Thursday, September 17, 2009

'The talking point going around the wingnut blogs today . . .'

". . . The talking point going around the wingnut blogs today is that LGF is in serious decline because I'm a virulent anti-Christian. Of course, they can't actually link to anything at all that I've ever written that demonstrates this, but that isn't stopping them.
"I'm not anti-Christian at all, as people with minds of their own can easily see.
"Again, they're unable to separate being opposed to radical far-right religious agendas like creationism from being opposed to religion in general. Same old same old. This is how fundamentalists keep the masses in line - if you depart from the talking points even the tiniest bit, you're an apostate who deserves excommunication.
"And as for 'declining' -- our traffic has been rising steadily for the past two months, which must be extremely irritating for them."

-- Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs
It's that Sullyesque lack of self-awareness, y'know? "Radical far-right" lesbian Cynthia Yockey will laugh herself silly at this. If anybody's still got posting privileges at LGF -- and surely, Mad King Charles couldn't have banned everyone yet -- should try linking this in the comments.

Gotta "keep the masses in line," don't ya know . . . Oh, and if traffic is so freaking dandy, how come the Sissy King of LGF doesn't display his SiteMeter, huh?

A liar, a coward, a bully, a fool. Keep digging, Charlie.


  1. We just all recognize what a piece of shit Charles Johnson has become. And a bully. Like all bullies we should have reacted quicker to his abuse. But Charles Johnson's own bizzare actions just caught up with him.

  2. LGF disappeared from the "Regular Stops" link list at ThunderTales today. It makes one wonder how basic thinking can shift so obviously and the new positions be so delicate that they brook no disagreement.

  3. I'm willing to bet if there is a traffic spike in the last two months (and what about before that??) a good portion of it is due to some of us dropping by to confirm the idiocy he has descended to. If he wants to brag about more people seeing his own self-destruction that's his prerogative, I guess.

  4. You know Cynthia Yockey is anti-Creationism as well and yet somehow manages to maintain civility. Charles should take note.

  5. Charley's comments that you quote indicate that he is beginning to feel the heat. Bwahahaha!

  6. If anyone wants to know how anti-Christian Charles Johnson is I suggest they check out the comments on his Rifqa Bary post that attacks (again) Pamela and Robert.

    CJ's minions believe that the Christian couple who took Rifqa Bary in when she ran away in fear for her life are the dangerous people here and it's they who should be investigated and arrested.

    And, as everyone who has ever read LGF knows, and the legions of us who have been banned know, Charles knows every comment that is posted.

    When it comes to Christians, CJ is a male Rosie O'Donnell.

  7. The Irony is to look at the history between LGF and the dish, it is quite revealing.

  8. Heck, I am "anti-Creationist" if you mean I disagree that the earth is 6000 years old and that Adam and Eve went to church riding a dinosaur. It is fine if you believe that (I respect your view point), but I do not. If I am wrong, I suspect the creator will forgive me.

    The fact I believe the earth and universe are billions of year old (at a minumum), may have been created fromn a singularity (big bang) and that over a period of time life somehow started, was almost destroyed in a serious of cosmic events, and evolved into what is present now, including human intelligence, and that perhaps...just perhaps a greater power may have had a hand it that?

    Well I am obviously a religious nut job and beyond the rational pale.

    Of course the alternative, that it is all just chance, is pretty miraculous too. Hence the reason most of these rationalists often decend into what appears to be Gaia-like cults. But Charles Johnson, go look in the mirror and ask yourself if such a sublime creation such as yourself could ever be the product of mere chance?*

    *Most of us have that epiphany when we meet the love of our life, or our first kid is born, or a near death experience, or loss of a dear family member, someother transcendental event occurs, but in Charles Johnson's case I would guess he tend to be more on the narcissistic side of things.

  9. Sorry for my typos above. I should have caught them, but I am not perfect like Charles Johnson.

    Which leads me to this. Charles Johnson has been killed in a freak accident. Apparently he has been in Panama and was quietly enjoying his sublime reflection in the warm tropical water, when without any provocation he was attacked and was killed by a mob of wild Creationist Fascist Right Winger Paulian Truther children.

    We can only pray (so to speak) that he managed to spawn with his mate Sharmutta before the end came. If not, the genetic loss would be too great to bear.

    RIP Lizoid King, RIP.

  10. You seem to be obsessed with Charles Johnson. He doesnt even deserve you time of day.

  11. Either Charles Johnson is Baghdad Bob or Robert Gibbs is. I am not sure.

  12. Stace, I have to agree that the LGF posting lately seems like a fetish. While I completely understand because you were personally attacked on bogus charges, at some point it's better just to let him stew in his own bile. If I wanted to see how Charles was doing on a day to day basis, I'd read his blog.

    That being said, it's your blog so obviously you can do what you want. At this point, though, either you think Charles' behavior is bizarre, you're for him, or you don't care.

  13. Sitemeter is only used by people who have a hosting without access to server logs. Charles is self-hosted, he does not need the crutch of Sitemeter. You better overstrike that last paragraph, Stacy.

    And since we're on topic, you're definitely getting carried away with this pathetic vendetta. I stopped caring about LGF when I stopped reading it, but now all this brouhaha has to flood every other place too.

  14. These comments about RSM being somehow wrong for defending himself against CJ's accusations are exactly what happened when Charles went after others. Ignore it, they said. Don't give him the satisfaction, they said.

    Bullshit. Being called a racist white supremist fascist deserves the response Stacy is giving. Charles Johnson finally picked on the wrong person and Stacy is not just defending himself, he's speaking for countless others who have been slandered and slimed by Charles Johnson.

    Charles Johnson has used Little Green Footballs to destroy the reputations of many people and if Stacy McCain spends the next 6 months ridiculing him and his own set of fascist minions he won't even begin to balance out the damage that has been done by CJ in the last year.

  15. Notice Charles' interesting little contradiction -- "I'm not anti-Christian at all, as people with minds of their own can easily see."

    In other words, the definition of having a mind of one's own is agreement with Charles Johnson. Disagreement means you are under the mind control of some other force. Sounds rather like the words of a cult leader,

  16. Oh lord I just love it. Keep it up.