Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breaking rumor: Gibbs replaced as press secretary

by Smitty

"The raaaaacist fear-mongers were permitted to parade their lies on the Mall on 9/12. They came by the thousands and tens of thousands, and spent the whole day in a desperate loop, claiming they couldn't figure out how to drive in DC, but really just jacking up their bogus claim of a large throng of people.

Their lies will get them nowhere. They cannot stop the march of progress, health care, social justice, and something that looks like apple pie if you don't get too close.

This country remains in the best of hands.


  1. And their stomachs will roast in hell. And the American Army is still nowhere near Baghdad.

  2. Broken image at 0750 Sunday.

  3. Haha, what was that guy's name? You had to admire his tenacity in the face of encroaching reality.

    He must've felt like the dude who got run over by a steamroller in Austin Powers.

  4. Thing about getting run over by a steamroller is, it requires ignorance, stupidity and persistence in pretty much equal measure.

  5. Thanks for the Smitty. I read the headline, looked down to the picture, and had the heartiest laugh I've had in a long time.