Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'When the going gets weird . . .'

". . . the weird get jobs at ACORN"?

That sound you heard was my head exploding. Even mixing psilocybin and Bolivian flake, it would be hard to have a trip as weird as that.


  1. My my....

    Has ANY blog hit as hard and as big as BigGovernment?

    Hundreds and thousands of comments on their site in just a few hours.

    Nice work there!

  2. I thought the first ACORN assisting a pimp and ho video was bad.... I watched this one in a state of flabbergastation.

    Our tax dollars, OUR tax dollars, OUR TAX DOLLARS!!! Auggh.


  3. Excellent - timed for maximum effect. Early in the week. Gives the Republicans in the House something to beat on Nancy P. with for another day. Gets more traction in the zeitgeist. Its getting harder and harder for the MSM's "Intellectual Containment Field" to hold. Pretty soon there will be a major "hull breach".

    This latest installment shores up the RICO story that much more. Then what happens on Thursday? What new tape in the reality miniseries "True ACORN" gets dropped then? And the cycle repeats until enough DA-s start looking into their local ACORN chapters a lot closer and start pulling on some of those loose threads. Can't wait to see lots and lots of Democrats go to jail in the fullness of time.

  4. Actually O'Keefe and Giles should be worried about that one. She might just shoot them.

  5. When I first read a piece of this from Beck's transcripts about how she was abused, I thought, "That does happen." There are woman who are caught in a cycle of violence, intimidation, and fear who believe their only way out of that is to kill. It's not right, but their are patterns and psychological/social studies about this for a lot of abused women. Maybe that was her case. So I initially, gave no real thought to how that action impacted her character. Maybe she was just another woman caught in those circumstances.

    However, it's clear that Teresa is just a psychopath who is in need of serious help and should have never gotten a job there.

    But this is ACORN after all.

  6. Also I like how she just openly admits to all her crimes--- AT WORK!!!

    But for 15 Gs a week, I might need to start up my own political campaign....

  7. The woman in the video, Tresa Kaelke, has a restraining order against her by her current husband, Ronald Kaelke:


  8. Is that one of Charles Johnson's current readers? She is not fat enough to be Sharmutta.

  9. Schur said that Kaelke will sign an affidavit stating that she was not seriously entertaining the idea of cooperating with an apparent attempt to establish a house of prostitution.

    Kaelke Affidavit

    I Kaelke state under oath as follows:
    1. I was not seriously entertaining to help open a house of prostitution for underaged hookers;
    2. I thought I was participating in community theater;
    3. What are you going to believe, your lying eyes and ears or this very official looking affidavit?

    *signed*notarized*bonofied*hearts xxxooo


  10. Stacy, the labels for this post are:

    "ACORN, corruption, crime, prostitutes, sex scandal, video"

    You could have eliminated at least three of those by using "Democrats" instead.


  11. I'd like to see a new tag - "Ye Olde ACORNE Whore."

  12. "If they were liberal, they'd be helping you."

    Out of the mouths of old whores.

    These kids deserve an award for what they've done. What can we do for them because big journalism is not going to do a thing. Michael Moore must be suffering from vertigo, by the way...

    Mrs. Peperium

  13. This IS ACORN. I worked the 2008 Campaign here in Charlotte. We poll watchers who had to face the ACORN nuts.
    Obnoxious and outrageous were the stock and trade of that outfit.

  14. Hannah Giles said this afternoon on Hannity that the next one will blow the lid off...Can't wait and biggov has had a splendid debut.

  15. Here's a suggestion to the left, your attempt to excuse Obama's massive fail on racism is not working. And CJ, you are a fifty year old has been with a pony tail. You are now completely morphed into Dan Rather without any his gravitas.

    However, some people of the left and middle are starting to get it. Jon Stewart redeems himself (at least a little) with his take on this story.

    I haven't laughed so much from a Daily Show piece since this one.