believer, but we have free will and I respect the beliefs of others what ever they may be (provided they respect mine with a minimum civility). I like Christopher Hitchens a lot even though I disagree with him on religion. I like Penn and a host of other agnostics and athiests. Live and let live I say. Who am I to judge.

    But I do not care for bullies.

    Charles Johnson is a petty nasty little shell of a man. A yellow coward, afraid of debate, of sane discourse, heading towards a fate like Howard Hughes (but without the inovation or starlet girlfriends).

  4. Damn, RSM, Charles would have to be a complete idiot to ever mention your name again. When it comes to elocution and thoughtful prose, he simply can't compete with you.

  5. I couldn't help myself any more. I had to go get myself banned from LGF.


    I've been registered there for about 3 years, and have commented maybe three times, at the outside. I could see the place going downhill even that far back.

    I don't know who ever decided that Charles was "conservative", because I couldn't ever see it, but he seemed to be on my side. (Oops. My instincts were right. He wasn't.)

    Anyway, as I said there, he's Nucking Futs, and if I have to support a crazy person, I'll take Robert Stacy McCain over him, because RSM is a much more inclusive crazy person, and much more crazy in the ways that I am.

    So I've now joined the band of the banned, as it were. Or, if not now, probably soon. (Hey, maybe I ought to go spam all his threads????) Naw. I'm too lazy.


  6. Used to read LGF religiously, then suddenly the guy there went nuts and started slamming all kinds of people on the right so I left months ago and have never gone back.

  7. ACORN's boss tries to defend ACORN.

    ACORN's boss reminds me of Brian Fellow.

    Come to think of it, Charles Johnson reminds me of Brian Fellow.

  8. Now that Mad King Charles is so obviously lost beyond any hope of redemption

    When I started reading blogs, I caught LGF every day. That lasted about a month--then it was clear to me that something was wrong with the wiring in that place.

    That was FOUR YEARS ago.

  9. I left my response on

    Us Georgia rednecks have to stick together.

    Note: I was being facetious -- I am not a redneck racist.

  10. No one moves from right to left at Charles "Queeg" Johnson's age in the absence of some kind of organic brain damage.

  11. If you are reading this, and have been banned - go to Kirly's place to add your name to the list Banned-a-monium!

    People are banned for up and downdinging, for asking questions, for asking him if he is alright, for daring contradict his points... as he attacks one conservative person after another. It is bizarre. Unlike anything you have ever seen or are likely to see again.

    The bannings are coming hot and heavy as Charles madly stalks his own threads, berating, belittling, threatening, and bashing on his own readers. That’s the climate at LGF these days. The "sekrit" threads are filled with fart jokes and inane drivel as people are afraid to say anything out of line. The gangdingers will get you. And if you were at LGF you know what that means.

    I guess some people like that climate - like a restaurant where it is avant garde for the waiter to insult the patrons.

    But that's not all, he stalks his readers all over the net. If you scroll the threads at LGF and just read the "green" Charles comments you will see the madness, as he lies in wait for his next victim, and spends all his time obsessing about it. He stalks those who have long since left his blog, sometimes by proxy. (think psycho-phants)

    He needs to hear this: Leave the people alone. It's none of your business where they read, where they comment, what blogs they follow, what they say on their own blogs, who they link to, or what they say on blogs like this one, even if they are criticizing you. What do you expect? Leave us alone.

  12. I've never read LGF that I can remember. Good to know I didn't miss much by not being one of the cool kids all this time.

  13. Hot Air and Michelle Malkin should hurry up and delink Johnson. They only demean their otherwise fine blogs by linking to such trash.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I'm an atheist and I can tell that LGF has gone bad in the last few months. But by making undignified swipes at praying to Nothing, you descend at his level.

  16. Thanks to all for their words of encouragement. Desiring no praise merely for doing what duty required, it is however also a duty to remind my friends that I am a father of six children, with the associated expenses, and to inform you that I may soon have the opportunity to travel to New York and Alaska to meet with important people, if I can afford it.

    Please hit the tip, you . . . dear friends.

  17. LGF used to be on my regular daily blog reads; however it seems that C.J. has lost his way over lazy few months so I am now one of LGF's many drop outs.

  18. He has another anti religion thread going. I just went and down dinged some comments so I could get banned. He makes atheism a religion in and of itself. I am not religious but Charles gives people like myself a bad name. Love your blog even with the religious overtones!

  19. @Chuck,
    Speaking only for myself, I am what I am.
    To the extent that I emit "religious overtones" in posts, the point I wish to leave the with the reader is: faith != lobotomy.

  20. RSM, Smitty, linked this. Thanks.

    Bloody sad.

    Amen: "The Chicago Way has come to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and if anybody in the conservative movement doesn't know what that means, they need to stop hitting the snooze button and wake the hell up."

    It's a target rich environment, and the best Chuck can do is bullshit about Stacy? Is he fvcking insane?

  21. Chuckles the Clown banned me for linking to a story which contradicted LGF's assertion that Michael Lerner is not a Truther. The link, of course, was for an old piece by.....Charles Johnson at LGF. Banned for linking his own story.

  22. This is the kind of tear up I love. I was just a that site this evening and could not believe the amount of anti-right stuff posted there. I had to look at the url bar to make sure I wasn't being routed to a left wing site

  23. I have the dubious honor of having been the first to be banned by Charles on that October night in 2007.

    His betrayal of the anti-jihad movement took me completely by surprise. When I emailed him about the 2007 Brussels Conference, telling him my post about it was up, I arrived at LGF to find Chazzer ridiculing our efforts and slandering anyone who didn't believe his gospel about European neo-Nazis under the bed.

    This gospel was planted in the comments by Swedish ngo people from Expo, and Belgian black psy ops operatives like Yelloman, Blokwatch. I forget the others. They're all gone now. They used Charles up and then they simply discarded him.

    I was completely blind-sided. So was Brussels Journal's Paul Belien, who had the most to lose at the hands of the Belgian thugs who wanted him silenced. Charles did great damage to Paul.

    He also damaged the American anti-Jihad movement. There is lots of infighting now where before there was some sense of solidarity. That is gone and it is Charles' doing, ultimately.

    What he did NOT damage was the Europeans he so relentlessly attacked. Maybe he had some influence indirectly on the jailing and fining and loss of citizenship of Bart Debie, a Flemish parliamentarian. Maybe his rantings encouraged Brussels' thug mayor into a boldness he might not otherwise have had.

    However, the small, distributed European groups of citizens who are underground, fighting to save free speech and Western freedoms in their various countries dismissed Johnson for the ignorant blowhard he is. They went on to coalesce and continue their work, which goes on to this day. For an example, look at the International Free Press Society in Denmark. Look at Geert Wilders.

    No American blogger has had anything but ego damage done. Yeah, for a while, our blog lost traffic as the biggies quit linking to us out of deference to Charles, but that is nothing compared to the physical danger to Paul Belien and LionHeart. LGF was a real threat to their physical safety.

    The in-fighting amongst the American bloggers will continue because the outcome is trivial compared to the stakes in Europe. Here, it's all about bruised egos.

    Yeah, we have socialist creep to worry about, but we're not facing the draconian laws that are contained in the Lisbon Treaty. That document makes the 1,067 pages of ObamaCare look like "See Spot Run".

    Please, would everyone support the European groups who are fighting for survival? They are so much more important than Chazzer's demise or what he did to us and other Americans on his slide to oblivion... much easier for me to say now that I am no longer being used as his football, green or otherwise...but still true. It's the Brits, the Austrians, the Danes, the Swedes, the French, etc., who really risk anything.

