Friday, September 18, 2009

Forgot Mah John's Really ACORN

by Smitty

In *nix operating systems, there is a filesystem check command, fsck, which is used to examine the integrity of a block device (hard disk) somewhere. This is a low-level command, qualitatively like picking over something with a fine-tooth comb and a magnet.

This week's FMJRA celebrates the fact that ACORN is finally getting a much-needed fsck-ing. Charles Johnson is encouraged to offer himself similar reflection.

Note: today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and everyone should enjoy it. As a member of an organization dedicated to ventilating pirates since 12 June, 1775, I just don't have much personal enthusiasm for sounding like the enemy. But I enjoy a good-spirited chuckle with those taking a less curmudgeonly stance on the matter.

Another Caustic, Obnoxious, Reprehensible 'Nym (ACORN):
O'Keefe and Giles are awesome and completely own the shiny new political reality TV show genre. Never has so much ass been handed to so many by so few.
Never a Boring Day on the Blog When You've Got a Big Johnson:
The contrast between the Porch Manqué and the Boss Man is never more apparent than when matters of professional reputation are at stake. I have none. You can call me everything but late for supper, and it really macht nichts zu mir.
Stacy has both greater history available and more professional concern about reputation, as it affects his livelihood. Thus, in the present tense, scurrilous allegations receive all the affection due a rabid dog at a Louisville Slugger sale.
This blog tried to capture immediate and copious support offered by Blogs That Know the Difference, but, out of sheer love for your goodness, we cheerfully re-hash that affection.
  • Pirate's Cove: "R.S. McCain catches Excitable Chucky exposing yet another scary neo-nazi." Also, No Pajamas for YOU! He further had this post, which included some Dan Riehl linkage. Finally, Teach reports CJ is still on the Creationist kick.
  • VodkaPundit: "Now, I’ve worked with Stacy in person a couple of times, at the DNC last summer and at CPAC in February. Both were crowded, high-stress situations. At no time did I see Stacy treat anyone — of any color, creed, whathaveyou — with anything less than respect and good humor."
  • Stogie: "Robert Stacy McCain: I Know Him Better Than Charles Johnson Does", and also: "Slander has long been a major weapon of the Left."
  • Riehl World View: "I remain mostly done with some of the unfortunate behavior I continue to see playing out in certain quarters out here."
  • A Conservative Shemale: "Personally I disagree with Johnson about 90% of the time but I doubt he is worth the energy of boycotting. He seems to be driving his readers away on his own and that's fine with me."
  • A Newly Conservative Lesbian: "I link the best of Stacy's recent thoughts about Charles, who really, really should not have poked the bear."
  • Noisy Room starts off a roundup with us.
  • BlogWonks links the "Know Your Ho", no doubt for purely academic reasons.
  • A Goy and his Blog: "Frequent visitors may notice the new blogroll category, added in loving memory of Charles Johnson's Sanity."
  • Traction Control notes that Charles Johnson is riding to ACORN's defense.
  • Texas Scribbler: "[CJ]'s become, as one commenter here, puts it, a Kos Kiddie Day Care Center."
  • Physics Geek: "I've more or less ignored the preening of self-righteous prick CJ, proprietor in chief of Little Green Moonbats these last couple of years."
  • Bits Blog: "It's sad to see Charles Johnson go the way of Saint Andrew (the Incontinent) Sullivan."
  • Serr8d: "Sharmuta, is that really you??"
  • Snapped Shot: "Never, ever anger a Southerner armed with a keyboard."
  • Political Byline links us. Patrick sounds vehement.
  • Stop the ACLU links us.
  • The Rude News: "LGF is the Titanic of blogs. Once thought unsinkable, now sinking due to the madness of it's captain."
  • South Texian: "When it comes to the matter of the honor of oneself and one's family, we Southerners are a touchy lot. Our detractors defame us at their own peril."
  • Lead and Gold linked it.
  • Valley of the Shadow: "Now, who flunked flank? Who ran with Mucus?"
  • Carol's Closet:
    Not that Johnson appears inclined but even if he were, there are some lines you just don't cross. If you take aim at a man's reputation, as Johnson has taken aim at Stacy McCain's, you better know what you're talking about and who you're dealing with. Sadly, Johnson put fingers to keyboard without being very well informed on either point.
    And then: "...some people were just born to be miserable pricks..."
  • Joshuapundit wins best abstract depiction of CJ. No, that's unfair to Kafka.
  • Troglopundit: "I don’t want to be Robert Stacy McCain when I grow up...but just once, I’d like to have the kind of real, hard-driving, bare-knuckle, knee-to-the-groin kind of a blogospherical brawl that he seems to have all the time."
    No, Trog, I daresay that CJ is really a DOS attack for the opposition.
  • Fish Fear Me: "I think I added The Other McCain about the same time I dropped little green footballs."
  • Avid Editor's Insights: "It seems as is everyone is realizing the fraud that CJ or LGF is." Features a screen shot of ACORN apologist CJ.
  • Bonzai: "I understand how it feels to be accused falsely of racism, and if R.S. McCain is from Georgia, then he probably wants to handle it the old fashion way -- a good bop upside the head -- I know I did the few times it's happened to me."
  • Five Feet of Fury: "If Charles Johnson is crazy, does that mean those Rathergate memos were real...?"
  • Pamela the Great (Atlas Shrugs): "Stacy McCain take the gloves off. Get the popcorn. McCain kicks "the sissy's" ass." Gellar even has the stomach to link a CJ response. One tough lady.
