Saturday, September 19, 2009

What liberals forget about 1963

"Follow the link to Media Matters and you’ll search in vain for any mention of the name of the man who pulled the trigger on November 22, which leads me to believe either (a) Eric Boehlert is a Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorist or (b) Eric Boehlert is in the habit of hiding inconvenient facts from his audience, which, if true, makes him a perfectly mainstream Media Matters employee."
-- Allahpundit, Hot Air


  1. I saw this last night and couldn't believe it. This paired with Wizbang's exposure of the distorted Beck video really paints a nice picture of Media Matters

  2. Mad Men is 1963 this season!

    I love these reference to Birchers and Right Wingers killing the Kennedys. Oswald went to the Soviet Union guys before he came back and killed John and Sirhan Sirhan was some Palestinian nut job (he was not a Paul-istinian, CJ). And if you are into conspiracy theories about their murders (I am not), well the most realistic of them is the John and Bobby pissed off certain organized crime and union figures who had helped John get elected and who had old ties to Joe Kennedy. Sr. Not exactly a right wing consipracy. Now I do not blame the left, at all, for these murders. Primarily I blame the indiviuals who did it.

    But if you want to assign blame beyond that, I think the Mick Jager said it best with: "I shout out who killed the Kennedys, but after all, it was you and me..." And Mick was not refering to Republicans.

  3. Chris Matthews trotted out this same meme back in August:

    Video: Kook Chris Matthews: America's Mood Is Like Dallas in 1963 or Something

    So either Media Matters took a que from Matthews, or nobody watches Matthews anymore. I tend to side with the latter.

  4. Even though it seems ghoulish, the assassination of the President would be a dream come true for the Moonbat left. It would validate their worldview and quite likely lead to a violent swing to the left of the nation's politics, as after Kennedy's death.

    What's really worrisome is that the historical manipulation of the Kennedy assassination implies that the assassin wouldn't even have to be someone on the right. Which to my mind more than doubles the odds of an attempt being made. The comments by Pelosi et al concerning the dangers of protest vis a vis the Kennedy assassination can even be seen as a set up for this very scenario.

    I can not imagine a more worst case situation for freedom in this country than if Obama were assassinated. Let's hope his protection team is up to the task.

  5. Jonah Goldberg on who killed Kennedy...

    And for the whole military industrial complex conspiracy theory...please! Save that nonsense for Oliver Stone. JFK was hawkier than George W. Bush for crikey sake. If the military industrial complex wanted to take hits on politicians, they would have gone after Eisenhower first.

  6. K: You gotta be kidding me. Not even the most fevered of swamp-dwelling moonbats wants Biden in the White House.