Sunday, September 13, 2009

Notorious Racists at 9/12 DC March

For the benefit of LGF readers everywhere, here is irrefutable proof of the malign motives of those dangerous right-wing radicals:

Militia extremist gun-nut Kell Genga from the raaaaacist state of North Carolina, with his daughter Sarah. Note the notoriously raaaaacist yellow "Don't Tread On Me" flag.

The man on the left is Reason magazine's Nick Gillespie. The man on the (far) right is from Georgia. And an "Austrian." Nudge, nudge. You know how those people are . . .

Clearly, this man is an anti-science creationist. Virginia Pastor George Lucas says that the pre-emptive annihilation of black babies through abortion is a bad thing.

Charles Johnson knows hate when he sees it!


  1. Karyn McDermott sums it up best in her article here:

  2. I don't know, man. That looks kind of fishy.

  3. Kell Genga looks pretty harmless but that daughter of his scares the carp out of me...

  4. I emailed you a couple more 'racist' pics.

    and one of Darlene Thornton who had the shirt "I'll keep my guns, freedom and money. . . . You can keep the Change."

  5. You are still a racist. Because you mentor a conservative lesbian. Wait.......what?
    LGF is scum, and CJ only incites for page clicks. He has done such an about face, he should be hosting the next backyard BBQ for Maureen Dowd.

  6. I should not say this (because her Dad obviously has a rifle) but women in Revolutionary War regalia are HOT.

    I am going to get my wife to do some dress up.

  7. There's a point that needs to be made about the 9/12 rally which I don't think any one else has made.

    I would point out that across from the Smithsonian Castle, just east of the Washington Monument, there was a festival going on:

    The "National Black Family Reunion"

    So, did the so-called racist tea partiers harass the attendees of the reunion?

    Were there insults flying as people passed by the reunion?

    Were there people surrounding the reunion with stars and bars? (and I did see a woman with the stars and bars flag over by the capitol.)

    Was anyone roughing up the people at the reunion?

    Anyone shouting the n-word?

    Are there any reports of tea partiers giving *anyone* at the neighboring event the slightest bit of a hard time?

    Here, after all, was the perfect opportunity. Here was a supposedly-racist march taking place right next to a black festival.

    Yet the two groups seem to have gotten along completely peacefully.

    Hmmmmm....go figure.

  8. I saw the stupid pictures over at LGF too - my first thought if he wants to be fair to those who came out to express their feelings - - why just the nut job pictures - like how many of those were there anyway ....I think Charles is just secretly upset that some people actually get out of their house and away from their keyboards to communicate.

  9. It's worse than that! Here in LA, the raaaaacists actually let Sonja Schmidt ("She's everything liberals hate! She's black, she's conservative, and she's funny!") speak in public, just so she could attack Barack Obama!

  10. RSM we took a CJ supporter(s) to task over at Riehlworld and hats off to Stogie who laid the wood in your defense. Too many of us are tired of being called a racist for simply waking up every morning as a white man. More people than you know have your back. CJ is trash and like garbage he will end up in a landfill one day! When I swore an oath to defend this country and jumped out of airplanes to do so, race never once entered my mind and I am tired of it being the only thing that exists on the smooth frontal lobes of a liberal.

  11. ^I dunno. Myabe some were secretly tweeting with that Vlaams Be-whatever crew or still have Jihad Watch on their blogroll.

  12. I've just got to get one of those American Revolution hats!!

  13. Chuckles just can't let anything go, must be part of that Monkish syndrome. He has posted yet another entry attacking you with the familiar guilt by association meme.

  14. Who is more of a dick, Charles Johnson or Kanye West?

    Okay, making Taylor Swift cry is pretty bad.

    But CJ apparently loves to slander everybody.

  15. Well, over at Palin's Deceptions "Audrey" has thrown in the towel.Not that she had the courage to announce it to her dupes rather "Morgan" advised that after Audrey and her husband had taken legal advice she was ceasing to post (I see Morgan has divulged her personal email address btw).WELL DONE SIR ! That's Griffen and Audrey done and Andree McCleod has self exploded.I take the greatest satisfaction in seeing these morally corrupt idiots go down in flames-hopefully Shannnyn can be next,they deserve everything you and Dan throw at them.A classy piece of investigative journalism-this is the site I turn to first for news.

  16. Here Here! Now that is something to cheer about! Less Palin hate on the net...ty gentle men and you too, Stacey and Dan:)

  17. Who is Charles Johnson?

  18. Joe wrote: I should not say this (because her Dad obviously has a rifle) but women in Revolutionary War regalia are HOT.

    I call it The Wench Factor.

  19. "I should not say this (because her Dad obviously has a rifle)..."

    Duck as soon as you see the flint spark and you've still got half a chance.

  20. Auntie Ann, thanks for bringing up the Black Family Reunion. One of my Facebook friends was there, thought it was ironic/interesting that the Tea Party thing was going on the same day, but had absolutely nothing to say about any harassment, racism, or other negativity between the two groups. Kind of odd that in such a huge crowd of "raaaaacists" that none of them would have gone after such a convenient target, isn't it?

  21. I actually walked by the Black Family Reunion tents on the way to the WWII memorial. The guy I was walking with stopped to get a lemonade. I bet the vendors got at least a 30% boost in sales due to the protestors walking the mall. The Reunion was supposed to have 500,000 people. I guess they all showed up for the evening concert, because most of the tents were empty. Well, not the "Non-Profit Government Groups" tent. I really should have taken a picture. Anyway, I had a Gadsend flag, NC flag and a couple of signs flying high. I had one black youth yell "Obama" at me a few times and then made a commet like "I dare you to say Obama sucks." I just ignored him. Later, as we were crossing over to the Washington Monument, someone in a Subaru chanted out "O-ba-ma". I felt the urge to reply, so I chanted back "I-d-iot". The others waiting on the cross walk laughed at my response.