Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roger Stone: Third Party Possible

by Smitty

Not available on YouTube, this PJTV Instapundit clip with Roger Stone is worth your time.

The two heads kick around the idea of whether the Tea Party morphs into a third party, or eats the GOP for breakfast. It's the most cogent discussion on the topic I've seen yet.

It's fascinating to consider the similarity between the GOP and the POTUS. Together, they are in a situation where their personal power fetish is their own worst enemy. Each has to decide whether they will give up some of what they consider rightfully theirs in order to maintain greater fidelity with their public image.

In the case of the former, I think there may be some hope. The jig is up for centralization. Whether you want to label it "Compassionate" or "National Greatness" or "NeoCon" Conservativism, it still spells staggering deficits and unsustainable debt.

In the latter case, Don Surber seems to recommend a rubber ducky, as the inflatable life preservers are colloquially known among squids. (Hat tip: Fishersville Mike). It seems that BHO genuinely believes in the course he's steering. That's not the kind of belief which can be readily amended, if Jimmy Carter is any evidence.

Of the two, the GOP is more likely to survive a come-to-Beavis moment.


  1. Good video. Stone may be right that the real change may not come until 2012. I am certainly looking forward to whoever that "Leader" will be who can mobilize the majority of voters to claw back the drastic changes that Obama, Pelosi & Company are going to saddle us with.

    I know my trip to 912DC was a very inspiring one. It made me feel that there will be a large engaged number of activists needed to bring us back to conservative principles.

  2. Awesome. So we'll have three pro-war parties.

  3. where their personal power fetish is their own worst enemy

    Did someone say "Boehner" or ....Boner? or Bonehead?

  4. come to butthead actually. he said boehner, huhhuhhuhhuh...huhhuhhu...

  5. I read so much political talk, most of it about as sensible as throwing out the baby with the bathwater to demands for more government (this from "conservatives" no less). I do not bother with reading from the left. If I want that, all I have to do is read a spoiled child's Christmas (Winter Holiday?) list, and update it for grown up children.

    To see something sane written, about politics and a possible future real other way is refreshing. Beyond, this one actually has teeth, unlike the whole Paul thing (literally too?). Anyway...

    It is refreshing to see some sanity written in terms even I can understand.