  • Stop the ACLU was in on the act. Of linking us.
  • V-Dare: "It's going from "We can factcheck your a**" to "We're just making sh*t up." Also here.
  • The Political Cesspool viewed the CJ fracas from a very wait-and-see vantage. Ultimately, James Edwards is unsatisfied with Stacy's responses. Maybe Edwards was looking at more material, but the two TPC posts may exemplify the problem.
    Stacy quoted in the former "may yet be averse" seems to be viewed as "being disgusted" in the second (and I apologize in advance if I'm mis-interpreting what Edwards is writing).
    Mr. Edwards, I submit that you are off base here. It's one thing to desire for equal public treatment amongst people irrespective of race, color, creed, social pairings, etc.
    It's quite another to step into a family and tell people how to think. It might be disappointing if, within their culture, they fall short of your opinions, but, well, that's their prerogative. Appeal to the intellect. Encourage them in a positive way with facts. But hold the raaaaacism card in abeyance. The printing has been completely worn off by this administration.
    In summary, I think Stacy McCain's point is both clear and defensible.
  • The Sundries Shack: "Charles Johnson is about to find himself in an entirely new dimension of pain once Stacy’s friends jump in on this." That is one way of describing being the first blogger to get their own "Downfall" clip.
  • serves an introductory vignette and an anecdote regarding Stacy in a very even-handed treatment of the McCain/Johnson fracas. I'd like to quibble on a point in the vignette, just given the baggage related to the material chosen: making a generalization from the Wehrmacht to the Nazi party is one of those tough choices that will raise more objections than it adds value to the argument, in my opinion.
  • Fullosseous Flap's Dental Blog: "Charles Johnson’s gone completely off his rocker"
  • American Power: "I have known R.S. McCain for two years now, and there's nothing in him that remotely reeks of racist sentiment. Indeed, R.S. McCain represents the epitome of a gentleman and a scholar, and I testify to his unimpeachable integrity on civil rights."
  • The Macho Response: "I found it thrilling".
  • The Daley Gator awards CJ a Daley Douchebag.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner: " Stacy has points to make, and make them he does."
  • Obi's Sister: "Robert Stacy McCain – loud of mouth but big of heart."
  • Political Byline has some related thoughts on banning.
  • The Camp of the Saints: "Charles Johnson is a despicable cowardly cretinous ignoramus". Also: "Stacy McCain is one of the finest, most decent men I have ever known." Furthermore. Finally, a spot-on quote of the day.
  • NOVA Townhall: McCain flogs the bike fairy.
  • Ace of Spades HQ: "Obergruppenkommander Charles Speaks: Hot Air Racist, Fascist; Must Be Purged"
  • Daily Pundit: "My LGF link now points at Stacy’s joint. Poetic justice, ya know."
because there was no way to grab everyone the first time 'round, here are some others we must include in the Great Wall of Support:
  • Caught Him With a Corndog: "What's Little, Green and Unsavory?"
  • Nathan Cossey: (who emailed me directly in advance, to my chagrin): "his slander and that is what this is of Stacy, Ann, Michelle and Pamela crosses my line in the sand"
  • No Sheeples Here: "I stand with Stacy and all the other bloggers who have come under attack from this man because I was raised to believe that a friend advises justly, assists readily, defends courageously and continues unchangeably as a friend."
A Wee Gathering of We the 'wee-weed up' People, Bitter Cling-ons, All:
Studying Studies More Interesting than the Studies Themselves
Call me jaded, but I refuse to offer reaction to the 'Mom, God told me to get knocked up' business. I'd need to review the data and follow the funding trail to discover whether they let an excess of Coveyism lead the researchers into beginning with the end in mind, as a warm-up to reading their study.
  • No More Mister Nice Blog:
    So liberals and secularists and Yankees are evil and immoral -- but when it turns out that Christian Southerners are engaging in immoral behavior according their own criteria, well, it must be the criteria that are wrong. Pubescent pregnancy isn't bad, it's good! Outrage at pubescent pregnancy is just liberal propaganda! A goalpost-mover? Who, me?
  • Patriot Boy links us after a snarky fake letter on abstinence that nearly approaches funny.
  • The Mahablog "Righties are dense". Densly populated?
  • Tami Dennis at the LA Times quoted Stacy.
Arguably the Most Expensive Oxymoron in History: Social Security
OK, I can't think of any topping it.
  • The Lonely Conservative at least hat tipped us for my Samuel R. Delany title. Which is more than that big meanie in Tennessee did.
More Joe Wilson Goodness:
Andrew Sullivan's Botanical Proclivities:
  • No Quarter linked us on the topic.
  • Texas for Sarah Palin (a fine name for a blog) rounded up the coverage.
  • Kayak 2 U: "I’m glad anytime someone escapes the gulag on a drug charge, but this highlights the fact that Justice is selectively blind. Which highlights the ridiculousness of the associated law."
  • The National Center has a lengthy meditation.
  • Noisy Room linked the "Schadenfreude" post.
  • Obi's Sister liked: "Michael [Moore] packs significant inertia, and it fills the screen, toppling the flat panel from the TV stand to lie there, in a pose nearly useless enough to resemble one of Moore’s films."
Other FMJRA excursions:
Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Adrienne more or less dared me to embed a Loyal Award pic.