    I've learned my lesson about the American blogosphere. People nurse grudges without telling you, they see insults where none are intended, they seldom do the adult thing and attempt to address their issues directly. Instead they do passive things like de-linking and sending one another snarky emails.

    It's like gradeschool in the blogosphere. And as for being the new media? Heh. They have all the integrity of the old media. PJM is the perfect example of the nervous, p.c. Aunt Nelly.

  24. You were doing okay, until you slandered atheists. Now I'm not coming back to this blog. I don't like religious supremacists, and I am a die-hard conservative.

  25. But, but, LGF is the voice of moderation and reason! Just look at what one of CJ's few remaining bootlickers wrote on this thread about Hannah Giles at novatownhall blog:

    Cato the Elder said:
    September 15th, 2009 at 7:14 pm
    Boy would I love to get clear sight picture on that woman at about 700 yards…

    Since CJ loves the "guilt by association" game can we say he's in league with a nutcase who wants to shoot the woman who bravely exposed ACORN?


  26. I'm pretty sure the only notable thing he ever did was lead the 'Bunking of Dan Rather Memogate charge. His capital from that was used up long ago.

  27. Some simple advise for you Mr. McCain, something I was told as a kid, and voiced once while a young private in the Army. I got into a discussion with a tanker regarding the commo equipment installed in his M-60. Seems he thought he knew a lot about the stuff, except how to run it, that is.
    After sevral minutes, I said, " my daddy always told me never argue with a fool, passers by won't be able to tell the diffrence, and a guy could get a bad reputation from that."
    Nedless to say, he went bezerk. It was early morning, and I adjourned to the chow line. Right about the time I got my meal, the 1SG swept in, charged right up to me and demanded to know exactly what I said.
    I repeated my statement whereupon, he turned to that young E-5, and told him he'd gotten bitchslapped by the best of em, then departed to the tune of laughter.
    So Stacy, my advice to you, don't waste any more time on Chuck. He has his areas of experience in which he is master, music, bikes, and his little pichello.
    Just mock him. The rest of us do.
    He was never a conservative blogger. He just used his luck with the throbbing memo to lure a lot of folks to the dork side.
    Of course, if you decide to continue your Mike Tyson attacks on his googooing in the crib infantile blog, we will watch applaud, and laugh at the slithering king.

  28. Johnson fails the first rule of all warfare:

    ~no fighting in the trenches.

    Infantile, self-defeating asshat.

  29. How about this:
    You guys here suck.
    The post above is juvenile at best and the comments more so.
    Intellectual honesty is a rare coin these days and he seems to be one of the few to have it, you here certainly do not.

  30. And here I thought there would be an intermission after round 3. That's what I get for going to my son's school's open house.

  31. Dymphna wrote: This gospel was planted in the comments by Swedish ngo people from Expo, and Belgian black psy ops operatives like Yelloman, Blokwatch. I forget the others. They're all gone now. They used Charles up and then they simply discarded him.

    Thanks for that background, ma'am. This was what I meant about CJ's lack of sound judgment. As a reporter, if you publish an article based on a source who tells you X = Y, and then the letters to the editors columns fill up with angry e-mails from people saying that X = Z, you have to examine the credibility of your source.

    CJ is misantropic, introverted to the point of being anti-social. He can never determine truth because he is afraid of people. If you're afraid of people, it's kind of hard to investigate things for yourself, eh?

    Did CJ go to the Brussels Conference and talk to the people there? No. He is so withdrawn inside himself that he could not bear such an experience. He is a hermit by his own choice, and knows only what he reads on the Internet. If somebody writes, "Stacy McCain said X, Y, Z," it never once occurs to CJ to send me an e-mail and ask, "Hey, did you say X, Y, Z?"

    A misanthrope, who hates humanity because he projects his own inner fears outward onto whatever scapegoats seem most convenient. A type of personality I encountered (in real life) long before Al Gore invented the Internet and gave such weaklings the ability to broadcast their self-hatred worldwide as "political commentary."

  32. Linked at novatownhall, nice work, hope it's out of your system now. I hit the tip jar the other day and will do so again shortly. Stacy, you should be writing crime novels or mysteries my friend. Harness that creative energy and you could be the next Raymond Chandler.

  33. Andrew Sullivan speaks about Charles Johnson:

    16 Sep 2009 09:40 pm

    The Continued Evolution Of Charles Johnson
    The pioneer of the anti-Jihadist blog, Little Green Footballs, is repulsed by some of the developments on the populist, racist right. He's right to be; and has the courage to say so. For that he is subjected to the usual mau-mauing. Check out his blog. It's an Yglesias Award in motion.

    Mau-mauing? That sounds rather racist from a Brit? So what's next, will CJ and Sully both appear on Bill Maher's show, followed by a few doobs and a post show circle jerk?

  34. How did Emanuel rescue Mollohan? By calling the incumbent's Republican rival a liar. The GOP challenger had been in the military during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and called himself a "Gulf War veteran," although he hadn't deployed overseas. Emanuel seized on this and had DCCC staffers push it to reporters. "We need that story," Emanuel said. "It's all about Al Mollohan unless we come up with something." The result? "Mollohan Foe Battles Résumé Charges," said the headline on a news story by Roll Call's John Bresnahan. Other publications followed suit, effectively changing the subject -- exactly the outcome Emanuel sought. Was this unfair? Ask Emanuel that question, and you'll get a two-word response. (Hint: The second word will be "you.")

    By golly, Charles Johnson has become Rahm Emmanuel. Jack Murtha!

  35. smitty1e, even as a non believer I never thought that a little word of God ever hurt me. I think Darwin thought that religion was not evil. I just have no use for militant atheism that old Charles seem to subscribe to. Love your posts too. Isn't having a opinion right or wrong what makes this country great?

  36. This gospel was planted in the comments by Swedish ngo people from Expo, and Belgian black psy ops operatives like Yelloman, Blokwatch. I forget the others. They're all gone now. They used Charles up and then they simply discarded him.

    The irony of CJ getting p3wned by his own commenters when he was so defensive when his commenter were attributed to him unfairly is some really delicious funny.

  37. Anonymous, Speaking of sucking, intellcual honesty has to include every argument.

  38. I'm prolly banned after my comment there tonight too. Basically said that I'd come back to look around after the 'White Supremecist' comment, and found that things had gotten worse, and I'd have deleted my ID if I could, but it wasn't clear how to.

    With that said, Stacy, your post wasted a lot of words on the man. More than CJ is worth anymore. He lost me when he went to ridiculing everyone he disagreed with, without any real rational discourse. He lives in a big echo chamber nowadays, and is working hard tuning out any disharmonies - by removing those elements.


  39. I'm banned, and he couldn't stand to leave my very polite comment up either. I bet his ears are burning right now, even as he burns through his goodwill.

  40. Stacy, you magnificent bastard.

  41. Sean said: You were doing okay, until you slandered atheists. Now I'm not coming back to this blog. I don't like religious supremacists, and I am a die-hard conservative.

    Oh, and I'm the one who's intolerant?

  42. Charles Johnson is now trapped in a box of fear of his own making. He cannot bring himself to post on any topic in which there exists the possibility that the dreaded Glenn Beck, Pam Geller or Robert Spencer might be proven right in any way.

    Note that he refused to post on the topic of Rifqa Bary's fear for her life at her parents' hands until he could point to an official document "proving" that her parents were harmless victims of Islamophobia. He's engaged in a fauxtography scandal of his own, attempting to debunk photos of the 9/12 march -- based on nothing but his need to disbelieve that a million or so people could gather in opposition to Obama's policies.

    And worst of all, he fears posting about the current and ongoing anti-terror raids in Queens, NY, and Denver, CO. That last point hits home with me, as my two older daughters are in NYC this week -- the oldest visiting her sister at Columbia U. A terror plot to bomb the subways of New York particularly resonates with me at the moment. It's a measure of how afraid of his own shadow Charles Johnson is that he can't direct any attention to this story until he knows what angle he can give it to make sure Fox News and Jihad Watch don't come out looking good. (Just as he couldn't comment on ACORN's pimpin' scandal until he had something to counter the Breitbart-Beck-Hannity axis of exil.)

    He's due to collapse soon under the weight of all of the straw men he's had to build to maintain his self-image of infallibility and moderation. He has become what he most hates: an extremist kook.

  43. I threw away the bookmark I had for LGF a long time ago.

    When I realized that Charles was getting nastier and nastier against Christians like myself, to the point of condemning Christian homeschoolers and their parents, I realized that I was no longer welcome in that place. The man showed a brutishness that just surprised me. And then to say that Evangelical Christians are connecting to Jihadists, now that was just too outrageous to answer to.

    He needs a good and wet slap in the face. But nobody will give it to him... Wait. I guess someone at PJM did (Roger L., perhaps?), because he resigned so abruptly, and there was little to no explanation for it.

    I thought about asking him some questions, but then I realized that you never argue with an idiot. You lower yourself to the idiot's level and you annoy the idiot.

    Charles is deep in bed with an idol of his own making. Let's leave him alone.

  44. I did not realize James O'Keefe, who is doing the ACORN exposes, did the Planned Parenthood undercover tape when he said he wanted to donate money so they could abort more black babies.

    And before Charles Johnson and the left decries racism, the point of that investigation was to expose the craveness of Planned Parenthood, not to actually promote the abortion of any babies.

    Of course Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, was all for cleaning up "the race" and getting rid of undesirable Jews, Eastern and Southern Europeans, and Negros. Ironic she is a hero of the left.

    Here are some Margaret Sanger classics:

    "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with
    social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most
    successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.
    We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro
    population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if
    it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
    -- Margaret Sanger's December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255
    Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith
    Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described in
    Linda Gordon's Woman's Body, Woman's Right: A Social History of Birth
    Control in America . New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.
    "The third group [of society] are those irresponsible and reckless
    ones having little regard for the consequences of their acts, or whose
    religious scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers.
    Many of this group are diseased, feeble-minded, and are of the pauper
    element dependent upon the normal and fit members of society for their
    support. There is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the
    procreation of this group should be stopped."
    -- Margaret Sanger. Speech quoted in Birth Control: What It Is, How It
    Works, What It Will Do. The Proceedings of the First American Birth
    Control Conference . Held at the Hotel Plaza, New York City, November 11-
    12, 1921. Published by the Birth Control Review , Gothic Press, pages 172
    and 174.

    Maybe Charles Johnson can focus some of his racial sensitive ire on Planned Parenthood. Don't hold your breath on that.

  45. For the record, the Cato the Elder comment from our blog above was mis-read at LGF - Cato, god bless him, was referring "at 700 yards" to the ACORN employee who had supposedly shot her husband and was willing to help set up a child prostitution ring.

    The frickin' crazy LGF folks are a little bit treaking.

  46. Mr. Robert Stacy McCain, let me say I am at the same time both sorry and jealous that the Mad King Charles has attacked you.
    You might recall the email I sent you about my attempts to rein in his stupidity against Geller & Spencer. Geller & Spencer were extremely gracious, even one of Charles' wingmen responded, but LGF himself?
    He ingnored my pleas, digging in his heels to continue leading his Jihad of the Dorks.
    The Loserhideen at his feet aid him as he continues to slander all who are righteous while he cries himself to sleep, thinking about what LGF once was.
    We should have known it was impossible for a liberal to make tough decisions and face a real enemy. Once Charles felt the heat, he fled in terror from the foe, and turned upon his former comrades.
    When TRN de-linked LGF, we were congratulated by others.
    I wish some of these lizard pissants would come into the hornets nest, ashtray of a blog that is TRN, we would savage them and violate their minds!
    Come into the armpit of the Internet you Little Green Fairies, we are not Jewish women, blonde authors and petite bloggers. We will take you bastards to any level you want, and we will embarrass you more than you have already embarrassed your parents.
    Congratulations to all who de-link this mid life crisis having Napoleon.

