Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charles Johnson 'making even Andrew Sullivan and Markos Moulitsas look sane'

Ouch. That comes from William Teach at Pirate's Cove, the man whose Sorta Blogless Pinup Sunday series originally inspired Rule 5. (Don't touch my Hannah Giles bikini Google-bomb. It might explode at any minute.)

I was on the phone Monday night with Stogie at Saberpoint, who is even more angry at this LGF mess than I am. Stogie's doubled his traffic in recent months, and his blog-fu gets better all the time. It's ridiculous that good conservative bloggers should be forced to concern themselves with the Madness of King Charles, but the relentlessness of his insane attacks -- against Pamela Geller, against Robert Spencer, against Gates of Vienna, etc., etc. -- seems to demand it.

Given the self-evident megalomania of Mad King Charles, no defense should be necessary. His one-man campaign to banish the entire blogosphere will soon end in a bunker beneath the bombed-out rubble of his Reich Chancellery. Nevertheless, I am grateful to so many good bloggers who've rallied unbidden to my defense, and those who've objected to his other recent jihads: And now, having once more done my part to promote respect and amity in the blogosphere (stop laughing), I must conclude with a Moral To The Story.

The secret to fighting a smear? Simple: Get right with God. All your sins are known by the ultimate investigative Journalist.

If you are unfairly accused, you are certainly not the first such case, nor the most important Victim in history. You have no right to complain, because even if you are innocent of the specific charge against you, you are not sinless and righteous.

We are, as Jonathan Edwards declared, sinners in the hands of an angry God, deserving nothing but destruction, and by our own merit cannot deserve any small blessing we receive. Should we therefore be ungrateful for grace?

Hate is against my religion, and I am commanded to pray for my enemies. This is arguably the most difficult commandment, you see. "Thou shalt not" this, that and the other -- relatively easy, compared to praying for Charles Johnson.

Remember: There are five A's in raaaaacism.


  1. I was banned from LGF for using the term 'feminazi.' LGF is the Vichy Regime of the blogsphere.

  2. Can I pray that Charles gets cancer of the prick?

  3. Never mind Charles Johnson and ex-coworkers.

    What do YOU, Robert Stacy McCain, think about these topics:

    - HBD AKA human biodiversity, as promoted by the so-called Steveosphere (as in Steve Sailer). And more specifically, your thoughts on the scientific views of Richard Lynn.

    - Southern secession, Abraham Lincoln, and Reconstruction.

  4. Anonymous wrote: "What do YOU, Robert Stacy McCain, think about these topics . . ."

    I think those topics are less interesting than blog wars, which is to say: Meh, not so much.

    Generally speaking, the only thing less fruitful than debating a fool is debating an anonymous fool.

  5. The word "feminazi" is a regular part of my vocabulary, I noticed a real nasty turn in LGF quite awhile ago. Charles became obsessed with his anti-creation bent coupled with a virulent strain of anti-Christian bigotry. I am presuming he is an atheist. I've always wondered why so many atheists are so angry and only against Christians. Rarely Jews and never against the Religion of Piece (of Arm, of Leg, of Torso). That last reference would get me banned at LGF, but it's been my standard reference against them for years now.

  6. I'm not interested in having a debate. I don't care to challenge you on whatever opinions you have. I'm only interested in knowing what your beliefs are. And since you are a prominent and outspoken blogger it's safe to say that a lot of other people across the spectrum would be interested in your views on these matters.

    I myself have had associates - including friends - who believed all kinds of strange things that I did not. What really matters is what the individual himself believes.

    By the way, I thought that Charles Johnson was way off base on Van Jones and Trutherism.

  7. ^then what do you believe?

    What is your LGF nic?

  8. Anonymous wrote: "What really matters is what the individual himself believes.

    But you are not an individual. You are an anonymous blog troll, a digital fiction, with no known geographic origin or biographical data. Compare and contrast:

    ME = 49-year-old father of six, native of Georgia, resident of Maryland, 22 years in the newspaper industry, now trying to make a living online.

    YOU = Anonymous pissant.

    "What I believe" is that you have no standing to interrogate me, as if you were a Maoist commissar and I were a peasant sent to re-education camp.

    Go back to hell or LGF, whichever suits your taste. As a libertarian, I'm indifferent to what anonymous pissants do with their time, so long as they aren't wasting my time.

  9. "Reputation is what men SAY about you; Character is what G-d and the angels KNOW about you" Anonymous.
    Since CJ at LGF does not recognise the advocates of the second part, he is left with only the lawyers of the first part--those who trade on/with Reputation showing total disregard and ignorance of Character!
    "He who believes in Chance will suffer all the Fury of Chance!" Moses Maimonedes.
    "Woe unto him who says 'There is no Judge and no Judgement'" Proverbs.
    It is CJ's virulent atheism, his belief that all is Chance, that there is no Judge, that have brought him low as it will all the Hitchens', Dawkins' and etc's. After all what is an atheist but a G-d besotted man!
    Just ask Baruch Spinoza or Malcolm Muggeridge!

  10. Hell, maybe; LGF, no.

    This isn't about LGF, or the SPLC, or Maoist commissars. Who cares what they or I think? But you do care about what the conservative blogosphere thinks. And - who knows - just maybe they won't like what you have to say about HBD and the Confederacy. Whatever that may be.

    Are you going to write ruthlessly about what you believe to be the truth?

  11. Um, you forgot someone....ME. Hint hint hint.
    If you haven't seen the photo I have up at my site of mad King Charles' loony minions...you just aren't living.

  12. Stacy,

    You have generously linked me several times over the last few days and I thank you. But would you please update this post to add my blog as "Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian" and links to my two posts in your defense? I would like the other bloggers you list to see I am standing with them.


  13. Stacy, I followed your link to stogie. I never heard about him until today. I was surprised to find that he dislikes Paleocons.

    Did you know this, and how does he feel about your?

  14. Dear Anonymous;

    Southern secession, Abraham Lincoln, and Reconstruction are issues of the past, and presumably RSM has little interest in them.

    I mean, what do you want to hear? Let's presume the worst possible response from RSM - that the South should have been allowed to secede, that Lincoln was a Presidential jackass who trampled all over the Constitution and states' rights, and that Reconstruction was rank foolishness. What would that achieve for the conservatives? And objectively speaking, what would be wrong about his opinions?

    I comment leaving my name and my blog, through which my real identity is easily discernible. What about you?

    RSM pegged you correctly as a troll. Why I am feeding you is beyond my understanding as well.

  15. Robert: I'm with you against "Icarus" Johnson. I removed him last Spring from my blogroll after it was clear he was on a desperate mission to prove the Homeland Security memo was right, at least in his own mind.

  16. Count me in, I'm one of the masses who have either been banned from LGF or are leaving his blog in droves as he continues his shameless slide to the left. My last straw was the weekend of the 9/12 protests when I logged onto LGF and saw CJ had not only seriously low-balled the attendance, but seemingly had gone out of his way to post every distasteful sign that was found at the event. And of course his sycophants were right there with him, following their leader right off the cliff into progressiveness that Kos himself would be proud of. Watching CJ's spiral has been sad, so I say good riddance to bad blogging.