Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday dawns on a country re-invigorated. There was so much good, wholesome, old-fashioned, non-raaaaacist Americanism on display the last week, that the only thing to do to complete the picture is our weekly foray into loveliness.
  • Instapundit, whom we're always willing to send traffic, has links to Sci-Fi stars and Vulcan women, for our xenophile contingent. He was in Quincy, IL for 9/12, and this is Rule 5 Sunday favorite Dana Loesch, if my Rule 5 detector is well-calibrated. Clueless on this lady.
  • VodkaPundit puts up some [mildly NSFW] Dita von Teese. BTW, the Bond-ish silhouettes on the logo are cool, but I miss the old "weblog of tomorrow" styling. Suggest that be brought back for the blog-a-versary.
  • Fishersville Mike brings the sports, with a Melanie Oudin update. Tragedy struck, apparently, and it looks like her ball got smacked. Cheap riffs on the President after the Tea Party on the Mall on 9/12 are left as an exercise for the reader.
  • Not to be aced, Three Beers Later expands Melanie coverage. Switching to smoking jacket and pipe, the urbane McEnroe puts on some chamber music that's very soothing on the eyes, if not the heart rate. Then, in a stunning shift to investigative reporting, he impersonates Dean Martin for an inspection of an ACORN 'field office'. Fearless, that McEnroe.
  • This blog has raised questions about Morgan Freeberg's touch, but the lingering doubts have not affected his Rule 5 chops. His pair-wise comparison trip through the alphabet brings Erica Durance into contention with Famke Janssen.
  • Chad at KURU Lounge features a hygene note from Lara Douchette.
  • Can't remember if I featured Teach's wonderful cheescake entry last week, but it's well worth a second glance.
  • Rightofcourse features Oklahoma cheerleaders sizing something in public, though what we cannot say.
  • Dan Riehl, right wing extremist extraordinaire, brings us Martina McBride working out on God Bless America. Seeing the Marines in the backdrop, I'm reminded that the Marine Corps Band and 8th & I silent drill team perform at the Iwa Jima Memorial in Rosslyn. Their season is over now, but there will be a Smittypalooza there next year. Oh yes.
  • Nation of Cowards, on the topic of Iwo Jima, has a version posed by ladies that is far hotter than that hunk of cold bronze. In some abstract America in my mind, everyone files past this statue on the way to the ballot box at election time...
  • Cassndra posted a lovely portrait (though not of her, I presume), with links to others.
  • Dustbury reminds us of the bewitching Elizabeth Montgomery.
  • The news out of Trogdelusia has been sad of late. His sudden passion for jacket models in fright wigs was bad. His posing of a Princess Leia imitator next to an Ed Morrissey look-alike strained his credibility further. Broad-jumping the shark in completely metrosexual puffy slippers occurred when he claimed to post a hot Danica Patrick photo. We may have to deploy Stacy to Michigan to offer Trog some counseling and mooch any neck ties that Trog owns, before a tragedy occurs.
  • Jeffords seems to think that Natalie Portman sat on cheesecakes. Slashdot lore often linked her to hot grits, but I don't remember cheesecake.
  • Daphne comes through for the ladies.
  • The Paco Enterprises Culture Department gives us Elanor Powell.
  • WyBlog features a wine commercial that is probably SFW, but I daresay I'd steer clear. A rather tangy vintage, let us say.
  • Obi's Sister offers a bit of Mark Harmon. I can match the chin hair. The crown, not so much.
  • The Classic Liberal plays the "When in doubt, Scarlett Johansson" card. Rather well, too.
  • Bob Belvedere had a two-phase approach to his Rule 5 studies this week. In the contemporary bracket, he placed Hannah Giles. In the classic bracket, there is Debra Paget. Now, not to insult Debra, but Hannah has done something courageous and historically important for the whole country. She may have enough of a grasp of organized crime, based upon her ACORN work, that she'll fit in nicely in Congress when she's 25.
  • The Political Castaway features the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, whose loveliness brings cheer to a blog whose design and layout just screams: "Man cave". With names like "Hythloday" and "Selkirk", I figured they were stuck on some island in the Outer Hebrides. But no, they're local. Gentlemen: please.
I don't quite know if it's morning again in America yet, but today has brought fresh optimism. Email more pleasant stuff to Smitty. Pray for peace and wisdom for our leadership.


  1. How could you guys miss the "Boob Czar?" Sure, you have great blogging, but we want more.

  2. Her name is Michelle. She blogs at

    She is a local blogger here in St. Louis who live blogged and streamed the event on her website.

  3. Dean Martin Disguise... Honesty compels me to admit I DID wear turtleneck shirts in high school. I blame youth and villanous company.

  4. Now Mr. McEnroe, Cassandra is a friend, and we shan't have you speaking ill of Villainous Company in this fashion.

  5. Going to Michigan isn't going to deliver you to the Trog. You're going to have to go all the way to Madison, Wisconsin to run him down.

  6. Miss Giles in the Congress would be a waste of her skills. How about Attorney General in a Palin/McCotter Administration?

    Quoted from and linked at: