Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did Mad King Charles just call Jim Hoft a 'borderline illiterate bigot'?

The Madness of King Charles continues to inflict its bloody toll. I know Jim Hoft and Andrew Marcus, I've worked with Jim Hoft and Andrew Marcus, and Mad King Charles doesn't know me at all.

Among other things, Mad King Charles fails to understand that a man doesn't survive 22 years of journalism without learning to write fast and think much faster. He doesn't know what's in reserve, he doesn't know who can testify to my bona fides, he doesn't expect that anyone might pick up a phone and call somebody. Like maybe Jimmie Bise.

More than anything, Charles Johnson doesn't know what he doesn't know, and doesn't even consider the possibility that he "knows" things that are false.

Facts are stubborn things. Hang on, my Founding Bloggers friends. Let me proofread and add a few links. Patience, please. And if anyone believes in prayer . . . never mind, before I could finish that sentence, the phone rang. A Ph.D. candidate, eager to do what he could to help.

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  1. I remember as a kid being picked on during a hockey game at the lake. I finally could not take it anymore and grabbed the kid by his jersey, threw him down on the ice, and proceeded to beat his face into a bloody pulp. Eventually someone dragged me off him.

    It was awesome.

    He was polite and civil after that.

    I like to imagine it was the most epic battle evah, but it was probably closer to this in reality.

    CJ needs a good virtual beating.