    And to all of you crying Atheists, up yours!
    You are an atheist just so you can play video games one more day a week and have less books to read!

    "oh I am an atheist and I'm offended..."

    LGF awaits!

    Your in Christ (who was home schooled),

    The Rude Dog

  47. I return to savage the lizard brat once more!

    On May 24th 2009, I worte these words about Charles:

    "...Charles Johnson was a hero of blogging. Now, he is a bitter swine, rolling around in sycophanitc slop and eating his own self congratulating feces."

    There was more, but that was my favorite as it is the most boorish and the most forthright in his mind as he tries to combat his infantile ego and resist giving TRN combat traffic.

    I must stop now, it is too easyt to make light of this tradgedy of Shakespearean proportions and I don't want to appear a bully.

    Good night & God Bless the atheists!

  48. Stacy & Smitty,

    I'm a bit late to the party, being overwhelmed with the demands of my career as of late, but here are my words on the Charles Johnson kerfuffle:

    It is my pleasure and honor to defend you, Stacy, against the likes of Johnson.

  49. Honor must always be served and you have done so quite brilliantly over the last number of days.

    With much affection, I remain...
    Your friend,
    Robert Oswald Belvedere

  50. Attacking (fellow) conservative women for not sharing his views?
    Refusing to admit or recant his error(s)?

    Let's hope you won't find yourself writing a post like this about a certain associate professor from CA, in a few years.

  51. CJ reminds me of someone in an asylum wearing a wraparound coat.

    CJ: All men love me! All women desire my seed!

    Orderly: Your in a psych ward and you're standing waist deep in your own poo.

    CJ: My autograph? Why OF COURSE!

  52. Stacy McCain, unlike Job, your friends are not abandoning you. We see your good works and praise God for someone willing to fight the good fight. And we stand with you on this Charles Johnson case to witness against him.

    You wrote: "Maybe you should pray to Nothing and see if that helps.Well, guess what? When you pray to Nothing, the results are predictable. A God-fearing man may suffer terrible wrongs, yet has the comfort of knowing that God's grace is constant."

    In reading your passage above, I recalled a favorite old testament story I enjoyed hearing my mother tell from 1st Kings 18, Elijah challenges the false prophets of Ba'al to a duel, their god vs. Elijah's God.

    When Ahab confronts Elijah, he refers to him as the "troubler of Israel." Elijah responds by throwing the charge back at Ahab, saying that it is Ahab who has troubled Israel by allowing the worship of false gods. Elijah then berates both the people of Israel and Ahab for their acquiescence in Baal worship. “How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal then follow him” (1 Kings 18:21). And the people were silent.
    At this point Elijah proposes a test of the powers of Baal and the God of Israel. The people of Israel, 450 prophets of Baal, and 400 prophets of Asherah are summoned to Mount Carmel. Two altars are built, one for Baal and one for the God of Israel. Wood is laid on the altars. Two oxen are slaughtered and cut into pieces; the pieces are laid on the wood. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice. They pray from morning to noon without success. Elijah ridicules their efforts. They respond by cutting themselves and adding their own blood to the sacrifice. They continue praying until evening without success.
    Elijah now orders that the altar of the God of Israel be drenched with water (twelve barrels of water). He asks God to accept the sacrifice. Fire falls from the sky, igniting the sacrifice. Elijah seizes the moment and orders the death of the prophets of Baal. Elijah prays earnestly for rain to fall again on the land. Then the rains begin, signaling the end of the famine.
    [end quote]

    So who holds the truth on record? Stacy McCain, hands down! And who thanks God for all good things? Stacy McCain along with us.

