Monday, September 14, 2009

Audrey 'following her attorney's advice'

Thanks to Dan Riehl for pointing out this comment from moderator "Morgan" at the evidently defunct Trig Truther site, "Palin's Deceptions":
Thanks so much for all your comments. Despite the requests - and in a couple of cases, demands - for details, we are not going to speak further on the nature of these threats, or allow a lot of speculation in the comments. Please remember, this is a person's life we're talking about and as much as your curiosity may be piqued, Audrey is smart to take the methodical, thoughtful approach she's taking. It's always been her way and it's been my experience that it always yields results for her. Those of you who respect her will respect her wishes. (I would like to point out here that those demanding details aren't regulars, which tells me something.)
As I stated, Audrey has retained excellent counsel and is following her attorney's advice as she considers her options and next steps. . . .
I appreciate everyone's patience in this matter. Please don't worry that evil will win out. It never does, no matter what the source.
Heh. I'm glad that "Audrey" has evidently decided to retire from the field of online obstetric speculation, which I had suggested would be her wisest course of action. Her carelessness confronted me with a very difficult dilemma, and I hesitate to think what might have transpired had some unscrupulous, selfish, vindictive person been in my position.

This reference to "Audrey" having "retained excellent counsel" is interesting. As Dan Riehl and I discussed between ourselves, there is no reason to believe "Audrey" has been guilty of any legal wrongdoing, merely careless in her online choices.

As our research advanced, and sources provided further information, however, matters reached a point where I had to ask myself, "Do I really want to publish this?" This same research indicates that "Morgan" knows exactly what I'm talking about, and it is therefore rather shocking to see "Morgan" to use the word "evil" in apparent reference to Dan and me. Certainly, I do not consider wisdom and mercy to be "evil" qualities.

It would have been unnecessary cruelty on my part to have published without having first contacted "Audrey," which I did by means of a courteous and quite friendly e-mail message to her husband (whom she had referenced at Palin's Deceptions as a sort of in-house "expert").

Even if I had not been mindful that it was "a person's life we're talking about," to borrow a phrase from "Morgan," publication without notice would have earned me an unwelcome reputation as someone willing to engage in what Bill Clinton once famously denounced as "the politics of personal destruction."

There are certain means of attack which no political end can justify. I consider the baseless insinuations about Trig Palin's birth -- the politically motivated speculation that this infant is not actually Sarah Palin's own son -- to be such an unjustifiable means of attack.

The very last post by "Audrey" directly accused Sarah Palin of faking her fifth pregnancy, and it is on that same post that moderator "Morgan" pleads on behalf of "Audrey": "Please remember, this is a person's life we're talking about . . ." As if the lives of Sarah, Todd and Trig were nothing compared to the life of their anonymous enemy?

Hey, "Morgan": How about you grab yourself a nice hot cup of STFU, sweetheart? You're not doing "Audrey" or her family any favors with inflammatory rhetoric like that.

A wise concern for mercy ought not be taken for granted because, in case you haven't noticed, some of pir regular readers were intensely curious about the mysterious end of this investigation. And the content of certain comments (some of which I've had to reject as hinting too obviously) indicates to me that these commenters are also capable of research.

Some other research-savvy bloggers might not be as scrupulous as Dan and I have been, "Morgan." Your insulting comments could make those other bloggers angry, and who knows what might happen then?

Mmmm. The delicious flavor of fresh STFU . . .


  1. I don't understand the half-vast left-wing's obsession with this 'story.' I suppose it's how they vent their mounting frustration at Sarah Palin's continued popularity. Their obsession is like an acid, and they'll burn themselves out.


  2. Note to Audrey: Picking up Season One of 'Matlock' at WalMart is NOT the same as 'attorney's advice.'

  3. I love the smell of fresh STFU in the morning.

    It's too bad I don't have said research skills of certain commenters (working on it), but if any more 'Audrey' posts surface, I hope others will help a sista' out.

    "...this is person's life we're talking about here." INDEED.


  4. I am pleased to see some slanderous liars on the left are getting their comeuppance. Now if we can just get a team of attorneys together to sue the Southern Poverty Law Center.


    Media manipulations by politicians is nothing new. And, the rough treatment that Sarah Palin got was made WORSE by McCain's inept staff.

    Though I give Sarah Palin so much credit! Brand new to the stage at the Republican Convention, and her speech knocked the socks off people across America. Searching for how this was answered? All you have to do is look at Tina Fey. (Plus, we're no longer even dumping on Katie Couric. She's failed to attract enough viewers to be meaningful. Oh. And, Gibson is retiring his seat so Diane Sawyer can sit in it.) Sawyer says she's happy to look forward to sleeping in late.

    When this Health Care MENACE came down the pike, Sarah countered with DEATH PANELS. And, cracks began to appear in the congress' side. Will this crap pass? We just don't know, yet.

    But Trig being Palin's baby boy, while Bristol was a teenager and pregnant; keeping the pregnancy alive, brought a lot of emotion to McCain's very poorly run campaign, otherwise.

    Me? The King of All Political Masters was Richard Nixon. He really knew everything there was to know about destroying your opponents. (Even after he was forced to resign; he had gamed it well. So that Nelson Rockefeller was denied the veep slot. And, that went to Gerald Ford, who walked into the White House.)

    I even believe that more people believe Obama's mother never married the Kenyan in time for this to appear on the first birth certificate. That, Obama was born illegitimately, after his mom spent 6 months in hiding, in what was called back in those days: Unwed Mother's Homes. Usually run by the Catholic Church. This doesn't disqualify him from running for the presidency. It is the reason, he lies so well. And, he's been looking to create legends.

    As to the fact that the press is never friendly to the republicans, they stood around the 'beer silent,' not allowed to ask questions. Not allowed to put a mic on the table. Between them all they don't have Trig's brain power.

    Oh, yeah. Just for good measure. How many remember Jimmy Carter's debate, back in 1980, with Ronald Reagan; when Carter said "he asked his 12 year old daughter for advice?" That's just another example of the dysfunctions that go unnoticed among the MSM. And, it's costing them business. Bottom lines are really there. Heck, every day, the WaPo loses $1.10 on each and every copy they sell. Well, that's not called "printing money!" That's just plain stupid.

    Nixon was right. It didn't matter what they printed. As long as they spelled his name right.

  6. If you truly think the claims about Trig's parentage are baseless and without merit, then why do you care if "Audrey" proceeds? I just can't figure out why you're so threatened by a blogger who you say is investigating a dead end. If there is nothing to the story, what is the harm? Regardless of how you feel about Sarah Palin, I have yet to come across one person who hasn't raised eyebrows at SOME part of her birth story. Or are you the exception to this?

  7. Stacy:

    I am in a "take no prisoners" kinda mood after all the slime the left has dished up on Sarah. It is a pure decapitation strike - she is the most effective Republican politician and thus the unprecedented barrage of hate. Useful tools like "Morgan" and "Audrey" need to be "Called out" so that the price of engaging in and fomenting such misogynist hate where female Republican politicians are on the receiving end is sufficient to make others think twice before in engaging in it.

    Maybe you could turn my curiosity and desire for vengeance into a revenue opportunity. If you "auction off" their names and the details of your research on their sordid little circumstances based on the number of tips you get where the comments indicate "Unmask Audrey" or something similar - I would pay to see these guys get their Karmic reward.

    WIN - WIN - WIN!!!

    Cordially yours

  8. This sounds serious. In fact your serious tone has made me drop my "Audrey was probably writing Fabio f*ck-fantasy fiction" theory.

    Damn interesting...

  9. Was she having an affair with Charles Johnson?

  10. Well Morgan's defense works fine if you accept the basic premise that Sarah Palin (and by extension Trig) is a conservative and thus not a person. I have noticed a tendency this way before, basic human decency etc only extends to real people (leftists) and that conservatives who are hateful by defintion have given up their right to be considered people, a side effect of demonizing pones opponents?

  11. I don't understand Charles Johnson's (Little Green Footballs) vitriolic attacks on your character? I mean, I don't know you personally but I've been following your blog for sometime now. I think I would have picked up on anything remotely racist or anti-semetic by now. Charles Johnson's attacks are truly disturbing.

    Recently there was a case won by a model in New York against a blogger who had called that model names on her own blog.

    I don't follow LGF and judging from what I've read so far, I don't think I will.