    Now, it would be an insult to my Sensitivity Training if I did not at least emulate some sort of aesthetic awareness.
    Furthermore, even though I'm playing directly into the whole reverse psychology of the moment, I'm doing it in a spirit of pure irony, so as not to besmirch my knuckle-dragger bona fides.
    Thank you very kindly, Adrienne.

  • Track-a-'Crat, who puts us first after a shot of W with...a zoomie. *sigh* Remember, TaC, the chief good thing in Colorado is VodkaPundit. Go, Navy!
  • The Blog Prof concurs with my estimate of O'Reilly's male viewers.
  • Carol's Closet quoted my Jane Fonda riff in a roundup.
  • Political Castaway honors an old MoDo post.
  • Obi's Sister mentions raaaaacism in a post on the First Amendment.
  • Trog liked my Gibson Doctrine quip, but I object to his use of a family photo of mine out of context. That was from one of my poetry recitals. Caption: Don't puke if you ate, don't look if you were at the previous, and follow instinct otherwise. Porch Manqué out.
  • Roth CPA honors the How to Get a Million Hits post.
  • Rhetorican thinks that Stacy and Dan did it again in encouraging Audrey to study silence.
  • Snapped Shot linked Stacy's dire warning about Flemish terror cells.
  • Steynian has us somewhere. I'm afraid to look. Here also.
  • The Lonely Conservative linked the SC Boeing story.
  • Troglopundit had to link and correct me on two counts for last Sunday's near-NYT level of inaccuracy.
  • The Right Guy linked the last FMJRA post.
  • Patrick at Political Byline seems to be thinking about hiring Stacy.
  • Blogfodder has a slightly delayed thought about Stacy's taking O'Reilly to task regarding the manner of remembering Ted Kennedy.
  • Digby's Blog manages to turn suggestion into coercion.
  • The Right Guy links us at the end of a worthy post "Obama is Putin's Bitch", if you can get past the animal abuse in the title. Why do you hate Scruffy, TRG? ;)
  • One Fine Jay has a great post "On polemics and apologists" linking a recent slamming of Frum. Great read.
  • The Sundries Shack has my back on the "'Pelosi' pussy" post. Whew!
  • Political Castaway remembered Smittypalooza. How about a Green Tea After-party?
  • Daily Pundit linked my quip in response to Stogie. Also, a thoughtful meditation on the response I had to Bride of Rove. Finally, a quick rejoinder on the menace of Phlegm.
Yeah, this FMRJA business is becoming monstrous. Have to spread the work over more days. Which is rather a good problem to have. Please employ Technorati as your first line of feedback to tell us you've linked. If that isn't your cup o' tea, then email Smitty for inclusion. Ponder the tip jar.


  1. Ann Althouse had this funny (and unfortunate) Matrix analogy from President Obama, enjoy!

  2. No linky love? Who am I,
    Charles Johnson?

  3. It's cool.

    You've been 'totally linked' for today's FMJRA ;-).

  4. I hate to be "that guy", but your nerdery is off... File Systems != Block Devices.

    But if we want to think of Acorn as a block device, might I suggest the diagnostic we use to check it's integrety be the badblocks command, passing in the "-w" parameter?

  5. @kazoolist,
    Your right, but when I wrote that, I was thinking of how you have to give fsck a path in /dev somewhere.
    Certainly, the filesystem is not the logical device.

  6. Keep the heat on - thanks for the link!

  7. Thanks smitty1e.

  8. Dang Smitty! It took my a while just to read all of that. For whatever reason, I never got over to LGF, even when they were big. I don't know who sent the kool-aid over there, but I'm pretty sure it was Mola Ram, and the kool-aid had this on the side: "warning: contains blood of Kali."

  9. Blocking URL addresses now? Can someone say, Passive Aggressive Cowardice?