Thursday, September 17, 2009

LGF Boycott HQ

Stogie at Saberpoint has created this logo:

But we know your dying to know what's going on in Lizard Land, so here are recent LGF headlines and summaries:
No Racism at the Tea Party?
Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 9:59:05 pm PDT
Photos of anti-Obama posters at DC 9/12 rally which proves "racism" because anybody who doesn't like Obama is racist, just like anybody who hated Bill Clinton was anti-oral sex.

The Latest Crazy Creationist Promo at the Craziest Right Wing Site
Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 6:42:10 pm PDT
Link to "Weird Nut Daily," because Joseph Farah runs the "Craziest Right Wing Site," which reminds me I need to offer a column to WND denouncing Charle Johnson, so that LGF will stop linking WND, too.

ACORN CEO's Press Release
Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:52:35 pm PDT
Exactly what is advertised. So, ACORN CEO = "Smart guy whose press release LGF publishes" and WND = "CRAZY!" (Maybe if Joseph Farah had a Pimp And Ho Assistance Program . . .)
In other words, you're not missing anything at LGF you couldn't get from Amanda Marcotte or Firedoglake.


  1. I'd love to join your boycott, but I cannot, in good conscious, hitch my train to this bandwagon. Because I haven't read LGF in years, and have NEVER, ever, linked.

    See, it would be false of me. Inauthentic.

  2. I just tweeted Allah a little while ago asking him why HotAir still links to him under their "War blogs" category. That ended a loooong time ago.

  3. "But we know [you're] dying to know..."

    I'm with Carin. I quit smoking LGF's when the FDA pointed out it would lead to emphysema.

  4. I won't be reading Stogie's site. He has a Charles-like hatred of Pat Buchanan. Pat is one of the finest voices in the conservative movement. I look forward to his columns every Tuesday and Friday.

    Given the choice, I'll pick Pat.

  5. For the first time in years, I checked out LGF. Mostly a snoozefest of the usual boredom... and then I read Charles' posts. Holy crap. Never have I seen such smear and illogic rolled together, and then multiplied by the echo chamber that passes for his commenters. Having never been a visitor, I cannot get myself banned. But I'll definitely avoid the place from now on. One can only take so much moonbattery.

  6. Do you suppose that CJ was offered re-entry into the "cool club" of progressive lefties if he turned on his conservative buddies? Maybe that, along with a hot tamale or two, would have done the trick for CJ?