  12. No one can make any logical explanation for the obsession that woman and the others have with parentage of the Palin's baby Trig other than they are all sick perverted people.

    I used to shake my head reading their wild-a$$ed comments about "she was a bad mother to travel while pregnant" but then it became "she never was pregnant" and somehow both babies were Bristol's. Now I see the latest mindfreak is that it "might be Sarah's but Levi is the father." Ewww

    Regardless of whatever lunacy they spew forth you just can't get past the "what difference does it make to them?" So much hysterics about someone else's baby.

  13. Anonymous said...
    Mon Sep 14, 02:34:00 PM

    The Truthers ruined his saturday on memeorandum with their fake "sources confrim" divorce story so Stacy has vowed revenge. No one upstages Robert Stacy McCain with bullshit lies.

    Just the facts, ma'am.

  14. Rex wrote: I am in a "take no prisoners" kinda mood after all the slime the left has dished up on Sarah.

    Trust me, Rex, however much it might satisify the appetite for payback, "these are not the droids you're looking for," as Obi-Wan would say. The evident cessation of posting at the Palin's Deceptions site is a win-win.

    I responded to Morgan's taunting comment only because (a) I know that some of their readers have been clicking over here, and didn't want them deceived by the assertion that Dan and I are "evil"; and (b) I want "Morgan" to STFU so that nobody (including me) gets angry enough to start dishing on "Audrey."

    I'd be more than happy to walk away and forget I ever heard of these people, but I do not deserve to be insulted by "Morgan" or anyone else, when I know I've done the right thing.

  15. "...baseless insinuations about Trig Palin's birth..." And you know they are baseless how? Please lay out your evidence as neatly and completely as Audrey did. You are a stalker, and this is your power trip. Why do you care? Her blog makes it clear that this is her speculation, and she does an excellent job of supporting it. If Sarah is Trig's mother, then she did an excellent job of trying to kill him with the magical ride home from Texas. Something smells rotten.

  16. People like "Morgan" and "Audrey" and the rest of the human filth that likes to make things up about other people and then cower when the light is shined on them deserve everything they get. Here's hoping that they lose their homes, their livelihood, and everything else they hold dear. It's the right and just thing to do.

  17. well,

    those who have questioned the palin story as to why she left a conference in texas and flew to alaska to have a high risk birth may very well be sick perverts...but at least none of us have ended up on the southern poverty law center watch list

    thanks are a great american

  18. Something smells rotten.

    That something is you, anonymous. You stink.

    And as to you fools questioning Palin for flying home - her OB okayed it. So, seriously, it is none of your business.

    Also, calling the crap speculation doesn't fool anyone as to yours and your ilk iniquitous intent, dumbass.

  19. I kind of wanted to like Sarah Palin when I first saw her. Then I realized her politics didn't jibe with mine. But that's not what got me. It was the weird story about her leaking fluid and flying back to Texas. Made no sense.

    The evidence keeps mounting and there's no good way to explain it. Without getting into to much of it here, look at the photos presently posted on Palin Deception

    The April 13 TV interview---Sarah looks tremendously pregnant. Yet NONE of the AK Airlines flight attendants were able to notice that? They are trained to look for safety situations such as that. Wouldn't they be checking seatbelts? There's a woman politican who attended the Texas Governor's meeting and said she didn't have a clue Sarah was pregnant. Pray tell, look at the photo and tell me how anyone could miss it?(Unless Sarah suddenly got smaller for her flight.) Please---tell me how this can be explained?

    The fact is, the skeptics like me aren't going anywhere. We are not stopping until somebody explains all this. Sorry. Just can't. Rant and rave all you want---we're still here and are not going away. You'll stop talking about it before we will---again, unless somebody can explain all this shit.

  20. j,

    have any evidence that her obgyn ok'd her flying?

    that is not in the letter written by her doctor (who, btw, is not an obgyn)

    and i would like any of you defenders of all things sarah to find one obgyn anywhere in the country who will state that they would allow a patient who has a high risk pregnancy and is leaking Amniotic fluid, to not get immediate treatment and then fly for 8 hours...and then travel by car for another hour, before delivering.

    dont even wont find him/her

  21. If Audrey is making stuff up and defaming Sarah Palin, why doesn't ex-Governor Palin sue? I personally believe that ex-Governor Palin is Trig's Mother but why not release a copy of Trig's Certificate of Birth? A long form of course, this could put all the rumors to rest. It really is a puzzle.

  22. Also, why did her OBGYN bring an attorney for an ADN interview? If she delivered ex-Governor Palin's baby, why wouldn't the Doctor answer questions without an attorney? I also recall Audrey stated that if the OBGYN had a press conference and stated that she delivered the baby, Audrey would shut down her blog. Ex-Governor Palin could have shut all this down along time ago.

  23. All of you Palin Haters remind me of my two-year-old who gets sent to "timeout" and wails about the injustice of it. She's popular. She's conservative. This country is mostly conservative. She will run for public office again. She stands a good chance of winning. Get over it.

    In the meantime, all the haters can DMFD.

  24. I’ve learned my lesson. You can not engage mentally ill people like these trig truthers. There is no point. You can not expect them to process information and think logically.

    All of you: Please seek psychiatric help.

  25. Come on you people who doubt Audrey---quit slinging insults like "you're mentally ill," a "slanderous liar," etc. What's your logical argument for all of the oddities surrounding Trig's birth? Make one cogent argument or few good points that don't include insults. I'm listening.

  26. "I’ve learned my lesson. You can not engage mentally ill people like these trig truthers."

    Exactly. Having a rational discussion with an irrational person is a waste of time and energy for both of you.

  27. Anonymous: You need psychiatric help. That is not an insult but a fact.

  28. No, I don't need psychiatric help. Never had a psychiatric problem. In fact, I am a college textbook editor and writer. If you're lucky, I fixed the bad textbooks your kids are reading so they understandable.

    The people who don't buy the Trig story are women, by and large, I believe.(That would be me.) We have pretty good instincts, and we know a thing or two about childbirth.

    Note: It wasn't Ted Kazynski's brother who figured out the fact that he was the Unabomber. It was the brother's wife, and she alerted him. And the people who blew the whistle on Enron,the FBI and WorldCom for fraud? They were all women and ended up being Time Magazine's "people of the year," in 2002. We Palin Deception women are smart, and we are not backing down until the truth comes out.

  29. Anonymous - Mon Sep 14, 10:18:00 PM Are you freaking crazy? The man who actually has a CONSTITUTIONAL requirement to prove he is a valid "naturaal born" citizen in order to be POTUS has never released his vault BC and you are whining about some baby's? Good grief.

    Anonymous -Tue Sep 15, 11:10:00 AM It does seem like many of the anti-Palin loons are indeed women which makes me cringe for my gender. You sound like common scolds. You tend to speak as if somehow you have supreme knowledge on every woman's birthing status/behavior. Some of you keep harping about how terrible Palin was if indeed she traveled home leaking ambiotic fluid for a "high risk delivery." With my first two babies I leaked fluid and the doctor said to start thinking about heading to the hospital - but if I had no contractions it wasn't a rush. Ever consider that Palin was familiar with how HER body dealt with delivery? How quick or how slowly things progressed? As for being high risk - DS by itself is not considered a high risk delivery.

  30. You definitely do need psychiatric help. And, no, you are not smart. Worse of all, you are hurting your own children with your lunacy.

  31. As for being high risk - DS by itself is not considered a high risk delivery.

    Oh, you don't know katiejane? The truthers are are hypersensitive liberal PC wackos. Because Trig has DS they belive he must be made of porcelain.

    You see, they think he's a "broken baby" who should have been aborted.

    We Palin Deception women are smart, and we are not backing down until the truth comes out.

    Good luck with that, you fucking nutjob. Too bad Audrey doesn't share your enthusiasm. Aren't you a little curious about what McCain found out about Audrey? It must have been pretty bad to make her quit. Maybe you can put some of your "smarts" to figuring out that mystery.

  32. I'm not so sure RSM found anything too terribly bad about 'Audrey' other than her name, her husband's name, where she lives, who she is.

    'Audrey' wants to be able to spew filth under anonymity only. When confronted by being outed... Well, she doesn't want to be reviled in 'real time' or 'in the flesh'. And I would be the first in line.


