Friday, September 18, 2009

SNL japes on Joe Wilson, but Carville is better

by Smitty (h/t LiberalLand)

The take on the setup for Joe Wilson's two-word rebuttal speech, while apocryphal, is fairly well played. Kristen Wiig takes a cheap shot at Michelle Bachman, which is unfortunate. KW does far better as Nancy Pelosi.

Bill Hader's James Carville steals the clip, however. Very nicely played.

Picked up by the Reaganite Republican Resistance, who has a nice roundup to tide you over as I finish the FMJRA.

Update II:
KURU Lounge seems to find it strange that SNL can properly address the Tea Party movement. What part of "the mainstream media is a propaganda organ" did you not grasp, Chad?

Update III:
Tom Lewis links it.


  1. How come SNL manages to call it the Tea Party Movement and CNN et. al. all insist on refering to Tea Baggers

  2. @Chad,
    Because SNL realizes that they would throw away significant audience if they acted like a pack of ass-hats.
    They play a fairly even hand.

  3. It was a rhetorical question :-P just pointing out the juxtaposition