    Poor Darth Vader Chuck hasn't a son to rely upon to redeem or save his soul. May he find his own humility to admit where he's been wrong, and apologize to all the people he's overtly betrayed as a cannibalistic predator. As is, he carries the mark of Cain to forewarn all who read him.

    As Stacy McCain pointed out, we need to exercise our faith in God and our gratitude for Grace. As humans, we all experience (on a smaller scale) the trials of Job. The difference between us is our response. Who remains faithful during times of trial, and who curses God? Again, poor Chuck didn't even wait for times of trial to curse God. Bad form. If one must be blind, then peaceably don't believe; but never impede the faith of the believer without adorning yourself with the millstone prior to the self-willed plunge into the deep. CJ, RIP

    maverick muse

  53. Thank you Stacy for finally exposing Charles for who he was/is inside.

  54. Charles Johnson used up his 15 minutes of fame two hours ago...the man has really "gone off the reservation" in every sense of the term.

  55. And a big FU to Johnson.

  56. Okay...I'm not up on this like I should be, but I thought that LGF was a conservative site; reading it recently it sounded more like something out of the DailyKos or HuffPo rather than conservativism.

    What happened?

  57. I do not read LGF. Are there not those who are still linked at LGF who are embarassed by not being banned, but afraid to take that plunge?

  58. Mr. McCain,

    I found your post unenlightening. What I gathered from it is that Charles called you a “white supremacist blogger”, has attacked conservatives and you respond by calling him names. I am not defending LGF but other than you are pissed at each other, I have little contexts of what the facts are. Just like on LGF, I have know idea how common the objectionable posters were at the DC rally or how many sites still claim 2 million participants versus an early high estimate.

    What did Charles find objectionable about the Brussels conference? Are the objectionable elements so common that a “birds of a feather flock together” argument valid? (I’ve used the same logic re: Obama)

    If are going to continue posting about this, would it be too much trouble to do side-by-side column time-line of the accusations and the reasons behind them?

    Thank you,


  59. When is Mandy Manners going to be banned? I don't see how she could possibly tolerate CJ's defense of ACORN.

  60. I think AoSHQ said it best about LGF: "It's like North Korea over there."

  61. MB wrote: If are going to continue posting about this, would it be too much trouble to do side-by-side column time-line of the accusations and the reasons behind them?

    Here is the point, MB: Charles Johnson is an anti-social recluse, a secretive loner, who does not actually *know* the people he's writing about. People who *know* Pamela Geller know she is not aiding neo-Nazis or whatever else CJ has accused her of.

    Also, MB, you arrive late to the game. When I came home from DC after covering the 9/12 rally, I discovered that CJ had attacked VodkaPundit merely for taking phone-in news reports from me, accusing me of this, that and the other.

    I think began a series of responses, laying down the basic outline of the situation. Along the way, various persons who *do* know me personally have attested that the accusations made by CJ are contrary to my known character.

    ALL of CJ's accusations go back to when SPLC and others -- aiming to take out The Washington Times -- chose me as a weapon in their attack. My superiors at the time ORDERED me not to respond, so that the unrefuted accusations were then passed along in a sort of online telephone game. Thus, it took on a life of its own, which now takes the form of CJ stating flatly that I am a "white supremacist blogger," when nothing of the kind is true. Does this blog look like Stormfront to you?

    As I've said, if I ever decide to tell the whole story in one place, it will be because somebody *pays* me for that story. It is sufficient that I have many friends of good repute (as well as several of semi-shady repute, like notorious drunk-blogger VodkaPundit) who will vouch for my bona fides.

    Ergo, CJ is a liar and a fool. And if you knew what I know, you would know better than to take CJ's word for anything. The truth is not in him. Every word he says is a lie, including "and" and "the."