  33. So you managed (again) to get someone to stop blogging and asking valid questions that have never been answered about Sarah Palin's improbable pregnancy. And the way you achieved this is nothing to be proud of.

    The word BLACKMAIL certainly got a rise out of you. Too harsh, you say? Try on Cyber-Bully. Better yet, how about Cyber-Stalker - "with a pond." ooooo. Either you can use Google Earth or you are one SERIOUSLY F'd-Up creep.

    Most accurately, you should be outted as the Cyber-Puppet.

    Why do you care so much about a handful of bloggers who won't give up on a subject that most people have moved on from or simply disregard?

    The answer to that doesn't take too much digging.

    It is no coincidence that you were a co-author of a rather racy, sex book with the same author who is ghostwriting, oops, I meant to say 'collaborating' with Sarah Palin on her memoirs.

    So are you the coherent ghostwriter of Sarah's Facebook posts and WSJ opinion pieces? Wow. Did you ever think that when you left the Times that free-lancing could be some much fun?

    I think I'll spend a little time looking over some of your 'clippings' in the Times and Spectator to get a handle on your style and tone. It's doubtful I'll be able to digest some of your writings (rantings, I should say) about racism and gay rights.

    Maybe if I have a little more time, I'll do a bit of digging RSM style and come up with your address and phone number. And, oh, the things I can do and the places I can go with that information! It will be like a treasure hunt. FEC filings. Court Records. My imaginiation is just warming up.

    Just so you know, while you may have succeeded in scaring a few minor bloggers into hiding, you, and your Palin-puppet master(s) will not succeed in keeping the truth about Sarah Palin from coming out.

    She knows what is coming. And it is coming soon. It may even come first from someone she thinks would never talk. But she already is.

    All the strong-armed tactics won't stop it. Nor will all the Murdoch money in the world.

  34. Why do you care so much about a handful of bloggers who won't give up on a subject that most people have moved on from or simply disregard?

    The answer to that doesn't take too much digging.

    They ruined his saturday morning. That's a day he'll never get back. If you can't tell by now, Robert Stacy McCain is a very vindictive person. You don't fuck with RSM. How do you think he became a famous journalist?

    It is no coincidence that you were a co-author of a rather racy, sex book with the same author who is ghostwriting, oops, I meant to say 'collaborating' with Sarah Palin on her memoirs.

    Lynn isn't a ghostwriter. If you know the persons name then they are in fact a collaborator. Ghostwriters are anonymous. You can thank me later.

    So are you the coherent ghostwriter of Sarah's Facebook posts and WSJ opinion pieces? Wow. Did you ever think that when you left the Times that free-lancing could be some much fun?

    No, that would be Rebbeca Mansour. Didn't you get your talking points?

    She knows what is coming. And it is coming soon. It may even come first from someone she thinks would never talk. But she already is.

    Still waiting for that iceberg you were promised? LOL what a loser you are!

    All the strong-armed tactics won't stop it. Nor will all the Murdoch money in the world.

    So Fox News in involved in the vast right-wing conspiracy? You should buy stock in tin foil, ya fucking kook.

  35. Man that rant from anonymous is genuinely scary.I am glad that it was posted as it is the finest example of paranoid madness Actually the next in line as,beyond belief,one posted on Dan's site "Sarah is no doubt using the money she is raising to secretly pay off Audrey which is the real reason why Audrey has gone silent" tops all.

    great read :)

  37. The inane ramblings of a self-righteous truther is what you consider a good read, Meg? The fact that he's "writing" a fiction book is the ultimate in hilarity.

    Trig trutherism has reached its zenith and now the pigs are milking the sheep. This guy follows Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas, Matthew Brown, and Alex Jones in the halls of conspiracy infamy. The only sad part is that this guy won't be able to make two dimes.

    Exit question: How long till Charlie Sheen is "writing" fictional (hey, that seems to be a theme!) encounters he has with Sarah and demanding a full congressional investigation into Trig Palin?

    Have fun on your prison planet, Meg.

  38. Take 2


    The truth is that the CIA made Trig Palin in a secret laboratory to kill black people.

    I hope that answers your "questions."

  39. Meg,

    You have a terrible taste in literature. I actually started to read that truther page you posted and burst in to hysterical laughter.

