Saturday, September 19, 2009

The indispensible No Sheeples Here

by Smitty

When you're compiling a post the size of an FMJRA, you not only make technical boo-boos (as tweaked in the comments) but you can omit some good friends. Technorati isn't perfect, even when in use. Where was Paco? Was there enough Little Miss Attila? Whither Cynthia Yockey?

The embarrassment gets even worse when, in addition to great posts, they've also emailed the links directly. So sorry Carol. I goofed, and would like to highlight your stuff by way of penance:

Mea culpa, Carol.


  1. All is forgiven, Smitty. A girl can't get mad at her favorite studmuffin.

  2. And now the Governer of NY is pulling the plug on ACON if I saw the blip on FNC this morning correctly. Of course my 5 year old son was racing his cars on the floor so I may be mistaken.

  3. @TVAG,
    "ACON" was that a freudian slip, or did you intend "a con"?

  4. Carol should cut you some slack, Smitty. Good blog help is so hard to find nowadays, due to the widespread degeneration of the species.

    And we know why. Friday night, at Matt Vadum's taco fiesta, Myers the Blog Intern was chatting with a blonde lass of impressive pulchritude. Had he possessed 1/10th the virile impulses that controlled me when I was his age, that conversation would have quickly reached the point at which he said, "Hey, sweetheart, all this talking is giving me a headache and you don't have to say another word, because I'm already crazy in love with ya. How about let's ditch these losers and go over to my place so we continue this conversation in private? I'll let you fix me breakfast in the morning, and if your biscuits are as half as good as my grandma's, first thing Monday we'll go down to the county courthouse and make it official, because I think you might just be the future mother of my children."

    The boy has no shortage of brains, but like so many other young fellows nowadays, he seems to lack the basic romantic ardor that makes all the difference in the world.

  5. It was intentional but I can't take credit for it. It was the title of a cartoon over at diversity lane, a wickedly funny conservative cartoon. Zack gets the credit for ACON.

    However I'm sure he won't mind that term going viral... heh