Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sympathy for Carol

by Smitty

Carol laments "Rep Kathy Castor is an Embarrassment to Her Constituents". I knew without looking that the same is true of Jim Moran.

What's particularly painful about Jim Moran is that he's got not only a couple of decades in office worth of war chest, but VA-8 has more people who stand to benefit from growing the size of government than Andrew Breitbart has inconvenient clips hosted across his websites. And Breitbart is packing, indeed.

Now, if there was a way O'Keefe and Giles to do some footage of setting up an 8A company, if she's, say 1/8th Cherokee and he's got a perpetual motion machine and they are fronted by some rogue PMA elements. A little bit of DOD work over here, a little bit of remembering who your friends are over there...

Oh, that would never work. Lobbyists, like ACORN, never fall for such cunning stunts.


  1. With all that we've seen in the last week, who votes against de-funding ACORN? I've never been a Kathy Castor fan (don't get me started on her mother, Betty Castor), but I am stunned that she would vote "nay". She's got to go.

  2. "never fall for such cunning stunts"

    I do hope that was NOT a tasteles double entendre about the lovely Ms. Giles...

    ... but considering the company ACORN keeps, I wouldn't be too surprised if homoeroticism was a contributing factor to the ACORN womens' willingness to debase themselves.

  3. @Captain Obvious,
    I consider Ms. Giles a national hero, and can assure you that even my creative subconscious has nothing negative to say of the lady.