    Daniel Archangel? Are you fucking kidding me? Its like a nerdy ten-year-old writing Batman fanfiction. The best part of that whole abomination is the fact that he's a bad author.

    "He stumbles onto critical evidence and cracks the case."

    LOL! What a douche! He really is a ten year old writing fanfiction! I think he went to the Charlie Sheen school of Mary-Sue fiction.

    A psychiatrist may not be such a bad idea for you.

  40. "I fixed the bad textbooks your kids are reading so they understandable"

    Please tell me this was intentional irony.

  41. I'm not a Palin-hater; that's just wasted energy. I'm a Palin skeptic, especially concerning the magical trip from Texas. First, DS babies are considered high-risk as they often have accompanying physical problems like the defective heart like Trigg has. They probably knew he had that before he was born from the ultrasound. Rant and rave as you want, but you will be hard put to find a competent medical professional who would not be horrified at Sarah's account of her experience from Texas to Wasilla and the poor decisions she made. So keep your tiny minds snapped shut and spread your hate and discontent. It doesn't abate the skepticism that we have about Trig's parentage. I'm mostly just curious to see how it all plays out.

  42. Anonymous,

    You do realize that you're a walking contradiction, right? Why act so appalled at Sarah's "poor decision" in flying to AK when you "have skepticism about Trig's parentage?" If she isn't even Trig's real mom why are you so upset about her "magical trip?"

    Honestly, this has to be the stupidest conspiracy theory I've ever heard of. What's to be skeptical about? Where else could Trig have come from? Do you think the Palins murdered some passerby's and stole their infant, only to magically pull him out of the closet one day? Do you think the CIA made him in a lab to kill the blacks/gays?

    Do you think that Bristol is his real mom? That one is a problem because it's impossible.

    1st- Why hide Trig, but not Tripp? If they pulled it off once they could pull it off again, right?

    2nd- That whole "No one knew Sarah was even pregnant until she gave birth! SHE"S NOT THE MOTHER!" cuts both ways. If Bristol was pregnant with Trig why didn't anybody notice? Everyone seemed to notice right away that she was pregnant with Tripp. Could it be that this "high risk" baby was just, you know, SMALL and didn't make a giant baby bump on Sarah's old body?

    3nd- Where the hell was he born? You yourself said that he was "high risk" and had heart conditions so he couldn't have been born in a barnyard. He would have to have been born in a hospital. Why hasn't any of the staff come froward with the "truth" yet? Did the Palins bribe all of them? Ricky Hollywood has proven that the MSM will buy any old bullshit lies so what gives? Why wouldn't they come froward with this explosive story? It would make him/her the most famous person in the world, and probably filthy stinkin' rich.

    None of the hospital staff has come forward because its not true and they know that a lie this big/grand would result in an immediate ass whoopin. Another problem with the bribe story is that, as her recent resignation has shown, the Palins weren't wealthy people. If they can't handle 500,000 in legal bills how would they pay off an entire hospital to keep permanent silence? This book and speaking tour is the first bit of real money she's going to make in her life.

    4th- Bristol WAS pregnant with Tripp! It would be biologically impossible for her to give birth to Trig and get pregnant so fast again!

    Why don't you write your congressman and demand that he get Sarah to release Trig's longform birth certificate, birther.

    I'd get more popular mechanics on your ass but you really aren't wroth the time or energy. 9/11 was an inside job, Anonymous!

    I'm mostly just curious to see how it all plays out.

    It has already played out, hun. The conclusion is that you're a fucking looney toon. If you have any more questions than I suggest that you take them up with Stacy McCain. He'd be glad to school you.
    /hate and discontent

  43. Forget Palin! I heard that Ron Paul is actually a WOMAN!

    I suggest we set up a website, analyze photographic and video evidence (including that sassy walk of his. Very feminine. Suspicious!) I'm sure he wouldn't mind submitting to a medical examination and then having those records released to the public, why wouldn't he? I mean, it's not like it would be that hard to do.

    I find his lack of cooperation to this line of questioning and his indignant silence to the controversy quite suspicious, don't you?

  44. Some one mentioned on another blog that Obama has about 333K facebook friends. I note Palin has about 2 1/2 times as many.