  62. Hot Air and Michelle Malkin should hurry up and delink Johnson. They only demean their otherwise fine blogs by linking to such trash.
    Wed Sep 16, 09:14:00 PM

    I emailed Michelle earlier this week, and she has now also delinked the CJ the nutjob.

  63. Johnny 100 PesosThu Sep 17, 02:58:00 PM

    I was banned from LGF, so I am of two minds.

    I heard of others being banned and just assumed they were extra rude or something. When I got banned, I started to wonder if my assumption was true.

    I think CJ did and maybe still does good work. I wish to support him in this, even if I'm no longer ideologically pure enough to hang out at LGF.

    I'm personally giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think that in fighting the Jihad and aspects of liberalism, he has done commendable work.

    But here's a true story: when I was on LGF, I became acquainted with a number of "lizards". We still do lunch about once a month. When I was banned, I was afraid to mention it, they might no longer welcome me... I was wrong. And at our last lunch someone pointed out to me that many of the folks at the table were now banned.


  64. All I want to say is: Please keep fighting on.

    It amuses me.



  65. Johnny 100 Pesos said...
    I was banned from LGF

    There ought to be a group, "Banned Lizards Pseudonymous." But you'd have to meet in the Rose Bowl.

    Let me ask some of the ex-Lizards: Did you ever meet Charles Johnson? What I get is that he is misantropic and can't stand crowds. For him, as for Sartre, hell is other people.

    It's a hassle and a bummer to have to moderate comments, but it's not like people are banned. I keep pointing to our loyal liberal troll, Y4E -- he's argumentative and devoted to his (completely wrong) political principles, but he's not obnoxious or particularly hateful about it.

    Frankly, I think the general atmosphere of the blog is such that the worst trolls know to stay away. This isn't a bunch of "on the one hand this, on the other hand that" center-right types. We're hard-core and we have none of those wishy-washy mixed feelings that trolls try to exploit.

    Some pointy-headed intellectual wants to park his bicycle in front of an outlaw biker bar . . . well, he'd better show some class.

  66. misantropic = misanthropic

    Eye haet tipoz

  67. Mr. McCain, I was a devoted Lizard for over four years. I kept a prayer list--with Charles's permission. I never met him, but we once had a polite debate. When I felt I was compromising my principles and my faith to prevent being banned, I decided I had to leave. As soon as I posted on a rival site, I was blocked at LGF. Although I've never gone back, I've been told I've been rather maligned. I mention this only to show that those who leave, no matter whether unwillingly or not, are not just left alone. That's the saddest thing of all.

  68. I very much wish that you were wrong. Alas, no. Charles J. is sliding rapidly down the Huffington-Sullivan slippery slope.

  69. approaching 1200 banned nics at lgf. see for yourself!

  70. I wish you were wrong too. He apparently can't take even the smallest criticism. What a sorry piece of crap.

  71. Wow...about 18 months ago I dropped reading LGF. It got weird. Like an older uncle that slowly but finally went insane. It was uncomfortable to be around him and listen to what he obviously thought was true.

  72. Range Master says it all. I had a growing sense of a looming train wreck. Then after defending Coulter against LGF's rat pack mentality, found myself banned. It was outrageous but at least I'm not part of that lemmingesque echo chamber any more.

  73. I started my own blog 18 months ago, only wanting to give my opinions on the goings on in the world. I was excited when I gained posting rights to LGF. I was promptly banned for making a derogatory comment about terrorists. I wrote and apologized to Charles since it was his blog and I had said something he didn't like. No answer ever came.

    Now, knowing what I know, I am sorry I ever bothered to seek posting rights at LGF. It is the most monolithic, boring blog with his commenters nothing but an "Amen Corner." Johnson, I believe, is delusional. I'm not sure why he tries to point out the tea party as extremist. None of the protesters shown in his photos comes remotely close to what we see from the left. Either he is mentally ill or someone on the left has something on him. Either way, LGF is pathetic!

    Angry White Dude