Sunday, September 13, 2009

Point One: Charles Johnson doesn't know me from Adam's housecat

His attack on me at LGF is a classic "ransom note method" attack -- the assembling of this, that and the other to create a collage, like a kidnapper glueing together words clipped from magazines.

In February, I described the ransom-note method in examining an SPLC attack on Ann Coulter. The term was subsequently picked up by others, and I later explained -- in reference to an attack on Rush Limbaugh for his "I hope he fails" remark -- how such attacks distort meaning:

Limbaugh, as he made clear from the outset, was responding to a "major American print publication" which was "asking a handful of very prominent politicians, statesmen, scholars, businessmen, commentators, and economists to write 400 words on their hope for the Obama presidency."
The fact that Limbaugh's "I hope he fails" was a response to such an insipid inquiry -- this newspaper was actually framing their inaugural commentary in terms of "Hope," the Obama campaign's own propaganda slogan -- has received too little attention. One of the basic tactics of the Ransom-Note Method is to separate the stimulus from the response in this manner. In other words, someone sees or hears something outrageous, says or writes something outrageous in response, and the smear merchants then isolate the response, so that it is presented without adequate reference to whatever stimulus produced it.
You may read the whole thing there. A little Ransom-Note Method, a little guilt-by-association and -- voila! -- you might actually believe I was a hateful nutjob like Jeremiah Wright.

But I've never met Charles Johnson, nor have I ever met Mark Potok, Heidi Beirich, Michelangelo Signorile, or Duncan "Atrios" Black. So the first thing you should know about Charles Johnson -- besides the fact that he argues like a liberal, using second-hand arguments borrowed from liberals -- is that he doesn't know me at all. Like my various liberal critics, he presumes himself so superior as to be fit to judge a man he's never even met.

Do you subscribe to Charles Johnson supremacism? For that is the doctrine to be debated here. Charles Johnson believes himself superior to me, superior to VodkaPundit, superior to Ace of Spades, superior to Pamela Geller, superior to Robert Spencer -- indeed, superior even to God, whom Charles Johnson considers himself qualified to declare non-existent.

The starting point of any argument with Charles Johnson is the same as its conclusion, namely, the unquestionable superiority of Charles Johnson. Once you understand Point One, the rest is easy.

Point Two: Charles Johnson is prejudiced, and subscribes to stereotypes
Point Three: Charles Johnson will regret it but once, and that will be continuously


  1. I followed CJ for a time and always assumed that he could never go back to leftyland from which he emerged after 9-11 due to his pavolvian foam at the mouth response to Muslims in general and his prominant role in helping to send Rather to the knacker's yard.

    I can only assume that his attacks are part of his rehabilitation.

  2. you left out Glenn Beck... he has a bee in his bonnet about him too... he sees racists and kooks around every corner. great post btw

  3. Y'know Stacy, I don't know you. I've never met you. You could be a tiny green Martian prancing around in a pink tutu for all I know. But, I do know that your articles on IG-gate, which is how I found you and have linked on my blog, have been informative, useful, and fair. I will be happy to continue to link them.

    CJ, on the other hand, has drunk deep from the guilt-by-association well. What was once a useful blog has instead become a "hallelujah chorus." And that's a sad thing.

    So, I've stopped reading his site. Meanwhile, I await (and perhaps I fear) your next exposure of the Inspectors-General system.

  4. I've concluded Charles Johnson has gone loopy.

    A few months back I started realizing all the people he was attacking -- Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Bobby Jindal, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck. I posted something mildly critical about him and he responded by deleting my account at LGF.

    What prompted Charles to delete my account? It was this little comment I left on Stacy's blog.

  5. Have you figured out what your real crime is yet?

    You became CJ's enemy when you defended Pamela.

    You defended Pamela. VodkaPundit quoted you. Therefore VodkaPundit bad.

    Ace blew CJ out of the water last week. It was sweet.

  6. Dear Mr. McCain,

    I thought you were a purty smart guy and used to read this-here web log you wrote! I'm from South Cackalacky and if i hate anythin' worse than UGa football, it's commies and so forth. But now the scales have dropped from my eyes. You was racist all along! That's what Charlie Johnson at Little Green Footballs says(green! that's a little strange ... do you think he roots fer Tulane?).

    I liked Charlie fer years cause his blog wuz all over them lousy, infidel Mohemmedans. Gosh, practically ev'ry comment back in the day was slammin' 'em. To this day, I can still go to the LGF glossary and find things like "Allah Snackbar", "Darwin Akbar", "Holy Shiitte", "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" an' my favorite - "buzzing prayer rug" cuz there ain't nothin' funnier than makin' fun of an entire religion and nuthin' says Progressive like that.

    I also like LGF terms like "LLL" (that means Looney Liberal Logic) and "Pajamarines" cuz he is - or wuz - part of Pajamas Media (though he seems to have taken a set aginst Ed Morrisey and Stephen Green here of late!).

    But lately Charlie seems to love Prezident Obama more than he hates the jihad! But then the Prezident said change was a comin to Washington, so i'm changin' with Charlie now. All you guyz who've been saying the same things fer years is now RACISTS. And if'n he says y'all are racists, then racists y'all are!

    Cause Morris Dees says so. And Morris Dees ain't never been wrong 'bout nuthin. 'Cept bein' from Alabama which is next to unforgiveable.

    a Confederado

    PS - does this mean I caint like Robert E. Lee no more? And does this mean General Sherman burned us out fer our own good?

  7. Not only that, but CJ loves to reveal the personal information of people with whom he disagrees.

    Usually by using the PayPal information he gathers when people donate $$$$ to him.

    How long before CJ starts scrounging around dumpsters to get credit card information from people?

  8. Linked to at:

  9. I knew CJ was a nincompoop when I first read his blog, offered a short retort to one of his inane comments and received a blast back from him informing me to get my own blog if I wanted to express my views. I thought this to be so immature and puerile I couldn't imagine why so many lap dogs read and quoted this clown.
    I haven't looked at his rag since.

  10. Yes, but as a liberal he is better than the rest of us, for he knows where the clean end of the turd is in order to pick it up without disgust.

    That is where his superiority originates.

    I wonder if he secretly reads all these posts and comments and things and stuff, then goes down into his doody hut and violently takes his rage out on a few select plush toy animals?

    I think about these thinks often, one microsecond at a time....

    Great site Mr. McCain!

  11. No one takes that nutcase LGF blogger seriously any more